Thursday, April 28, 2016

No comment

A few years ago I had some random post here on my blog that was repeatedly getting spammed by bots posting weird comments.  I had to go in every couple days and deleted their annoying comments until eventually it was just easier to delete the post and be done with it.  Luckily, once I deleted the post, the spamming stopped.

Even though spam comments are bad, at least I was getting comments.   Comments are few, maybe if I try and do cool and more interesting blog posts I'll get more comments.  I think the problem is if maybe if I had more than three readers I'd have more comments.

Once in a while on my blog dashboard I'll go into the "Comments" where I can read all the comments.  I do this just to make sure I'm not getting spammed again.  I was doing this a little while ago and noticed a comment that wasn't from Mike, Cam or Cara.  A comment was made back on March 1st, but it was left on a post I wrote way back on February 25, 2011.  Damn, what search engine dug that post out for someone?

The post was my "Stickers!! again..." post where I showed off my sticker box back in Cranbrook full of skate/ski/snowboard stickers.  Some snowboard dude was asking about the Burton sticker seen in one of the pictures.  Sounds like the guy wanted the sticker, but it's long gone now.  I said in the post I should give it to Jeff, which I actually ended up doing along with an old school snowboard magazine with Shaun Palmer on the cover.  I could e-mail him telling that, but if he could somehow find that original post, then I'm sure he can find this follow up post explaining I don't have it anymore.  Sorry dude!

Also, while "researching" this post I went back to look at the old comments posted, all 1525 of them and then found a comment posted here, Goonies 'R Good Enough.  I wonder if Rebecca still wants them?  Price has gone up to $3 each!!

Monday, April 25, 2016


Here is a quickie post of some stuff I brought back from Cranbrook last week.  Some of it is old and some of it is new.

My mom went on vacation last month and brought back magnets for my fridge.  Now that she knows I like fridge magnets she always bring some back for me if she goes somewhere.

No, she didn't go to Paris or Frankfurt, but she was in their airports!

Nope, she didn't go to Japan either, just the Tokyo airport.  I really like this magnet though.  She actually got it for me last fall on her trip to visit my uncle and Murray in Taiwan.  She lost it and just found it before I came home.

Yes, she went to Portugal!   I guess they love Castle over there and their TV shows air in their entirety without commercial breaks and then they show like fifteen minutes of commercials after the show is done.  CRAZY!

While looking through a box of old papers and school stuff I found some old scripts we wrote and some blank storyboard pages.  I made up the storyboard pages to help us get more organized for filming and then we never ever used them.  Being organized is overrated anyway.

I quickly made this up because it makes for a better picture than just a blank sheet of paper.

This story is some crazy mess about Jesus fighting Satan and Hitler.

The script is a little more down to earth (haha, not really!) and it's called The Entity.  It's about an evil entity!  I'm pretty sure this is inspired by our video, Satan's Shack.  I guess we liked the idea and decided to flesh it out a bit more.

Honestly, I don't even remember writing either of those scripts and when I showed them to Cody neither did he.  After reading them, they are pretty bad, but like most of our projects there are one or two moments that are actually a little entertaining.

Since I'm on the subject of our terrible videos, while I went to Cody's YouTube page to get the link for Satan's Shack, I noticed that our Badge of Betrayal trailer has 581 views!  Holy crap, that's a lot since all our other videos can't get over 50.  It still only has one "like" though...and it's from me!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Spare some change?

So what did movies did you guys watch for National Canadian Film Day?

I watched Hobo with a Shotgun!

I bought this movie at Wal-Mart for $10 years ago, but just never got around to watching it.  Whenever I'd pull it out of my shelf I just wasn't in the mood for "that" type of movie.  It was better than I was expecting and certainly delivers on the title.  I wish I had watched it earlier.  Lots of crazy gore, tons of blood, swearing and quotable lines.  The "dirty cops" line is my favourite, the actor had the perfect delivery.  I think Hobo with a Shotgun might be on Netflix, so I'm sure at least Cara has already seen it.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I made it back to Calgary today, so yeah or whatever.  The drive back was pretty quiet until Castle Junction onto Highway 1.  Before I left I remembered to grab my digital camo gloves that I forgot there at Christmas.

Not that I even need them now that it's 27C here.  That is too hot for April, we are supposed to be eased into hot weather as it gradually warms up.  Damn, climate change.

