Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hip to be square

I was checking out Bryan Lee O'Malley's website the other day looking on any new info on Scott Pilgrim. I know I've mentioned it before but Scott Pilgrim is a cool comic and soon to be movie directed by Edgar Wright and starring Michael Cera. Anyway, he had a post about a website called Cube Craft that had a Scott Pilgrim paper doll.

Cube Craft is a website that has action figures that simply print out. Print out the page, then cute and fold them together. It's a pretty cool idea with the characters from movies, cartoons, video games, TV, etc. Some figures even come with accessories like the Stormtrooper has a blaster, Flexo has a bottle of beer and Jason Vorhees has a bloody machete. The Meatwad one is funny as he is just a box.

I would totally give it a try, but I don't have a printer. Well I do have a printer, but it's in a box under the stairs wait to be taken to the electronic recycling place. I don't work. But if I did, I would totally do it and so should you.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New music

It finally dawned on me that I hadn't changed the music player for a while, so decided I better get on it. It's easier than making an real post. I couldn't really decide what to put up, then I got a Pointed Sticks live CD in the mail a few weeks ago and decided to go with the awesome but little known Pointed Sticks.

The Pointed Sticks formed in 1978 in Vancouver and released a few singles and the album "Perfect Youth" but then disbanded in 1981. Sudden Death records re-issued "Perfect Youth" and a singles, outtakes, rarities album called "Waiting for the Real Thing." The reissues have sold pretty well in Japan and the band reunited to play shows in Vancouver, Toronto, New York, Japan and more recently the power pop festival in Austin, Texas. If you read anything about the Pointed Sticks they are usually referred to a new wave, but they seem a bit poppier I guess. Maybe because they had an organ? That is the abridged Pointed Sticks history. They are pretty cool, so check them out and support some Canadian musicians although it is like 28 years too late.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

New crap

Hey, I've been lazy with the posts lately but it's only because nothing worthwhile has happened. My uncle Cam is in town from Taiwan for a visit and it's good to see him. He needed to get a few things done so on Thursday I drove him around in hopes of getting a few things scratched off his list.

First we went to the RCMP office because he needed a criminal ID check to apply for a permanent residency in Taiwan and when I was waiting I found and took this cool pen.

The terrorist tipline pen! I didn't know terrorism was so widespread in Canada that we needed to distribute pens with tipline numbers on them. Maybe there reason there is so little terrorism is because of the pens. It's a cool pen in a triangular shape with the tipline on one side, RCMP logo on the second and on the third side it says "Prevent Terrorism, Share Responsibility".

After the RCMP office we went to Inglewood to Kane's Harley-Davidson to look for a motorcycle helmet. Right across the street from Kane's is Crown Surplus, so I went in there to have a look. Remember my "Kill Em' All..." t-shirt? Cody got it from Crown for my birthday, I'll have to do all my Christmas shopping there. I'd really like to get a hand grenade, but they're pretty expensive, so I had to settle for a .50 caliber cartridge.

After Kane's/Crown we went looking for another motorcycle shop because they didn't have the helmet and on the way there we drove right by Bianca Amor's Liquidation Superstore so of course we went in. They still had a pile of DVDs all for $5 each and for some reason I bought Urban Legend. I saw this once like 10 years ago in theatre. It's funny because the cast was somewhat hip young stars ten years ago, but now not so much. Still I liked it in a cheesy sort of way.

Bianca Amor's had tons of pictures and stuff for cheap and most of them were of movies and celebrites and none of it officially licensed.

This Return of the Jedi picture was one of the best, they had a Rocky one that was kinda cool also. It's little small, but the picture is mounted on a piece of wood and for $3 is pretty cheap. They also had super big ones and had a Revenge of the Jedi and Raider of the Lost Ark. The Raiders one looked really crappy because it was obviously blown up from it's original size and the picture quality was pretty bad.

As I was waiting in line to pay for my purchases they had some snack food on the front tables and I saw something that looked too funny not to grab.

Wow, kinda like Toffifee only spelled different? The package was a rip off having only four pieces of Toffifay in it, but surprisingly it actually tasted just like Toffifee. Even the package is ripped off to look like Toffifee. The package is sitting on my bookshelf because I think it's funny.

Moving on... Elaine had told me about a used book sale for the MEOW Foundation which is a cat rescue organization. It was Friday and Saturday and as usual I didn't have anything else to do we went and checked it out Saturday morning. It was a little busier, but hearing from some other people it was a lot busier on Friday. I did find a few books, but I usually try to buy books that don't have that many words in them because it's not like I'm going to read them or anything.

Two X-Files books! I still haven't seen the X-Files movie and I guess I'll have to wait until it comes out on video now. I got volume 4 of the official guide to the X-Files and a X-Files novel. I also It Happened in Canada and Landforms which is a geography/geology type book. It Happened in Canada is book from the early 70's and full of weird trivia and stuff about Canada. I'm sure you've read this book or similar volumes in school.

Recognize it now?

