Monday, May 31, 2010

Oh yeah!

Edgar Wright has unleashed the new trailer for Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.  Check it out, it rulz!

Note: I changed my Blogger template just to so the trailer would fit in it because the old one was cutting off the end.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Impossiblist

At the Goodwill today I saw this record that I just had to have and literally ran up and grabbed it.  The record still has the original plastic on it too.

Reveen the Impossiblist!  Reveen is an illusionist, but mostly known for being a hypnotist.  Also, if you're a fan of Trailer Park Boys then you know that Conky refers to Ricky as Reveen because they sorta look alike which Ricky totally hates.

If you are interested you can write to Reveen Records and ask for a catalog of releases.  I'm sure they have lots of back stock.

Reveen Records
10528 - 109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

Damn,  that must be his old address and I mean OLD because they haven't invented postal codes yet.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Flip the Flap Fail

I got suckered into buying some Post cereal because "Every Box Wins" with their Flip the Flap promotion.  I did win, but only a free download from PureTracks.  I was at the grocery and decided to give Post one more shot and giving me something cool.  As luck would have it I "won" another free download from PureTracks.  Sorry Post, but two strikes and you're out!  Since I'm such a nice guy here is the PIN and serial number for my free PureTracks download.  First come, first serve.

Puretracks® PIN code: 4216394418
Puretracks® serial number: 3671196

So forget about Post cereal and do yourself a favor and get some Kellogg's.  Right now they have a promotion where you can get a free Adidas soccer t-shirt.  You can choose between a green Toucan Sam shirt, blue Rice Krispies, red Tony the Tiger or white generic Adidas t-shirt.  Register the code on the inside of the box and then pick your shirt,  the shirt is totally free with postage paid.  I haven't actually got a box yet, but I will in the next couple days.  I hope these aren't all kids sizes or I will have to write an angry letter.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I was actually going to do a different post, but I don't have Photoshop or the know-how to use it, so that was scrapped.  Instead I give you BALLPARK HOT DOG flavored chips! 

Jeremy, the grocery supervisor at work, pointed these out to me the other day and I was like, "Wow, those look nasty, I better try them."  The front of the bag says they are made with a hot dog, mustard and relish flavored seasoning.  What no ketchup?  I was taking them upstairs and Andre (the meat spv) was trying to get them and I was like, "You can't eat those!"  FYI, he is Muslim and went running.  My plan was to go home for lunch and use Cody as a guinea pig, but he had gone out, so I was stuck eating them myself.

I was actually disappointed that they didn't taste like hot dogs, they just tasted like all dressed chips.  You do get a somewhat hot dog smell off them, and sometimes I thought I was tasting mustard.  Later on I did make Cody eat one and he said it did taste like hot dog.  Still he only ate one chip where I ate a lot more.  I still think they taste like all dressed chips and I'm not much of a fan of all dressed chips.  , so therefore I didn't like them.  The actual chips themselves are thick cut crinkle cut and are pretty good.  They should've boiled up a bunch of actual hot dogs and then used that hot dog flavored water in making the chips.  I bet they would've tasted a lot more like hot dog.  Anyway, if you see these chips just do yourself a favor walking to the meat department and buy some actual hot dogs.  Is there hot dog flavored gum?

I also got a bag of Greek chips which are flavored with feta, olive and oregano.  Done with the same thick cut krinkle cut chips they weren't bad.  Better than the hot dog chips.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

So Random

My schedule has been all weird lately (what day is it?) and I've been lazy, so I've been putting off writing a post.  I know you've been waiting all week, so here is a stupid story about toilet paper.

We were at Wal-Mart and getting some TP and I was checking out the Charmin stuff because I always see their commercials on TV.  I noticed that on the one Charmin brand it said "Durable & Long Lasting".  WHAT...THE...HELL?!  I don't about anyone else, but I only plan on using my toilet paper once, so long lasting isn't much of a deciding factor.   Yeah, my toilet paper is long lasting, so I can keep reusing it because I'm so Earth friendly.  Go green!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Now Playing

The one thing I liked about my old blog at MySpace was that at the end of a post you could let people know what you were currently watching, listening to, playing or reading.  So in an effort to show you guys how extremely cool and hip I am, here is what I'm currently enjoying.