When I was getting gas I bought a chocolate bar for the road.  A Maple Mars bar which is way better than a regular Mars bar.  Just goes to show that maple makes things better.

Before I go I thought I'd better remind everyone that April 20th is National Canadian Film Day.  I heard about this last year, but unfortunately it had already past by the time I was aware of it.  This year I am totally ready!  Luckily I saw a commercial for it on TV the other day which reminded me to look it up on my computer.

Make sure you watch a Canadian film tomorrow!  The website lists channels and films playing tomorrow as well as websites that have films for free.  Willie says he's going to watch Hard Core Logo, what are you going to watch?

Monday, April 18, 2016


Today I met up with Willie again and this time we went to Burger King for lunch.  We had both seen the BK commercials on TV with their new Angriest Whopper which takes the Angry Whopper to the next level.   We had to try it because I guess their media campaign worked, also the bun is red because it has hot sauce baked right in!!!  The Angriest Whopper turned to to be no so angry, maybe more like mildly annoyed.  As for the bun which was the big selling feature for me in the ad, it's like Willie said, "Has food colouring baked right in!"  That spicy jalapeƱo burger I had at Carl's Jr was way spicier than the Angriest Whopper.  Another let down...

It's not that angry...

After Burger King we went to Aabco and once again I found myself wondering why I ever go there.  After a day of visiting thrift stores and new and used places I always have to wash my hands because they're always feel so dirty.  After visiting Aabco I have an urge to not wash my hands, but have a shower instead.  They still smoke in there, so the place smells and everything is sticky and dusty.  I still ended up buying X-Men: Days of Future Past The Rogue Cut blu-ray for $5 and Willie bought the Ghostbusters blu-ray set for $5.  DVDs are only $2 each, but I couldn't find anything I liked.  Even though I don't really like the place I'm sure I'll go back again just because the movie prices can be cheap.

After that I went it alone to Twice is Nice where I bought some old school CED Videodiscs, a Star Wars Emperor's Royal Guard button, a GUTS! dude and a polyester shirt from the 70's.  The videodiscs were Yor The Hunter from the Future, Sheena, Killpoint and Search and Destroy.  I was bummed to discover later that the writing on the front of my Yor disc was actually in English and says "Skips on one side."  Well that sucks.  I was planning on recording the videodiscs to VHS and then transferring the VHS to DVD, so then I could watch it.  I can still do that with the other three though.

4K is out, CED Videodisc is the hot new video format.

Well, that sucks.  Luckily it's only on one side.

Then I found this old rag laying around at home.

Hey, wait a minute!  So that's what happened to that shirt.  I've been looking for that thing for like 23 years!

I also bought a jar of homemade Saskatoon jam from the Gold Creek Store.  I've never had Saskatoon jam, so I'm giving it a try.  Fingers crossed it isn't gross.  It does look pretty runny though, consistency could be more thicker.

Anyway, I'm going back to Calgary tomorrow and taking all my rad finds with me.  Plus a few small extras that I dug out of storage, but more on that at a later date...maybe.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


Been putting off writing a post, not because I've been busy, but because I was hoping something cool would happen so I could write about it.  Since it's Cranbrook, it is going to be a looooong wait.  I guess I have no choice but to tell you the boring stuff.

On Friday I met my mom for lunch and we ate at Cancun, the Mexican restaurant even though the people who own it are from El Salvador.  It's pretty authentic, maybe too authentic for Cranbrook, it was pretty quiet at first for a lunch time but a few more people trickled in.  The free hand made nachos are awesome!

After lunch I met Willie and we went to check out the thrift in and out of town.  Willie bought a lot of crap including this cool Jaws game we got in a vintage place in Kimberley.  We only found it because it is right across the street from the thrift store.  Turns out it was was better than the thrift store.   Now if only it had thrift store prices.

For the day I didn't get too much, a t-shirt that later turned out not to fit me, a couple 7" records and a totally awesome skateboard VHS.

The video isn't even from a skate company, but by Kids Klassics, the children's branch of video distributor Good Times.  The video runs a whopping 26 minutes, so on the plus side you don't have to invest much time into watching it.  I'm considering transferring this one over to DVD.  Why?  Because according to the back of the box, "They're wild, they're weird, they're wonderful. They're real rad, dude."

