Saturday, January 23, 2010


Last Saturday Cody and me tried to go see Avatar in the IMAX, but it was sold out. Cody went and bought our tickets on Wednesday for Saturday's show and good thing he did because all of Saturday's shows sold out as well as all Sunday's shows except for the final 10:30pm screening. We got there early-ish, but not early enough because most of the seats were already taken. We ended up sitting down near the bottom on the right hand side. Before we left all I had to eat was a yogurt cup and nothing to drink and I didn't get any food when I got there. The movie was almost three hours long and I didn't want to have to get up and go the bathroom during the movie. Unlike some stupid kid who got up like every 30 minutes.

As far as the movie goes, it was alright. It was LOTS of CGI, probably like 97% CGI and 3% "real" actors and stuff. Lots of pretty stuff. The 3D was okay too, it looked pretty good, but some scenes with stuff moving around real fast was headache inducing. Way better than anything you can experience in 3D in your home. I'm wondering how this will translate to home video when it come out. The story was pretty predictable, but the movie is being marketed around the effects and 3D, so I guess story isn't that important? A guy at work told me it was like Pocahontas and I was like, "You watched Pocahontas?" I'd probably rather watch Avatar because there is no singing in it.

I wore my regular glasses and so I had to slip the IMAX 3D glasses over them and by the end of the movie, my nose bridge was killing me. On the way home we stopped at Giant Homestyle (aka Joey's Hamburgers) and when I used the bathroom I looked in the mirror and I had two swollen red lumps on my nose from the damn IMAX glasses. In fact, the movie ended over five hours ago and I still have red bumps on the side of my nose. My nose is big enough I don't need some crappy IMAX glasses making it any worse.

Despite being horribly disfigured I eased my pain with some Giant Homestyle. We haven't eaten there for a long time, so I wasn't sure what to expect. They have different varieties of burgers now like a prime rib burger, chili burger, pulled pork burger and Korean bulgogi burger. I got the prime rib burger and it was pretty good. They also switched to a larger cut of fry which are also pretty good. Prices have gone up and they do have bible scripture on the tray liners, so that's not too cool. I would like to try a couple of the other new burgers so I'll probably won't take so long going back.

Avatar was pretty good, so check it out if you can. I guess I can consider myself luck that I only have a couple of bumps on my nose and didn't end up like this guy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Where's Willy?

I took some money out of the ATM on Wednesday and when I put it on my desk at home I noticed it had some writing on it, but it wasn't writing, but a stamp.

First of all, isn't it illegal to deface money? Second, who the hell is Willy and where is he?! It's nice that he put a website on my twenty, so I can find him. I haven't been to Willy's website yet, but if anyone checks it out can you let me know what it is about? I would look at it, but I'd rather not have my computer infected by a number of computers viruses and blow up in my face. For some reason I don't fully trust Willy. I bet eventually we'll be able to find him at a Corrections Canada facility.

Not to be confused with Willie.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Free stuff cont.

I know you guys all got the free Olympic t-shirt from Cheerios and now in other cereal related freebies it's time to get some free Kashi. Normally my idea of healthy eating is getting whole wheat bread instead of white bread, but when Kashi is giving away free cereal I'll be takin' some.

This morning I was watching TV and saw a Kashi ad which said if you went to you could get a free box of cereal for free. It was my day off and I didn't have anything to do, so I immediately ran to the computer to get my free box. First of all, you don't an entire box for free, just a little single serving box. But if you fill out the free cereal thing everyday then you'd have quite a bit. You can choose from two different cereals, toasted berry crisp and honey almond flax flavour.

I went with the toasted berry crisp just because it just sounded a lot better. Berries are good, bears eat them. Honey almond flax flavor just sounds so bland and it'll probably take half and hour to eat the bowl too. For some reason I imagine a lot of chewing is required for Kashi no matter what the flavor. Granola and fibre! Why didn't they just call it "honey almond flax" instead of honey almond flax flavour, like it's not really honey almond flax, but honey almond flax flavoured. Like at Halloween the cheap people who can't afford to give out real little chocolate bars, so they buy the cheap crap ones which are "chocolate flavoured".

If you want to get your free box or boxes of Kashi you'd better hurry because there are only 200,00 samples available and the cut off date is February 14, 2010. Valentine's Day?? I also predict the toasted berry crisp will the first to run out, so if you don't want honey almond flax "flavour" you'd better hurry.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sold out!

Has anyone seen Avatar yet? Cody wanted to go see it and since we both had Saturday off, we planned to go see it then. Cody was wondering about going on Friday night and getting our tickets for the 11:45am showing at the IMAX. The movie has already been out for weeks, so how busy could it be? I thought we would be fine. We got there on Saturday to find out not only the 11:45am IMAX showing had been sold out, but all IMAX showing for Saturday and until 10:45pm Sunday night. Don't worry the regular showings had seats available. The regular seats are for chumps, IMAX 3D is where it's at yo. Cody says he gets next Wednesday off, so he is going to try and get our tickets for Saturday then. This is like too much work.