Marked For Death, Hard to Kill, Above the Law and The Glimmer Man - I've been a Steven Seagal kick lately, but only his early stuff.  I'm still looking for Out for Justice.  I was disappointed that in The Glimmer Man he didn't break anybody's limbs.

Merantau Warrior - A martial arts movie from Indonesia featuring their native martial art, Silat.  Never heard of or seen Silat before.  At first it looks a bit odd, but the first start off slow and get bigger and badder as the movie goes on.  The fight inside an elevator is pretty good.

High School High - Caught this on Encore as I haven't seen it in a very long time, still classic stuff.   I love Jon Lovitz's reaction shots and double takes.

Wizards of Waverly Place: The Movie - Saw this on Family Channel and I've probably said too much already.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Legends - The most recent film in the Ultraman series which we get to see the home of the Ultramen, the Land of Light and meet the newest ultra hero, Ultraman Zero.  Since the movie takes place almost entirely in space or on alien planets there was a lot of green screen and CGI that comes off as good, okay, and cheesy.   It's pretty much non-stop super hero fights and giant monster madness, so therefore it is AWESOME.

Listening to
Runaways Soundtrack - Featuring songs from the era, classic Runaways tracks as well as newly recorded Runaways songs with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart on vocals.  What?!  I was expecting them to suck, but it wasn't half bad.  I wasn't too crazy about Fanning's delivery of a couple lines on Cherry Bomb though.  Haven't seen the movie.

Dropkick Murphys: Live at Lansdowne - Live album taken from the 2009 set of live shows at St. Patricks Day.  Mine is autographed making it cooler than yours.

Ducky Boys: Three Chords and the Truth - More punk rawk out of Boston but without the Irishness.

GBH: Perfume and Piss - Old school (like 30+ years old) UK punk band back with a new album that is surprisingly good.

Red Steel 2 - A lot of people are calling it the sword fighting game that we've been waiting for on the Wii.  It uses the Wii Motion+ to an almost accurate 1:1 ratio of your movements.  The start of the games tells you to have the Wiimote in your right hand and hold it firmly like a sword.  What if you are like me and left handed?  I hold it in my left hand anyway, but they still should've had an option to set it to left or right handed controls.  Playing the game does require a lot of work because you actually have to swing your arm around because fast, wide swings do more damage than sissy flicks of your wrist.  Too much work.

Left 4 Dead 2: The Passing - This DLC see the survivors from L4D2 meet up with the survivors from the first game.  During the campaign you get to go into the sewers and there is a poo joke.  I was not disappointed.  There is a new uncommon common infected and new weapons like the M60 and golf club.  They also introduced Mutations which are tweaks to already existing gameplay modes, both campaign and multi-player.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Somehow I've already logged 48 hours of BC2 multi-player.  Cody actually went out and bought a second copy of the game and wireless doohickey for the spare XBox, so we can play together.  I'm on the TV downstairs, he is upstairs on the TV in his room and we are tearing it up online.  Okay, we used to lose a lot, but lately we've been winning the majority of the matches we play.  We mostly play Rush and Cody usually gets lots of points because he'll play as a Medic and then toss out lots of med kits and revive me when I get killed.   I hate snipers.

Not much actually.  I've got a pile of comics books that I even too lazy to read.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Goonies 'R' Good Enough

Last week my dad was in town for a couple days for some meetings for work, something about running a better shop.  Anyway, he was staying at the Glenmore Inn which is over in the ghetto of Ogden Rd and also right by Bob's Hamburgers.  We didn't go to Bob's.  On Tuesday I got there a few minutes early, so he was still in the meeting.  There is also a Salvation Army right there, so I went in to have a look.  I actually found something cool for a change!

Goonies glasses!  The real deal from 1985 and still in great condition.  I picked them up for 99 cents a glass.  One side has a scene from the movie and the back says the film title, studio names and what scene is being presented.  The glasses I got are Sloth and the Goonies, Sloth Comes to the Rescue, Goonies in the Organ Chamber and Data on the Waterslide.

