Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hey! Hey!

It's been while since my last post, sorry guys. It's not that I don't have anything to write about, I've just been lazy. I actually sat down and started writing about Army of Two on Tuesday and after about two paragraphs, but brain shut down on me so I had to quit. I had to I tells ya! I figured I owe it to you (who?) to put something up today, but it's not Army of Two related.

It's more Indy stuff! A couple posts back I wrote about the Indiana Jones light up spoon giveaway in Mini Wheats cereal. If you've been shopping I'm sure you've seen them, Superstore even had a fancy display with cardboard cutouts. I'm sure you can see where this is going because after the majority of the cereal had been sold I took pieces of the display home with me. The display had two corners pieces with Indy on one side and Shia LaPoof on the other stuff. There was also a poster type thing that would hang down at the bottom. The poster thing has a French side and an English side.

Those are the corner pieces and are just over two and a half feet tall at the tallest point.

Did I need two corners pieces? Definitely not, hell I didn't even need one. That being said I also didn't need the hanging poster either, but I took them anyway. Problem is that know I needed to figure out what to do with them.

I'll use it to hold up my shelf! It doesn't look too bad, just don't look at it for too long. I was also going to hang the English part of the poster on the kitchen wall, but figure that would be too much. The other corner and the poster are in storage under the couch.

Oh yeah, here is some Sloan goodness for everyone looking forward to the release of the new album. Head on over to the Yep Roc website and you can stream the entire new album. There is also some stuff about recording of it and such. I thought it was interesting that not only do they write their their own songs, but also play most of the instruments when recording them. Andrew plays all of the instruments on his songs, but Patrick can't play drums. Haha! Rock on.

Friday, May 23, 2008


I sure you all know that Weezer's new ablum, the "Red Album" is out June 3rd. Here is the video for the first single "Pork and Beans" fresh off YouTube. It's a riff on the whole YouTube culture and YouTube "celebrities".

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Whip It!

A day off and I totally wasted it! I got up this morning and went to Safeway to buy some groceries just like I said I would. When I came home I found I had gotten some mail; Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie and my dental rebate cheque. Then we went out to good old Northland mall which gets no respect because I guess it's not hip enough. It does have Best Buy, Future Shop and Wal-Mart. At Best Buy I bought Vexille on DVD which is a Japanese CGI movie. It doesn't look as good as Applessed Ex Machina, but it has more action and it's still pretty good. Like rent it or something. Then we went to Wal-Mart and I got some garbage bags, deodorant and CSI: NY season one. CSI: NY was only $15 for season one, so that wasn't a bad deal.

When that was all done we went up to Crowfoot to eat at Burger King in hopes of getting some of the good Indiana Jones toys. Luckily, I did get the whip toy.

It's not just for show, it also actually whips, but they got it all backwards. The handle is the part that does the whipping. That's wrong isn't it? Remember that crappy cheap toy we all had once when we were kids that was just rolled up paper on a stick that you could flick in and out, well that's what this is. The handle is the rolled up paper that you can "whip" a ant and snake targets that come with the whip. I can see a snake target, but an ant target. Yes, ants suck, but they're a little small to be using a bull whip on.

Here is one picture you can all have a good laugh at.

I got that weird/stupid/funny/ghey look on my face because I was talking when Cody took the picture. He didn't even give me any warning or anything.

After all that I watched Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie and it was kinda good. Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie was total crap because they strayed from the Power Rangers formula, but the Morphin' movie has more fighting and more adventure. The big disappointment was the end fight with the Zords which were all CGI. The movie was from 1995 and the CGI looks pretty awful, the guys in suits would've looked way better. Still it what is to be expected from a Power Rangers movie, kiddies love it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Thanks for nothing!

Hey, did everyone enjoy their long weekend? I spent it working! I worked all day Friday to Monday and now I'm tired. Since this week has a holiday they only let us work 29 hours for the week (Yeah!) and I get three days off; Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The weather was nice on the weekend too, and we had the hottest days of the year. Tomorrow on my day off there is a chance of showers, but it's not like I was going to actually go outside and enjoy the nice weather anyway. Rain away!

