Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Fakit & Bakit

Welcome to my first real Christmas post of 2016 and with today being December 20th, I bet you thought I was going to forget.  Shame on you!  In today's post I'm going to make a Christmas tree ornament despite not even having a tree to put it on.  I'll be making a Makit & Bakit ornament kit...or will I?

Yes, but not really.

I got this at Michael's when they were "buy one, get one free" and kept this one for myself and sent three more back with my mom to give to Avery to make for his Christmas tree.  I wasn't sure if he has the attention span to actually do one, but I'll find out in a few days when I go back to Cranbrook.

I would've gotten an actual Makit & Bakit kit, but they didn't have any at all.  Yes, I actually looked for them.  I bought some there a couple years ago, but all they had was this knock off one from Creatology.  If I finish the kit does that make me a Creatologist?

I do like the way the package the plastic chunks in resealable tubes.  It makes it easier for dumping them out or just just keeping them sealed when you aren't using them.  They also gave a picture of what the tree should look like, but for some dumb reason part of the tree is yellow.  Did it die, is that why it is yellow??  I made my tree all green because that what trees like look dammit.

Ready to go in the oven!

I was putting the cookie sheet in the over when I dropped it totally messing everything up.  For a second I considering baking it as is, but then decided I had to do it all over again.

I actually followed the instructions of putting in the over at 375F for 15 - 25 minutes, but even as the 25 minute mark it wasn't melted.  I let it stay in a bit longer and it wasn't melted.  I turned up the over to 400F and at the 54 minute mark it was ready and I took it out.  At least the original Makit & Bakit would melt when there were supposed to.

Then again upon reading the instructions after I already made it, they state to not use an air bake cookie sheet.  I don't know if my cooking sheet is an air bake sheet or not.  I looked on it and it doesn't even say.

I changed the colour layout of some the tree decorations after dropping it, but it turned out "okay".  It's not Cara good, but more like Cam good and that's good enough for me.  You'd think by now I'd be getting better at these things, but this time I blame it on the fact that it's not a true Makit & Bakit kit.  Also, now I don't have to worry about not having a Christmas tree because I just made one.  I'll hang it up or more likely just prop it up somewhere.  Merry X-Mas!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Heat for a treat

I haven't been able to find those gingerbread Oreos since I bought that first bag.  I really liked them and was hoping to get them again.  I've seen the candy cane Oreos, but I'm holding out for gingerbread.  In the meantime I found these new Chips Ahoy! Hot Cocoa cookies.

Just in time for the winter comes a hot chocolate flavoured cookie with mini marshmallows in it.  Even better you can heat it up for a warm cookie!

I put my two cookies in for 7 seconds which I thought wouldn't be long enough, but still had melted chocolate on my fingers, but that is necessarily a bad thing.  They tasted okay, not as good as they looked or as good as I hoped.

Unfortunately, the cookies are so small!  These would be way better if they made them bigger.  Even the regular Chips Ahoy! soft cookies are this size which is too small.  I like the idea of hot cocoa cookies that can be warmed up, but Christie needs to refine the taste and the size.

Thursday, December 8, 2016


It's been a while, but I've been busy leading a boring life, so I haven't had time to write about everything.  This post is a catch up post with a bunch of small lame things aren't worth a post on their own.  Here we go!

This is our front door and done up Christmas like.  This was Cody's doing not mine because I would rather spend my money on stuff for me than some wreath.  I took picture back before it snowed and got super cold here.  It's -21C here right now and that is without the windchill.  You can't see it in the picture, but there are even little snowflake stickers on the window.

My mom had a meeting in Calgary on Tuesday, but came down on Sunday afternoon and we went shopping on Monday.  I actually got some Christmas presents, but still managed to buy some shirts and socks for myself.  We went for a quick trip to Ikea, probably the fastest my mom has ever been in and out of there.

In the upstairs area where everything is laid up and set up into little rooms so you can get a feel of how thing look there was a little storage bench filled with bran discs or rye bran crisps to be exact.  They are frisbee sized and if you were to eat one you'd need a pitcher to water to keep from choking to death.  I imagine eating straw to about the the same as these.  Anyway, above the pile of bran discs were a couple coat hooks mounted on the wall...

Somebody decided to impale the rye bran discs on the coat hooks.  It's an unorthodox decorating technique, but I appreciate the effort.  Sorry for the blurry picture, but the camera on my phone couldn't decide what to focus on with all those colours and patterns.

When I was back in Cranbrook last time Avery told me he wanted a set of drums and I was like, "I already got you a set of drums once!"  His mom got rid of the drums a while ago and while another set of drums is out of the question I did find these at Winners which are the next best thing.

I also got him a Kris Kross CD at the thrift store, so he can rock out to it with his new drum sticks.  Don't worry I'll get him something good.  I'm still looking for Young MC.