Monday, March 30, 2015


The other day I bought a big family size box of Kellogg's Crave cereal because it was reduced to $2.69 at Co-op.  That was an awesome deal on some awesome cereal.  I had a bowl of it and then while I was eating it I had spoonful and nearly broke a tooth when I started to chew it.

The piece on the left is a regular Crave "nugget" while the monstrosity on the right is what I chomped down on.  I'm not sure what happened to the cereal pieces that made them fuse into a super dense impenetrable lump, but I hope it's not a regular occurrence.  I should have saved it and mailed it to Kellogg's and complained, I might have got some free stuff.

Saturday, March 28, 2015


I watched this movie tonight called Too Hot Too Handle and while it has some gratuitous nudity, there wasn't anything spectacular about it.  Then I saw this guy's name in the credits.

You just know with a name like that he was mercilessly mocked in school.  What a classic name, I need to change my gamertag or login for something to Butz Aquino.  Thanks dude, you just made watching this movie worth while.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collect them all if you dare!

While I've had a few topics to write about on here, I just haven't gotten around to writing them.  Then I came across this and had to do it because...zombies AND ninjas.

I stole this logo from the website, that's why it looks all weird.

I found this toy line at London Drugs where it was on sale.  The figures are surprisingly cool looking and detailed for such small figures.  The best part is that each figure has a secret "feature".  As soon as I saw on the package that you could get one with a removable brain I had to buy one.  I bought the zombie ninja, or Ucki Gutsuki, as he is named on the back of the package.

Cool ninja pose!

The special features are pretty cool, I like the ink stamp and power ball aka bouncy ball.  I spent like ten mintues trying to pull the head off Ucki Gutsuki before I realized it wasn't going to come off and maybe his special feature is something different.

I noticed the bottom of his feet looked different and he had something embedded in them.  Magnets maybe?

Yep!  Even though Ucki Gutsuki is a zombie he still retains his bad ass ninjas skills and can easily scale any long as it's metal.

I think these Zombiezz dudes are pretty cool.  The back of the package states it is just Series 1, but there are quite a few to pick from.  It wouldn't be hard to not find at least a couple you like.  I like the punker Zombie Rotten, Zombieman and Dead Weight.

It's Avery's birthday coming up, so I think I grab him a couple.  I'll probably end up getting another one for myself because I was originally going to put Ucki Gutsuki on my desk, but since he's stuck to the fridge I'll have to get someone else.    Go check out the Zombiezz website, watch the TV commercial, download some wallpapers and read your the bios of your favorite Zombiezz.  Which one will you get?

Sunday, March 22, 2015


As you all remember I posted some picture of those old music magazines I picked up at Pages a little while back.  Looks like I missed one as I found a copy laying in the piles of refuse on my bedroom floor.

Another issue of Music Express, but this one is newer than the other ones at Aug 1989.  Seems just like yesterday...

Not as many cool ads in this issue, there were only a couple for cassette tapes, and maybe one for audio equipment.  I do like this Denon one.

A quote from a Beastie Boys article/interview.

A dude playing his guitar with a drumstick?!  WHAT?!!!  Willie can totally do that, he told me so.

Haha, it's too easy, so just write your own captions.

Even in 1989 CDs were only $16.99 while five years later we were stuck paying $22 at Top Forty in the mall.  Progress sucks.

Sandra Bernhard, remember her?

That's it!

Saturday, March 21, 2015


Okay, it's not Friday and it's not the 13th, but was it last week.  In fact it was the second Friday the 13th in as many months.  The first Friday the 13th came around and I was going to watch a Friday the 13th movie, but I didn't.  The second one came around and I thought this was my chance to redeem myself and of course I didn't.  I did take a dumb picture to celebrate it, but never got around to putting it up in time, another fail on my part.  I'm either later putting it up or just getting an early start on the next Friday the 13th.

It's four o'clock somewhere!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Green Party


Dust off your copies of Leprechaun and grab a frosty Shamrock Shake because today is the one day a year where it's acceptable to be Irish and kiss people who pretend to be Irish!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Oh snow

This is what it looked like up in Gold Creek this morning.

Just a little bit of snow.  But when I checked the roads cameras there is no snow in Canal Flats and Radium, yet there is snow in Fernie and Sparwood.  Looks like I'll be driving back the north way.  FYI, the tires on my car suck.  Wish me luck.

Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Cub Book


Since it has been raining here non-stop I thought I'd look for some rainy day ideas, but all those things all sound dumb especially roasting apples on a campfire.  Whut?

Now I have to look for some snowy day ideas as the rain has now turned to snow.


If anybody here follows my Instagram (thanks Mike) then they know I'm currently back in Cranbrook!  It's not for long though.  I had three days off and when I told my mom she asked if I was going to come back.  I said, "Do you want me to?" and she said yes, so I didn't have much of a choice.  I drove back Saturday and will be heading back to Calgary on Monday afternoon.

The weather here sucks as it's been raining the entire time.  I guess it's better than snowing.  Nothing exciting to report because it's Cranbrook.  I did see some dirty guy walking down the strip carrying a bag of popcorn.  I'm not talking a little paper bag of popcorn, but a giant clear garbage bag of popcorn of what it probably more popcorn than I've eaten in the last the few years combined.  Lucky guy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Party time

I requested the day off from work because it was a "religious" holiday for me.  You know I don't go to church or anything, but when this day rolls around you know I'm about to get devout!


Happy birthday Chuck from me and the gang!

Birthday Zombie showed up with a nice gun for Chuck.

Then to pay homage to Chuck I watched Braddock: Missing in Action III.  This is the one where Chuck has the line, "I don't step on toes...I step on necks."  And he did!  He totally stepped on this one dude's neck!  He also snapped three other guys' necks and two guys got kicked in the nuts.  

I'm not the only one who remembered Chuck's birthday, so did the internet.  Here is a video of Chuck kicking guys via the Huffington Post.

If anyone comes across a (cheap) copy of Forest Warrior let me know!  It's the one where Chuck turns into a bear and also an eagle as seen in the above video.

Monday, March 9, 2015

2 fer 1

Normally, when I work in the mornings this is my breakfast.  I barely have enough time to get ready for work, so eating an actual breakfast in the morning isn't possible.  When I grabbed my brownie in morning I noticed it felt lumpier and heavier than usual.

The pack on the left is a normal pack and the pack in the right is the bulkier pack.  It was definitely heavier and you could tell there was more of something jammed in there.  I was hoping it was more brownie, but was wondering if maybe it was a production worker's finger or mouse that had fallen in the machine.

Luckily, it was just more brownie!  Maybe this is their version of a "double stuf"?  If it is then I like the idea.  In case you are curious, yes this is the most interesting thing to happen to me in a long time.  I'm the most boring dude on the planet.

Saturday, March 7, 2015

On the Edge

This stuff smells like toothpaste.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

80's Now!

Last time I was back in Cranbrook I went to Pages and used some of my credit.  I had over $100 in credit, but since I don't read or go back Cranbrook that much it doesn't get used a lot.   I got these totally 80's music magazines.  Been putting this one off for a while because I forgot about them when they got buried under some crap.  I found them the other day, so here we go.  

As I said I don't read, but I like to look at the pictures.  Lots of cool pictures and ads.

Check out those girls!

Another Pioneer ad for Cam.

The only movie ad in all the magazines.

The magazines are cool just for the ads and stuff, but I'm not going to keep them.  I went by Melodyia and dropped them off for Eddie, but I guess he's on tour and won't be back until April.  There was some hipster kid filling in.  I was browsing the clearance records and I could hear him talking to his buddy and they were annoying.   I guess I might find them a little more tolerable if I was just a little bit hip, but I'm not, so I wanted someone to slap him.

In addition to the music mags I also got some old wrestling magazines from the 70's!  More on those soon.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Masterpiece Theatre

I got around using a Amazon gift card Cody gave for Christmas and that means more movies to add to my collection.   It shipped last Tuesday and I was hoping it would arrive by Friday, but UPS didn't get around to delivering it until Monday.

The movie that made the world forget about Star Wars!

Female kung fu exploitaion action films?  Yes, please.  Unfortunately, I hear one of the movies is a cut version.  In the original a baddie get tossed head first into a running table saw, but they cut the gore out.  BOO!  Way to ruin the artistic integrity of the film.

I saved the best for last!  While I was always aware of the Barbarian Brothers I've never actually seen one of their movies.  I think those guys should've gotten together with the Barbi Twins.  And the Norseman has Lee Majors in it, so there's that.

As you can see I'll be busy watching awesome movies for a while!