My many year of hard work and dedication have finally paid off as the Superstore has instituted an colleague discount program. We aren't called employees anymore, we are "colleagues". So yeah, we now get 10% discount and of course there are restrictions. In fact, there are lots of restrictions. Here is the list:
  • Alcohol - includes wine and beer making supplies (Obvious)
  • Baby Care - cereals, teething biscuits, feed/nursing items, wipes, etc (But baby food is so good!)
  • Bottle Deposit
  • Cassette (Audio) Tapes (We don't even sell audio cassette tapes! Who even still buys tapes?!)
  • Cellular Phones & Accessories (Obvious)
  • Customer Service - bus tickets
  • Dollar Day Items in Books & Stationary
  • DVDs - including box sets (DAMMIT!)
  • Fruit Beverage - juices, drinks, and cocktails (This sucks, I don't want to pay full price for my Sunny D)
  • Gaming Consoles
  • Gas Bars (Obvious)
  • Gift Cards (Obvious)
  • Home Theatre - including panel TVs (Obvious, but still I would never buy a 42" LCD TV from Superstore as their choice of brands is lacking)
  • Lottery Tickets (Obvious)
  • Milk - plain and flavored (No amount of discount could entice me to buy banana or orange flavored milk, that's not right. I luvs strawberry and eat a lot of cereal, so I'm still pissed!)
  • Personal Audio -iPods, walkmans, etc (They are evil and when you listen to them it means you won't be able to hear the helicopter about to land on top of you. )
  • Phone Cards
  • Pop (WHY NOT?! I need my Diet Pepsi or I will DIE!)
  • Prescriptions (Obvious)
  • Third Party operations - post office, dry cleaners, etc
  • Tobacco (Obvious)
  • Video Games - some (Obvious)
  • Items which cannot be scanned (This is actually anything that needs to be weighed like bulk foods and produce items like apples, bananas, etc. and it sucks)
The first thing that caught my attention on that list was audio cassettes. Like really? You'd think they'd want to get rid of tapes since pretty nobody buys them anymore. At least compact discs aren't excluded, but it's not like they carry anything good I'd want. Come to think of it I don't think I've ever bought a CD from Super Store. It sucks about DVDs and could be a little less vague in the video games category, "some" doesn't really tell me much. The milk, juice, and pop exclusions are pretty stupid. Still they act like they are doing us all a big favor by giving us a discount, but really should give a list of stuff that isn't excluded, it would be shorter.

Tomorrow is my day off and I need to do some grocery shopping, but will still go to Safeway because I'm not going in to Super Store on my day off, discount or no discount! But if anybody ever wants to buy something from there (make sure it's not on the list though!) let me know and I will hook you up cuz that's how I roll!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New aquisitions

Since I had relocated my old TV stand into my room for the new TV that left some space that needed to filled out in the "den". I figured I should get try and get a shelving or storage unit to hold the various crap that litters our place. We headed to Ikea to get something cheap and I wasn't sure where else to look for furniture. I ended up buying the EXPEDIT shelving unit in a brown/black colour.

After ten mintues of back breaking assembly we had it all put together. It almost looks nice, until I displayed a bunch of my stuff in it. I was too lazy to try and take some better pictures, so that's it. I actually put a few more things in it because I got a package in the mail, but more on that later. Even though it's been in our basement for less than a day it's all already got dings and scratches on it. Classic Ikea!

In my previous post I talked about all the Indiana Jones merch coming out to tie into the release of the new movie and I found something pretty cool today at Wal-Mart.

Yes, Indy cereal prizes! In select boxes of Mini Wheats you can get light Indiana Jones spoons. These are the same idea as the light saber spoons they had as prize in Corn Flakes a few years ago when Revenge of the Sith came out. The spoon handle is grey and looks like it's stone and the clear plastic spoon end will glow one of three different colours; red, green, or yellow. I got the green spoon.

