Monday, August 29, 2016

To arms!

A while ago we were watching some post-apocalyptic movie possibly involving zombies, I can't remember, and the characters were arming themselves with whatever weapons they could find.  I was wondering if anything like that happened would we having sufficient weapons to defends ourselves with?

This what we I found in our place; two kendo sticks, #3 wood golf club, wooden sword, samurai sword, smaller sword and three throwing knives.  It looks kind of cool, but most of the weapons wouldn't last long in an end of the world scenario.

The kendo sticks wouldn't take very long to break, same with the golf club.  The wooden sword despite the weird bend in the handle would probably do better but still would break sooner rather than later.  The samurai sword is cheap and would no doubt break and isn't even all that sharp.  The smaller black sword looks crazy, but again isn't very sharp.  The throwing knives aren't very useful unless you can hit something with them and with the pointy end.  Also, once you throw them you probably aren't getting them back.  In other words, we are screwed and not gonna last long.

I had a baseball bat, but I threw it out when we moved.  It was an old wooden one and dried out, so it probably wouldn't take much to break.  I guess I need to get an aluminium one.  We also have various other weapons around like hiking knives, a hammer, frying pans, that sort of stuff.  Unfortunately, our weed wacker is electric, so it's only effective if you have a long extension cord.

I hope you guys are better prepared!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cool as ice

I was watching the news the other day and they had a story about how a Wayne Gretzky rookie card sold, setting a record for most expensive hockey card ever.  The one news anchor made a joke about how he should check out his hockey cards from when he was a kid to see if any are worth money and that a lot of people are probably doing the same.

I have a box in my mom's basement of old hockey cards from my days at Tenth Avenue school.  This is back when you played games with them to try and win other people's card from them like knockdowns and stuff.  Of course most of my cards are completely trashed and worst nothing as on a scale of 1 to 10 they are a -1.  I do have another more recent card that may be worth some money.

Yeah, boy!  This is the highly sought after and valuable Vanilla Ice rookie card from ProSet's Super Stars Musicards.  These were pretty hard to get and only found in every third pack.  There were probably only a mere 250,000 cards produced making them pretty scarce.  Haha, sarcasm!

For some reason all I can think about is the Jim Carrey/Vanilla Ice skit from In Living Color.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Word up

Sorry about my absence lately, but again I've just been lazy.  I've sitting at home doing nothing hoping something exciting happens so I can write about on here.  I don't think anything exciting is going to happen, so I guess I can write about something boring.  The good news is that I've got lots of posts about boring stuff.

Back when we moved I was without wi-fi for a few days, so I using the data on my plan.  Of course I went through my 750 MB pretty quick that month and had to disable my data.  When I'm at work I'll usually play games or look at stuff online, but with no data I obviously can't do that.  I do have a few games that don't require you to be online like Word Search!

You know you're bored when you play Word Search on your phone.  I play once in a while to see if I can still read and recognise words and so far it seems to be working.  Although, a lot words used in the puzzles I sometimes wonder if they are actually words.

Quorum?  Fusty?  Quorum sounds like some sci-fi Star Trek word while "fusty" sounds kinda street.  I guess it does help my vocabulary because when I see a weird word I go on to see what it means.  Then I immediately forget what it means because I'm old.

Sorry about my absence lately, but again I've just been lazy.  I've sitting at home doing nothing hoping something exciting happens so I can write about on here.  I don't think that is going to happen, so I guess I can write about something boring.  The good news is that I've got lots of posts about boring stuff.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Freddie or Eddie??

Everything about our new place is pretty much the same as our old place with the exception of the kitchen.  Our new kitchen is a bit smaller in regards to everything from the overall size, amount of cupboard space, even the refrigerator has less space in it.  They installed a couple shelves on the wall to make up for the lack of cupboard space, but we, I mean me, didn't use them very wisely.

It's pretty much used as a display shelf for various cereal boxes and other items, although it does hold a few boxes of actual food.  I think it looks pretty good.  The cereal boxes on the top are actually any where from three to four boxes deep, so I can change out the display once in a while.  Of course with cereal boxes on display that leaves no room for actual food or useful kitchen items.  Oh well, style over substance I guess.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Bacon let me down

I was buying a few groceries the other day, just the essentials like milk and cookies when I ended up buying some Lays potato chips.  I wasn't going to buy chips, but then they had a display right by the checkout and they were on sale, so I ended up buying a bag.  Totally an impulse buy, their strategy worked damn them.

I didn't get some normal flavour like plain, BBQ or salt and vinegar I went with one of the "Inspired by Canada" flavors, Bacon Poutine.

Long story short, they aren't good.  I was drawn to them only because it had the word "bacon" on the bag and everyone (almost) loves bacon.  There is an initial weak bacon flavour at first and then you are left with a bitter taste in your mouth.  Not something I want with my chips.  I don't think I'm going to finish the whole bag, they are that bad.  I should've gotten the PEI Scalloped Potatoes instead. 

Saturday, August 13, 2016

This is our coffee table.

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

New tunes

Since all my CDs are sitting in boxes I have a limited amount of music to listen.  So I just went out and bought a couple of new CDs.  I also need to fill the empty shelves in the living room as well, so I killed two birds with one stone.

I picked these up at HMV the other day.  I got the new Redfoo, who was one of half of LMFAO, because you know I like to party rock.  I also got the new MSTRKRFT album, Operator, which I didn't even know was out.  MSTRKRFT is okay, but I still prefer their two previous albums over this one.