Speaking of transferring VHS to DVD I almost bought another DVD recorder at the Salvation Army.  They had a Magnavox one for $8.00 which is good, but better because it also had a hard drive on it, so you would save TV shows or VHS stuff onto the hard drive before burning it to DVD.  Unfortunately it didn't have the remote which is kind of a deal breaker, you pretty much need it especially if I was going to get exclusively for recording VHS to DVD.

On Saturday not much happened.  I went mini golfing with my mom, Avery and Avery's friend Lewis.  After that we went to McDonald's for lunch where a couple guys got arrested right out in front providing some entertainment for the dining patrons.  All the young hoods hang at McDees, but these guys went pretty quietly.  It was only one cop doing the arresting in an unmarked SUV while eventually a truck with two more cops showed up.  We left about the same time as the RCMP truck that had the two thugs in the back and instead of going back to the police station pulled into the back parking lot of East Side Marios where they probably beat the suspects and/or cut them loose.  Or maybe they just went for lunch and didn't want to have to eat McDonald's.
On Sunday even less happened.  We went to the dump.  Also there is a sweet ride for sale on the side of the road going up 38th Ave just past 45th Street.

I like how they have the windows taped off with plastic sheeting, but then for some reason keep driver's door wide open.  I'm pretty sure it's still going to get wet.  I have a feeling next time I come home this car will still be there and they'll be another one parked right beside it.

I've also posted some (mostly cat) pictures on my Instagram.  

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Morphin' time

I made it back to hooray??  The weather has been pretty nice lately, so of course the day I drive back to BC is the day is finally rains and snows.  Yes, just outside of Calgary, the rain turned to snow briefly.  Lucky it was melting as soon as it hit the pavement, but was actually staying of the sides of the road and on the trees.  This all went away as soon as I got near Canmore and it was smooth sailing all the way to Cranbrook.

Before I left I had to go the dentist to get a filling done.  After she finished the dentist told me it was a pretty deep filling and once the freezing wore off it might be a little sore and sensitive to cold.  Well gee thanks because it wasn't even really bothering me before you fixed it!  The whole side of my face was numb which finally starting wearing off once I got to Radium.  All I had to eat all day was a sandwich for breakfast and that's it, not even anything to drink, so I was pretty hungry and thirsty.  I went in the Petro Can to get food at Subway and while I'm wait in line the power flickered and then cut out.  I waited a second in hopes it would turn back on, but it didn't.  I left and as I left Radium I noticed it wasn't just the Petro Can that had no power, but the whole town.  I finally got food in Fairmont at the Subway there cuz they had power!

I'm not sure what I doing tomorrow, probably check out the thrift stores and drop some stuff at the thrift stores.  I'll make sure to buy less stuff than I drop off though.

Also, Mike let me know that they are filming stuff for the new Power Rangers movie in Kamloops and I told him to get out there and paparazzi the sh#t out of it and he actually did!  He sent me a few pictures today and here is one of them.

Tuesday, April 12, 2016


Oh hey, how's it going?  There is nothing at all happening with me and I mean absolutely nothing at all, hence the lack of posts lately.  But that is all about to change!  Well maybe...

On Thursday I'm heading back to Cranbrook for the weekend.  It's a short trip, I'll be coming back to Calgary on Monday.  I haven't actually been back to Cranbrook since Christmas, so it's about time.  I'll check out the thrift stores, get the oil and tires changed on my car and it's Avery's birthday as well.  Looks the price of gas just went up here too, it always seems to happen right before I need to fill up before a trip back to BC, never fails.  Anyway, if there is anything you want to see a picture of or want me to do when I'm back in Cranbrook let me know.

And here is something completely random....

I bought this Chia Zombie hand at London Drugs a few month ago for $10.  It seemed cool at the time, but then I was all like, "It's too much of a hassle to grow".  I don't really have anywhere to put it and I don't want to open the blinds to let any sunlight in so it can grow.

Looks like Cody has got a Chia Pet of his own going on with these strawberries, they've been in the fridge for like a month.  I'm not sure what he's planning on doing with them, but I'm interested to find out.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Because you need more Star Wars

I'm pretty sure you know that The Force Awakens has hit home video, so did you get a copy?  I didn't because I'm waiting for them to release in on 3D Blu-ray.  It came out on Blu-ray and DVD, but the 3D version is apparently coming out a later date.  I'm just guessing that the later date is sometime in November or December right before Rogue One comes out.  Oh hey, guess what?!  The new Rogue One trailer just came out today, so check it out.