It's still in the bag and that's where it shall remain! Unless I end up getting another green spoon. For some reason the only cereal to offer the free spoon is Mini Wheats. I'll admit to never eaten Mini Wheats, they don't really look like they would taste that good. Yes, I know one side has frosting, but maybe if both sides had frosting they'd look better. Still I hope they do taste better, and I got strawberry flavour to make them more appealing to me. I heart strawberries. Because if I want to get more spoons it will require me to buy some cereal. I guess I could just buy the cereal, keep the spoon and toss the cereal in the garbage. That probably wouldn't be smart with the food crisis going on. We are all doomed! Anyway, it's nice to finally get some cool cereal prizes and it's better that's it's an Indy glowy spoon. It's way better than the Kung Fu Panda frisbees in Fruit Loops.

In the late afternoon somebody rang our doorbell which was weird nobody ever rings the doorbell. It was a guy from Canada Post dropping off a parcel I had order from Hobby Link Japan which is based in Japan (surprise!). The guy was telling me that the package didn't actually have any postage on it and it would cost like $30-$40 to pay for it. Luckily, he gave it to me as was and I didn't have to pay anything. *WHEW* If I had to pay shipping I would've been pretty pissed as I already paid HLJ shipping fees for it. I'm sure they pack and ship tons of orders everyday so mistakes are bound to happen.

Anyway, I got a Kamen Rider 2 figure based on the new movie designs, Kamen Rider Den-O Rod Form/Axe Form/Gun Form figure set, Kamen Rider Kabuto book, Kamen Rider Todoroki guitar, and Kinnikuman figure. The Kinnikuman figure is sweet because it's an action pose of the original Kinnikuman dropping the Kinniku-Driver on Akuma Shogun. It's like 14 cm tall and looks really cool, plus it was on sale. It's cool, but I'm a nerd and am too scared to open the package. Must keep MIP!

The rest of the stuff is Kamen Rider crap. I opened the Kamen Rider 2 vinyl figure and displayed him on my new shelving unit. The Den-O figure set is cool and they're pretty articulated for being cheap. These were also on sale. Again, I'm scared to open the package. Kamen Rider Hibiki was a KR series where the riders all had musical motifs and Kamen Rider Todoroki was armed with a guitar. He would stab the pointed end of the guitar into an enemy and rock out then exploding the enemy or swing the guitar by the neck and use it as a weapon. I got a little version of his guitar. Look out because I'm a real guitar hero.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


My sister sent me an e-mail telling me a helicopter had crashed just by her house. She saw it come down and everything. I was like, "Whaaat?" I looked it up on Yahoo Canada and sure enough it was on the front page.

This happened on Tuesday, so Cam and Mike you guys may have heard of it already. I'm in Alberta and also don't watch the news, so I'm a bit slow on this stuff. It's pretty crazy especially the part where it crashed and then killed a guy walking down the street. It's lucky it didn't land on house or a school. If you read the article it says this is the third accident for Bighorn Helicopters in 10 years, but the first time people were killed.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Movies and stuff.

I had walked down to Rainbow to buy and bag of chips and since there wasn't anything on TV I checked out what they had for rent. Nothing really interested me, but they had Cloverfield and I grabbed it because giant monsters destroying stuff is cool. There was a lot of hype about Cloverfield before and when it was released, but back then I didn't really care about it. I guess I was a bit apprehensive about the hand held POV camera work. Now it's out on DVD, so I might as well check it out. And I actually liked it! It was interesting and the POV camera actually worked, it made it seem more real. The opening party scene seemed to drag on, but I guess they had to "establish" the characters, so you care about them and cheer when they get killed. It was good to watch it on DVD, but watching it in the theater on the big screen would be headache inducing. Check it out if you haven't seen it yet.