I went to HMV at North Hill Mall to look for an entirely different CD which they didn't even have, then I saw MSTRKRFT in the new release section.  The best part was that the store was closing and all CDs/DVDs/Blu-rays were 10% off.  Its not good the store is closing, but its good I got 10% off.

Also, I heard about a new Canadian "super" group called TUNS.  The band consists of Chris Murphy(Sloan), Matt Murphy(Super Friendz/Flashing Lights) and Mike McNeill(The Inbreds).  It sounds pretty cool, and their full album will be out August 26th.  I saw a picture of Chris holding a record, so I'm not sure what other formats it will be out on.  It will out digitally for sure because you can pre-order it on iTunes.

Listen to their first single, Throw It All Away...

Also, don't kill birds with stones, it isn't very nice.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Nerd Alert!

This summer must really be boring because Cara has nothing better to do than go back and look through Cam's old school pictures.  She wanted me to have some pictures of dorky me circa T.M. Roberts era.  I told Cam I think this is payback for posting the skateboarding picture.  That skate picture was way cool BTW.

Do I have two kinds of socks on or what?  Also, what's going on with that shirt?  I'm pretty sure I dressed that stupid on purpose just so in the future we could all look at it and laugh.  Past me was pretty smart because mission accomplished.  I'm curious to see what kind of shoes I was wearing though.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

So close

While moving out of our place I had a dresser and a plastic storage thing with shelves side by side.  When I moved them apart I found a scratch lottery ticket tucked behind them...a winning scratch lottery ticket!


Finding that ticket was a nice surprise, I put it in my pocket to check it in later.  Once we got moved I dug out that ticket with hopes of cashing it in which means I'd just get another $1 scratch ticket.  I guess it had been back there quite a while...

I guess that's a dollar I won't be getting back.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Show home

Even though we moved it's not like we moved far.  We moved into the townhouse complex right next to where our old place is.  Also, the layout is pretty much the same as the old place.  It has a mainfloor kitchen and living room, second floor with two bedrooms and bathroom with an unfinished basement.  Cody took the bedroom with no neighbours while I got the room that borders the unit next door.  It's even an end unit like our old place too.

Even though it's all similar, it's not the same.  We set up the living room pretty much the same except the sitting arrangements are reversed.  It was weird at first especially when I was playing XBox because I've been sitting on the right side of the room for the past five years and now I'm sitting on the left side.  It was screwy at first and whenever I died I just blamed it on that, not the fact that I suck.

This is looking into our living room.  We threw out the old coffee table, so currently there is no place to put remotes, food or drinks.  We haven't gotten around to putting up at artwork yet either.  At the old place we used those 3M hangers because they are supposed to come off without damaging the wall.  That was a lie because a few did just that!  A couple others just broke right off at the end leaving nothing to even pull on.

Looking out the living room.   As you can see there is some empty shelving.  All the crap from those shelves is still in the basement.  I'm thinking its easier to just leave them empty and then fillthem  with new stuff as I get it?  I think I will take select stuff out, to fill them up.  If you look closely you'll see I got the Pixels 3D Blu-ray on there, so I'm not off to a good start.

We had a big unused space in the bathroom and I had an extra shelving unit in the basement, so I put it in the bathroom because why not?  I put Star Wars stuff and toilet paper on it!

Our old yard was a waste of space, it was so small and since it faced the parking lot, it had no privacy at all.  Our new yard is on the back of the unit, has a taller fence as well as a tree and some shrubs, so it's a little more private.  Nobody has stolen the bikes yet!  They would be in the basement, but we still have to clean it up a bit more first.  I like that tree because it helps give my room some shade.

Monday, August 1, 2016


WE DID IT!  Just barely though...  We got moved into our new place over the weekend and it pretty much was a nightmare.  We gravely under estimated how much work it was going to be and then paid the price later on.  There was so much stuff it was brutal.  Luckily my mom and came up with the truck and Logan to help out and without them we never would've been able to do it.  Of course Cody, Logan and I did all the heavy lifting which was a lot of stuff for three guys to move.  

When we got the keys to the place and were doing a walk though I thought the unfinished basement was pretty large.  It looked large, but it filled up pretty quick.  Our basement is like the warehouse at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.  Just rows and stacks of boxes(crates).  We put everything down there for the time being until we have more time to unpack, but you go down there to look for something and you can't find it because there is too much crap.  That said we are gonna have to get rid of some stuff to clear out some space.  I'd ask my sister to do another garage, but then she'd never talk to me again.

I'm old!  After the first day of moving I was sore, my back, arms, legs, and feet.  The next couple days the part that hurt the most were my calves.  I don't know why, but they were killing me.  I woke up two mornings and they were totally seized up, I could barely walk down the stairs.  Also, I spent three days walking around, lifting heavy stuff while wearing my dirty old beat red checkered Vans.  I probably should've worn something with more support because my left foot is messed up now.  At least today I didn't do much and when I went out I wore my good Star Wars Vans, so it wasn't bad.

After all the crap we did it.  We got moved it.  We got it done.  It didn't look like we gonna do it, but we did.  We're in our new place, we have internet and TV, so that's all we need.  It will take a while but we'll attempt to clean up the basement.  I'll post various pictures of our new digs in upcoming posts.  I'm going to sleep....