Not only were we denied the movie, but more importantly nachos! I guess I still could've gotten the nachos, but then I didn't want to walk through the mall carrying movie nachos. People would be like, "How was the movie?" and I'd reply, "Movie??" I just went home and made my own nachos. It's incredibly easy for normal regular people, but for me it is considered work and pain. I just stuck with the regular nachos, cheese (pre-grated!), jalapenos, and salsa. I took it a step further and added ground beef and that's where the "work" came in. I saw "work" because it required me to cook it first. Anyway, it wasn't too bad and so far I have suffered no ill effects.

In other 3D related movie news I bought The Final Destination on Blu Ray. I really didn't care a whole a lot about the movie, but I just wanted to see it because it was in 3D. I'm a sucker for gimmicks. Cody says the movie wasn't as bad as he was expecting and from coming Cody James that is some high praise indeed. They kept the running time short at 80 something minutes, so something was always happening and there were no dull spots. The whole franchise is built on highly elaborate death sequences and I was kinda disappointed by the lack of originality and fun in them. Still you got to see them in 3D which is cool. The 3D is in the classic red/blue anaglyph format which did a fairly decent job. Although I enjoyed the movie, kills, and 3D of My Bloody Valentine much more.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jerry! Jerry! Jerry!

A lawyer.
A mayor.
A news anchor.
A talk show host.
And now - a real doll!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Bunch a stuff

Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been meaning to write something for a few days now, so here you go. It's basically a bunch of unrelated crap crammed into one post, so prepare to be confused.

Nachos! When me and Cody drove back from Calgary to Cranbrook we took the "long" way via Fort McCloud and when we went through Claresholm I noticed an El Molino sign outside a building. I'm sure you guys have heard of El Molino who make nachos and stuff, but I never thought they were Canadian let alone have their world headquarters in Claresholm, Alberta. I know of the brand, but never bothered to actually look for it ever and when I did it's not that easy to find. I did find some at Co-op and they were in the deli for reason and not the chip will all the other nachos. They were okay, but I got the "low in salt" ones and salt makes everything taste awesome and they needed salt. Check out the poorly made official website for tons of authentic Mexican recipes too.

Rob Schneider! You haven't heard anything from that guy in a while I bet. I found his movie Big Stan in the bargain DVD bin at work. Schneider plays a sleazy real estate guy who gets sentenced to three years in prison for fraud. He hires a scummy lawyer who gets his sentence postponed for six months. Scared he'll raped in prison he gets "The Master" played by David Carradine to teach him martial arts for self defense. Once he does go to prison he beats up all the toughest guys, so everyone is scared of him. Of course all the inmates aren't as bad as they seem and the warden is really a bad guy up to no good. This movie made "headlines" a few years ago due to Schneider having to be hospitalized during filming. He had heat exhaustion and had to be taken to the hospital or something. Big deal. The movie was okay, it had some pretty funny parts in it and Rob Schneider actually does a bunch of his own fight scenes. I only paid $3 for it, so I got my money's worth. Unless you can find it for $3 or are a die hard Rob Schneider fan then just rent it. Doesn't it cost $3 just to rent? Did mention that Rob Schneider also directs it?

P! I've mentioned the Japanese band Polysics before because they totally rock and if you don't like them then you suck. I've been slacking and just found out they have a new album out called Absolute Polysics! It actually came out as a download back on September 29th, but the now the CD is out. I don't think any stores here would actually stock it, so I ordered my copy online. I did buy Polysics or Die!!! Vista from A&B Sound, but who shops at A&B anymore? Nobody, that's why they have no stock. Check out this video for the single Young OH! OH! and if you're bored watch the video for Pretty Good. It has a girl in blue tights like having a seizure or something.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Crappy New Year!

It's not that crappy because it's a new year which means I can FINALLY put up my Chuck Norris calendar. In fact it's pretty much the first thing I did after waking up this morning. You can now look forward to more pictures of Chuck the first of every month.

I did absolutely nothing New Year's Eve. We watched Artie Lange's Beer League on Blu-Ray because it really shouldn't be seen any other way then I played some Spider-Man:Friend or Foe which I bought on Boxing Day at EB. I had to work New Year's Day at 7am and the two previous days I was at work for 5am, so I was already tired as it is, so I was asleep by 10:30pm. I woke up at 12:05am when I heard some fireworks, and I mean like three fireworks. They weren't official fireworks, just some local greaseball shooting them off in his backyard I guess. Oh well, I know I didn't miss much it's just another day like every other day.