After watching Iron Man on Saturday we went to Burger King in hopes of getting some Iron Man toys. Today we went there for lunch only find the Iron Man toys are gone! But replaced by Indiana Jones stuff! Even better! With Indy 4 coming out the merchandising barrage has begone with toys, foods, videos, and more. Burger King has the Indy Double Whopper and toys in the kids meal. I got just a Whopper Jr combo and asked for a toy, but they only had Mutt Williams motorbike and the Indiana Jones Journal. Unfortunately, I had already paid, so I had to take one of the toys, so I took the Mutt Williams one and I hate Shia LeBeouf. The coolest toy is the Indy Hip Whip which is a coiled up bull whip that has a clip on it, so you can clip in on the side of your pants so it looks like you are wearing the bull whip. Sweet! I will keep trying even if it kills me and it probably will. Heart attack! Cody got the Indy Double Whopper and he says it is okay. Check out the BK Indy website:

I actually picked these up the other week, but have been waiting to write about them, so now here you go. Finally, some Indy toys!

These guys can be found at your local Toys'R'Us or Wal-Mart and they have action figures, 12" figures, vehicles, and Lego sets. There are a couple different Indy figures, some German soliders, Marion Ravenwood, Belloq, Sallah and a bunch of figures from the new movie. They all look pretty good except for the Indiana Jones figures which don't even look like Harrison Ford at all. Still I bought the Indiana Jones with golden idol from Raiders. The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull figure is pretty much the exact same they just gave Indy some grey hair and switched out the idol for the crystal skull.

They also had Adventures Heroes which are Indy figures all super deformed and cutesy for the little kids. I got the Indy with Cairo Swordsmen, Indy comes with a big cartoony gun so he can blow the Swordsmen away.

With all the toys Hasbro still has a way to get even more money out of the collector's pockets. They have special exclusive figures in 2", 3.75" and 12" sizes. Of course the only way to get them is to collect proof of purchases and then pay some shipping fees in order to get some "free" exclusive figure. What a deal. I wish I could get them all! Check out the Hasbro Indy website for all the good, The Sound FX Whip is cool.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Now you are all caught up.

Today's story begins last Wednesday when I had to go to a training seminar/thing for work. It was basically to teach us the new methods of training other employees. That means that I will be training current and new employees which sucks. Why can't they just automatically know how to do everything? It was the Best Western Port O'Call out by the airport and we even got fed lunch which turned out be really gross. Lunch was served in those metal warming trays and probably was cooked about five hours before we were ready for it. We were fed hamburgers and chicken burgers with the usual accompaniments like fries, salads, and beans(?!). When I went to garnish my burger the top of the bun fell off on the floor. I went and took another whole bun because it wouldn't be cool to take half a bun. The lunch wasn't very good and if you paid for it you'd probably be asking for you money back. The training thing was boring and waste of time but it was better than working 8am to 5pm and work.

The next day on Thursday I woke up and went to work with my stomach feeling a bit odd. I always skip breakfast and thought maybe I was just hungry. As the morning wore on my stomach hurt more and more with shooting pains. I came home for lunch and only managed to eat a bagel and banana. I went back to work and asked to go home and my stomach was still hurting and making weird noises. I didn't each much that day as my stomach was still hurt. Curse you Best Western and your poisoned hamburgers!

I woke up Friday morning and my stomach was still hurting. I didn't have vomiting or diarrhea, but wish I did because then I could puke and get it out of my system and feel better. It was day off, so I still went out and did stuff and tried to ignore my stomach. I ended up spending a bunch of money on a bunch of stuff I don't need. I bought a 19" Samsung widescreen LCD TV and a DVD player for my room. Now I can lay in bed and watch TV and never have to get dressed again. First I had to clean and then re-organize my room so I could wheel in my old TV stand. My room is all full of crap now and I have to try and keep it clean. I bought a HDMI cable to hook up the DVD and TV to give it the best quality AV possible!

That is current set up. I'd like to state that Spider-Man is for Avery, not myself, and was on clearance at Toys'R'Us $10. I probably shouldn't have the TV sitting directly on top of the DVD player, I'll try to remedy that soon. I went and bought another Philips because they're cheap and they play divx, mpeg, and wma files. One problem now is that I have three remotes sitting around, one for my stereo, TV and the DVD player. The stereo and DVD remotes are the same colour and same size and look the same as I've already got them mixed up.