If you don't know or can't figure it out from the trailer, Rogue One is set before Episode 4: A New Hope and tell the story of how rebel commandos stole the Death Star plans.  Even though it's older, it looks like we get to see some new types of Stormtroopers.  Also, the bad guy with the big cape who for some reason has it really long so it drags on the ground and through puddles.  If they can build a Death Star I'm pretty sure they can get stains out of a cape.  Although, it still seems like it would be a pain to me.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Since I redeemed my initial two PIN codes from Frosted Flakes in the Kellogg's personalized spoon offer, I've managed to finished another two more boxes of Frosted Flakes.  With my first spoon I cheated and put in the PIN codes without eating the cereal first.  This time I actually finished my boxes of cereal before putting in the codes.

Yesterday I went to put in my codes and when I got to the screen where it asks you to put in a name I put in "Awesome".  It didn't work!  It won't let you use the word "awesome" which sucks.  It's not offensive or anything, so I'm not sure why it's on their naughty list especially when the word "radical" is okay!  Here is a quick list of random words that are acceptable and unacceptable.



I was just putting in words I thought wouldn't pass the test.  I'm surprised "Hoochie" made the cut.  Funny that Chocovore doesn't pass when it's the name of one of Kellogg's own mascots.  It's late and I can't think of anymore more words that are borderline pass/fail.  I'm currently working on two boxes of Crave, so once I get those done I'll get my third spoon.  I can think of some new words in the meantime, although right now "Champ" is looking pretty awesome.  Oops, I mean radical.

Sunday, April 3, 2016


I was at Phoenix/Melodyia the other day and since I couldn't find any CDs to buy I bought a couple 7" records instead.

The Nirvana one is a "single" from the  Montage of Heck: The Home Recordings which is the soundtrack to the Kurt Cobain documentary, Montage of Heck.  The whole album is stuff taken from cassette tapes the film maker found while making the movie.  It's demos and ideas recorded on cassette, so the audio quality isn't that great.  Still this single isn't too bad audio quality wise, the Sappy demo is good.

The other single is from Beck.  It's too mellow and acoustic for me and one song is all countryish with twangy guitars.  I was hoping for something "cooler" since the single was produced by Jack White who also plays on the two songs as well.  I guess they used all the cool up on the cover photo.

And speaking of cool here is country music star and Jaffray native Dean McWhinnie rocking the red carpet at the Junos.

He needs smaller sunglasses and a larger cowboy hat.

Saturday, April 2, 2016


I finally watched Pee-Wee's Big Holiday and I didn't even have to get Netflix!  Cody has had Netflix for a while and he put one of his accounts on the Blu-ray player, so it's all good.  He wasn't sure if it would work or not, as you are only allowed so many devices per account, but it worked.  Next month he might get a surprise on his bill if he's over, but Cody got mad billz y'all.

After watching Big Top Pee-Wee which wasn't very good, Pee-Wee's Big Holiday was exactly what I needed.  It's pretty much the same movie at Pee-Wee's Big Adventure where he has to go on a road trip and meets lots of people along the way.  Cam was right, it was classic Pee-Wee, he even brought back the "Take a picture it will last longer" joke, the best part of Big Top Pee-Wee.  It was funny, the balloon part which is in the trailer looked lame at the time, but turned out to be pretty funny.  It's just so stupid you have to laugh.  I liked the how at the end when Pee-Wee fell down the well, the news reporters were saying "a boy fell down the well", as Cam said, he's 63!  Hopefully, we won't have to wait as long before we get another Pee-Wee movie.  We gave it a four star rating.

After watching Pee-Wee we went and watched the first episode of Trailer Parks Boys Season 8.  Cody has already seen all the new TBP stuff, but I haven't yet.  I think TPB was one of the pixelated shows on Cara's Netflix watch list...or maybe it was Cam's?  Cam used to live in a trailer park, so he can totally related to that show.  I'm also up to episode six of the first season of Daredevil.  I'm liking it so far, can't wait to watch more.

When I browse around Netflix I'm like, "I wanna watch that" and "Oh I want to see that too!", so there are lots of shows and movies I have to catch up on.  But Fuller House is not one of them!!