What the glasses don't say on them is where they are from.  Usually they'd have a Burger King or McDonald's logo on them if they were part of a promotional offer.  Cody was trying to figure out where they came from then I noticed the Data on the Waterslide glass still had part of an original sticker on the bottom of it. Using that and my keen intellect I deduced that these Goonies glasses are from Godfather's Pizza!

Wow, I had completely forgotten about Godfather's Pizza.  I don't think I've even seen a commercial for them since the early 90's or even late 80's.  They do have a Canadian website, but looks like all the franchises are out east in Ontario.  

I'm the last person who needs more glasses, I have too many already.  I'm always buying glasses, cups and mugs with funny or cool stuff on them and they just sit in the cupboard or in a box.  Back in Cranbrook I have two boxes full of nothing but Tiki glasses.  Plus I don't use them because then I'd have to wash them, so I just drink straight out of the juice cartoon or milk jug.  I guess they are collector's items and maybe one day I can sell these 99 cent Goonies glasses for $2 each and finally retire to someplace warm.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

How about that weather eh?

After Calgary got hit last week with a bunch of snow, we are getting more snow with heavy winds.  Come on, it's May fer crying out loud!  Anyway, I had to go to some tool place in the NE to get a part for my dad's sander.  When I stepped out the back door this is what I saw.

Haha, it's upside down!

After I got the sander parts I went over to the Pacific Place mall to look for some bootleg movies, but they didn't have what I was looking for.  At the movie place they have up sale signs that say "Closing Out", but they've been closing out for the past couple years.  Make up your minds already!

I did go into the Utsuwa-No-Yakata, the Japanese tableware place to look for a new cereal bowl.  My old cereal bowl I got there was a plastic replica of the old Japanese wooden lacquer bowls.  The red plastic on the inside was starting to get all bumpy, so I figured it was time to replace it.  Unfortunately, they didn't have anymore bowls like that, so I had to settle for a plain old ceramic bowl...

...with a cat on it!

I actually already have one of these in a small rice bowl sized version, but I find it makes a good salsa bowl.  The new larger bowl is perfect because it is a good width and nice and deep too.  Also, it is cute.

The front end.

And the ass end.

Monday, May 3, 2010


I picked up a new "accessory" for my Moo Mixer, some Rolo flavored Nesquik. It's like regular chocolate Quik, but with a caramel flavor. It's like some old saying goes, don't fix what's not broken. What they should do is make chocolate Quik with an extra chocolatey flavor. Maybe fudge?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

FCBD 2010

If it is the first Saturday of May then it means that it's Free Comic Day.  This morning I headed down to Kensington to go Another Dimension.  Most places give you one free comic, but AD is the best place to go because you get two free comics and you can buy additional comics for 25 cents each.  I only got two, The Simpson's comic from Bongo and the Oni Press' "Free For All".  Even though we were there early it was full of people in there, young and old.  Cody thought the kid working the register was stoned, but I think he's usually just like that.  Then again, it was pretty busy in there, maybe he needed something to help get him through the day.   Somehow I think his employers might frown upon that.  Either way I like him because he said my Galactus shirt that I bought at Goodwill was cool.  Flattery works.

On Friday I stopped by Phoenix Comics and ended up grabbing a Simpsons vinyl figure just for the hell of it.  I saw these at last weekend's comic expo, but didn't get one.  The figures are done by Kid Robot and are packaged so you don't know exactly what you are going to get.  I hate it when they do that because I never get the ones I want.  Luckily, Martin said if I ever get doubles I can just bring it back.  The characters I really want are the harder to find ones like Itchy, Scratchy, Duffman, and Funzo.  The odds of getting a Funzo are 1/96.  Damn, maybe I should buy a lottery ticket instead!  I ended up getting Comic Book Guy who also comes with a pair of removable Vulcan ears.  They are nice despite my CBG have a couple flaws, but are nice and solid and I even bought another one this morning at Another Dimension and got Homer.

Worst picture EVER!

The character card is also a sticker.

One of those mystery figures is Mr. Teeny, not sure about the others.