Most of the stuff I've watched on the TV so far has been full screen stuff, like the above image. And if you ID the guy in the picture you win a fabulous prize! Willie might be able to do it, but he doesn't read my blog, so too bad for him. The TV has a 4:3 settings and a few widescreen settings and well as some pre-set display settings. I haven't bothered to mess with the display settings yet. The picture quality looks better than the picture I took leads it to be.

In Calgary this weekend they also opened a new Future Shop in Beacon Hill and all other FS had deals going on to celebrate. The best deal to be had was it was 10% off all movies and music. I went there to get Trailer Park Boys Season 7 anyway, so 10% off was a nice bonus. I also picked up the Sonny Chiba Collection which has six movies in it. I'd like to complain the outside looks nice, but the inside is crap and totally broken! One disc just comes in a paper envelope, its like they made the package and then forgot they had another disc to put inside. I may return it because of the broken case.

Saturday morning I woke up (stomach still hurts!) and then sat in bed watching my new TV. Eventually I got up and we went out and watched Iron Man. I don't think I've been to the theatre since Rambo came out and did I ever miss the nachos. Unfortunately I ended up getting cheese on my shirt.

The movie was pretty good, probably the best Marvel movie to date. Robert Downey Jr really nails Tony Stark and is pretty funny. Most of the Iron Man action takes place at the end, but you don't really notice. As with all Marvel movies Stan Lee makes a cameo and this is his funniest one yet. I know this is a crappy review, but if you want to know more just read all the other positive reviews out there. It's good! The one bad thing is that the credits are way too long to sit through to see the secret scene at the end. No wonder it takes $100 million to make a movie, you gotta pay like 50,000 people to make it. But I won't ruin it for you, unless you want me to.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Hey, I ripped the new Danko Jones CD and put it up on Megaupload, so Murray could get it. I'm pretty sure he did, so if anybody wants to download go right ahead.

In other music news, June not only sees the release of a new Sloan record, but also a new Weezer record. I think they are getting lazy because on June 24th Weezer's new "Red" album drops. First is was blue, then green and now red. Just make up a name! This album is supposed to be a bit different as every member gets a chance to sing lead vocals. I wonder if the other members also got to write some songs as past records Rivers has written everything. Hopefully, the new album will kick some ass because I wasn't that impressed with the last couple albums, they couldn't even touch the Blue album or Pinkerton.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Lots o'stuff

First off I'd like to complain that I didn't receive any mail at all this week. Why not?! I didn't even get any bills and I'm expecting my Enmax bill. It's sad when you are looking forward to getting something in the mail even if it's a bill. I guess I'll have to order more crap online, just so I can get something.

Last weekend was the comic show which was good, I look forward to next year. The funny thing is that after the first day I was thinking I had everything I wanted and didn't need to get anything else, but when we back I kept finding all this stuff I liked and at the end of the second day I left with only $1 in my pocket. I wish I had more money for commissions from some of the artists, but that stuff usually runs $80-$100. I was at Cameron Stewart's table and he had a book of original art and inside was this super cool Blue Falcon and Dynomutt drawing which was $100 and beside him was Jim Mahfood's table where he was doing this cool drawing of Peter Parker. I wanted it so much! I didn't even bother going to see any of the "media" guests like George Takei, Michael Rosenbaum, Kevin Sorbo or Tricia Helfer. I did see Kevin Sorbo as I was walking by his area and that's good enough for me. I didn't actually see Tricia Helfer, but I did see her hair and it was pretty. They also had Daniel Logan there who played the annoying young Boba Fett in Attack of the Clones. There were a few people in costume too, but nothing really cool. Lots on anime characters, but I did see as I was leaving on the first day a Spider-Man and Black Cat duo, but it was the "Ultimate" Black Cat. Meh. But for next year I must remember one thing...BRING MORE MONEY.

More comics! Saturday May 3rd is free comic day! I guess I maybe should've posted something about this earlier because it's too late now for anybody to go out and get some. I went down to Another Dimension in Kensington because they have the best free comic book day. I have my comic book file at Comickazi and they only offer one free comic per customer. I only go there once a month now and only because I feel obligated to keep buy some stuff from there. Most of my comics I get from Phoenix now because Comickazi has dropped the ball too many times. Anyway! At Another Dimension you get two free comics and extra comics only cost 25 cents each.