In the picture of the books you'll also notice the Jackie Chan Thunderbolt DVD. Thunderbolt is the car racing one. The used book sale was near a Cash Converters and CC was having a sidewalk sale. Find some crap you want piled up outside and then spin the wheel to get 30-50% off your purchase. I found that Thunderbolt DVD for only $4.99 and ended up getting 30% off it. Not bad considering the DVD was still sealed. The nice thing about CC is that the usually sell old original XBox, GameCube and PS2 games for pretty cheap. I guess they older so therefore they are no good. I was tempted to get a Call of Duty or Medal of Honor GC game, but I'll hold off for now.

I had better take it easy or the new place will starting filling up with more new crap in no time.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brothers gonna work it out

Last Tuesday saw the release of Brotherhood, a Chemical Brothers singles collection. They already issued a singles collection five years ago, so basically it's a cash grab. Of course the Bros throw in two new tracks and it's available in two versions, standard and a deluxe version with bonus disc. I think they just did the deluxe version to sucker in the fans who already have their previous albums and the other singles disc. Well it worked you bastards!

The deluxe version comes not in a jewel case, but a box which is kind of cool. Inside the box there is the album, booklet, a square postcard, and the bonus disc which contains the tracks Electronic Battle Weapon 1-10. I have a couple of the Electronic Battle Weapon tracks on other discs, but not all them so that is what suckered me in for this set.

Anyway, if you don't want to spend the $20 for the set I've uploaded the entire bonus disc and two new tracks for you at this link.
The tracks are ripped as mp3s at 192kps and is around 80 minutes of music so it's a fairly big file, like 106MB big. That's not a problem because I know you all have hyper speed internet. In addition to the this, head on over to the Chemical Brothers website where you can download a free remix of Hey Boy, Hey Girl for free. Did I mention it was free?

Keep this on the downlow because I don't want to go to jail or pay some billion dollar fine for breaking copyright laws. I think as long as it's not Metallica, I should be okay. Lars spends his days visiting every single website on the internet looking for people distributing Metallica music. That guy was always weird. Cam are you gonna get their new album? Didn't they say "it's our best album yet"? I heard on the radio that it's out Friday which is weird and dumb. They were also boasting that they were gonna break the law and sell the album a day early at the Megatunes 17th Ave location only. That's it I'm telling Lars!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

I don't get it.

I picked up that t-shirt at Giant Tiger when I was back in Cranbrook. I really wanted the "BEAM ME UP THIS PLACE SUCKS" shirt, but all they had left were size small. This shirt was my second choice and only $3, plus the phrase was stupid so I picked it up. I didn't really dawn on me until later that it didn't really make any sense.

If it had said "I'M LEAVING MY BODY TO SCIENCE" then it would made sense, but the science fiction part is just confusing. How can you leave your body to genre of fiction that spans multimedia like books, TV, art, movies, games, etc? Maybe that's the really funny part I just don't get. Can somebody explain it to me please?

Monday, September 1, 2008

Our crap shack just got crappier!!

Yeah, I got back to Calgary on Saturday and meant to do a post, but I got lazy. I came back and worked Sunday and then I got the holiday Monday off. This would be cause for celebration except they are putting new windows in all the units and Monday they were doing our windows! I don't know why they couldn't do this before we moved in. So we had to move everything away from the windows and take down any window coverings because if we don't and stuff gets broken it's our own damn fault.

This really screwed me up because I was planning on sitting around watching DVDs and playing Buffy and Black on the Xbox. Now I can't because we had to move the TV out from the window. So I spent the whole day pretty much doing nothing. I walked over to Canadian Tire and bought a duster and went to Home Outfitters and bought a pepper grinder or mill or whatever they're called. That took about half and hour. I wanted to buy this huge wooden pepper mill that was like a foot and a half tall. I mean you could beat someone to death with this thing, it was massive. The $30 price tag was a bit steep, but really you are getting a pepper mill and a baseball bat. I settled for the $13 pepper mill which isn't as cool but it still grinds pepper.

I went to Phoenix Comics and as I was walking by the dumpster I saw that they had thrown out some records and a stereo! They put the stereo on the ground by the dumpster probably so if someone wanted it they could just take it. It was a bookshelf sized stereo and I think it had a record player on it too. I considered taking it, but noticed it was a Memorex brand and then thought it would be best not to. It's not like I actually needed it or anything.

Back to the windows! I got home at like 2:30pm just as the guys we started working on the windows. I mean like generic "guys" because they weren't professionals or anything. I mean they took out the windows and put in the new ones. They didn't level or shim the new windows, they just put them where the old ones were and screwed them in. Plus they're not even sprayed foamed in the gaps between the window and the wall. I'm also wondering who is going to fix the drywall, paint it and put up new trim? Damn, it looks so ugly. I guess it's still not done yet as they still have one more window to install which will be done Tuesday. Hopefully, they'll clean up the ugly and spray foam the void around the sill or we will be freezing to death come winter.

I just want to watch TV again and shoot things...