Those are the books I got for free, but I was mad I forgot to get the Bongo Comics issue. Bongo Comics publishes the Simpsons and Futurama comics. I suppose the Iron Man/Hulk/Spider-Man comic is there just to get people interested in the new Iron Man and Hulk movies out this summer. Iron Man is already out and supposed to be really good, I will have to see it...maybe. I picked up that all ages comic Owly just because it looked funny. The art is all cutesy characters and stuff. Characters that cute just scream to made in cute toys and such.

It seems that the past couple years Free Comic Day has always been the day after a big Marvel movie release. This year Iron Man was out and last year it was Spider-Man 3, I wonder what it will be next year? The only Marvel movie in production that I've read out is Wolverine, so I guess that will be it. Look for Wolverine on screens next May!

After getting my free comics I headed to A&B in Sunridge looking for a CD. We watched the 80's teen movie Valley Girl earlier in the week. I was hoping for something a little zanier, but it did have some funny moments. The movie opened with some valley girls in the food court of the mall and they were talking and I was like "What are they saying?" They were using all the 80's slang valley talk, it was hilarious. Also the soundtrack was pretty cool, lots of early 80's new wave stuff. I went to A&B in hopes of finding the soundtrack, but no such luck. I had looked in other stores, but couldn't find it. A&B usually has good selection, but they still didn't have it. In fact, they didn't have much of anything! Everytime I go there they have less and less stock. I mean if this keeps up they will be out of business in no time. Then again I don't think I'll be going back anytime soon just because they pretty much got nothing. The CD and DVD sections keep getting smaller and smaller. I think their "Horror" DVD section only had about 10 titles in it! That is sad.

Okay, I take back that bit about not getting any mail because after I got home from A&B I found a package waiting for me. I didn't even know they delivered mail on Saturday.

First of all anybody who knows me knows that I love beer and that I LOVE Kokanee! Kokanee is currently running the "Live or Die" campaign for the Ranger who protects the glacier fresh Kokanee from that damned meddling Sasquatch. The viewers and beer consuming public get to vote and decide if Kokanee's Ranger will live or die. I liked the Ranger ads and last time I was back in Cranbrook I checked out the website and discovered you can get free stuff! It's not entirely free because you still have to pay $4.99 for shipping. It's not a bad deal because you get a lawn sign, button, sticker, and t-shirt. You get to pick from the "Save the Ranger" or "Kill the Ranger" sets and I of course picked the Save kit. It would just be mean to kill him.

I had been anxiously awaiting my stuff and it finally came and it was huge! You can tell from the picture that the package was pretty big. I opened it right away to see the junk. I was expecting the sign to be paper or at least flimsy plastic. It's not like I was actually going to put it up on my lawn, but I was planning on my sticking it on my fridge or something. The sign looks really good and it made out of thick corrugated plastic. I don't think they make magnet strong enough to hold this thing on my fridge. It does comes with a metal stand for sticking it in your yard. The button was pretty big and shiny. I was a little disappointed by my sticker because it had some weird black smudge on it and it wasn't made from the glossy stuff. I guess they used up more money on the fancy sign and stand.

There is all the free stuff. When you order your kit you can't actually pick the size of your t-shirt which means that it will be XL. And it was! It fits like a (itchy over sized) glove. If you want to check out the site, vote and order your own kit check out Here is me and my new shirt and new haircut just for Cam.


Thursday, May 1, 2008


This afternoon I got my haircut because it was getting long enough that it could be combed. Not cool. I went to my usual place and sat down and the guy asked if I wanted the usual and as usual I said yes. So he starts cutting. I looked in the mirror and was like "That's not the usual." It was a little shorter than what I'm used to. Yes, my hair has pretty much always been short, but I don't want it to be too short. He used the #2 guard on the razor instead of the #3, so now my hair is too short. Having real short hair just makes my fat head look even fatter. Hey, it'll grow back, but I guess I'll have to wear a hat until it does.