Sunday, April 27, 2008


Wow, three posts in three days! Make you scroll down to read the older posts because you don't want to be missing out on any of the excitement! I also switched up the music player, so please enjoy The Tranzmitors who are from Vancouver.

Day two of the comic show and we ended up going back and we got there early again to avoid the "crowds". This time I even showed them my ticket and get my hand stamped. I mean I paid the ticket, so I might as well use it. I thought I had done pretty much everything on Saturday and wasn't even sure if I was going to buy anything. I was totally wrong.

The Expo puts out an artbook containing western themed pictures submitted by artists attending the show and then the artwork it auctioned off. Sales from the artbook and the auctioned art is then given to the Calgary Boys & Girls Club, so it's all for charity. I picked up my book on Saturday and this year it's a hardcover and looks really good. Sunday I went to a few artists to get them sign their work in the artbook. I didn't go to all the artists because I was lazy, but I did a few of the ones I liked.

I went to see Carolyn Lawerence who does voice work in cartoons and video games. She does the voice of Sandy Cheeks in Spongebob Squarepants and in Resident Evil 4 she does the voice of Ashley Graham

It's a little hard to read but it says "Help me Leon!" which is pretty much Ashley's catch phrase for the entire game. I had the game and brought the cover just to get signed for the hell of it, so why not?

I went to Whilce Portacio's table to get my Batman signed and while I was there I also picked up his sketchbook.

The sketchbook is limited edition and hand numbered 233/1000. Limited edition! Hand numbered!

Yesterday, I picked up the Udon Comics 2007 sketchbook and had it sketched by Omar Dugan and last year I got the 2006 book, so just to complete my collection I got the 2005 sketchbook which Alvin Lee sketched. The deal is that if you buy any of their sketchbooks you get a free sketch from one of the artists.

BTW that would be Misty Knight from Daughters of the Dragon and Heroes For Hire.

Then I checked out Canadian artist Cameron Stewart's table. Stewart has drawn for Marvel, Dark Horse, and more recently Catwoman for DC. I picked up a sketchbook from him and it came with a head sketch.

I like sketchbooks just because they usually have limited print runs and are something you can't buy just anywhere. Usually, the only way to buy them is from the artists themselves which make them more collectible.

See what did I tell you! Two more sketchbooks, one from Kaare Andrews and the other from Dale Hayward. The picture on the front of Dale Hoyward's book is of Chewie. Chewie is cropped for the cover of the book, but there was a full size picture for sale as a print. It looked cool, but by the time I made it to his table I was poor.

So far I had been at the comic show and haven't even bought single comic! Most of the stuff I was buying was artbooks, sketchbooks, prints, art, etc. I was too lazy to actually look through any boxes or anything. I just walked around and looked at the stuff laying out that was visible. I did get that Star Wars comic for $1, but when I got home I found out I already had it. That Gen 13 #3 (Vol. 4) is the alternate cover done by Adam Warren. I actually already have it, but it was pretty cheap and it looks so good I had to have another copy.

I bought three comics at the show, but only because I felt I had to! But I did buy that Ultimate Marvel Team-Up just so I could get it signed by artist Jim Mahfood. The other book is his sketchbook numbered 191/200. Mahfood has a definite style that could sorta of be described as urban graffiti. Check out a page from his sketchbook to see what I mean.

I met Japansese Canadian Takeshi Miyazawa artist a couple times at other Calgary comic shows, but unfortunately he is currently living and working in Tokyo. Luckily a rep was there from Vancouver selling his artwork as well as art from Kaare Andrews and Steve Rolston. This was at the end of my day at the show, so I had run down my cash flow, but I still wanted a page of art from the comic Spider-Man Love Mary Jane. Any pages with Spider-Man or action cost more because they are more detailed and look better, so buying those would be out of the question. I wanted a page with Mary Jane and/or Peter Parker and ended up getting this one.
There is no action and no Spider-Man, but I still like how it looks. I guess it's more about Mary Jane and Peter. The following page was nice too, but I went with this one.

Okay, now I'm down to my last $11, but what do I spend it on?
A Star Wars sketchcard by Amy Pronovost who is from Penticton. Amy draws cartoon styled pictures and has done a lot of Star Wars work for Lucasfilm. She offers pictures done on cards (hockey cards) in pencil, inked or color. I asked for a inked Biker Scout picture as it was $10. It didn't need to be colored because stormtroopers in general are black and white, so who needs to pay extra for color! I also didn't have enough money for a colored card. She had some pre-drawn cards and cool color version of Indiana Jones.

After a few hours there and only $1 left in my pocket we called it a day. See ya next year!

Saturday, April 26, 2008


Okay, here is what went down on day one of the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, be warned there are lots of pictures. The doors opened at 10am, but we left the house at 10am which was still early enough. There was lots of other stuff going on at the Stampede Grounds like the Women's Show, so parking was filling up even though it was still early. We had pre-bought our tickets, so we wouldn't have to wait in line or anything. The thing was I just walked right past the booth got my free baggie and that was it! Nobody asked me for a ticket and I didn't even show it to anybody, I swear I had one though. Cody played by the rules and showed his ticket and got his hand stamped and all that. What a square!

After passing the entrance we came upon a huge line up and had no idea what the hell it was for. We waited in it for a minute out of reflex until some guy said that it was the line for George Takei photo ops and then I delcared "Forget that! Let's go." After being pointed in the right direction was walked into the show. It was still pretty early, so there weren't that many people there so you could actually walk around and look at what you wanted to. We walked around just to see what was there and what was going on before talking to anyone.

The first guy I went and saw was director David Winning who has done movies and TV. A Canadian originally from Calgary he's directed stuff like Stargate: Atlantis, Andromeda, Sweet Valley High, Are You Afraid of the Dark? and Friday the 13th the TV series.

And he also directed Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. I had bought this a long time ago from Cash Converters for like $5, but never bothered to get around to watching it. When I read David was coming to the show I figured that I'd better watch it if I was going to get him to sign the cover for me. Actually, the movie is co-directed by David Winning and Shuki Levy and David said he did 9 weeks of shooting and then Levy (also the producer/writer) came in and shot the last week and then gave himself a directing credit. That's pretty cheap. I'll be honest, the movie was horrible, but I didn't tell him that. I did saw they did stray from the basic Power Rangers formula and he said they wanted to try something different. Don't they know that different is bad!

After that I went to Fiona Staples' table to get my Hawksmoor issues signed. Fiona is a local artist from Calgary that is currently drawing the Wildstorm book Secrets of the Authority: Hawksmoor and has another Wildstorm book lined up after that.

Then I went over to see another Canadian artist Stuart Immonen. Immonen is currently drawing Ultimate Spider-Man and has done other stuff for Marvel like X-Men and Fantastic Four.

The little book there is called "50 Reasons to Stop Sketching at Conventions" and it's real stories that have happened to Immonen as he did free sketches at comic cons. It's pretty funny and well worth the $5. BTW he doesn't do sketches anymore.

After I went to the Udon Studios table where they had Omar Dugan, Jim Zubavich, Alvin Lee and Jo Chen. I bought the Udon 2007 sketchbook with a Streetfighter Sakura headsketch from Omar.

Then I went on over to the other side of the table where I had to wait in line to get a couple books signed by Jo Chen. Jo usually just does covers and posters, but still her line was pretty huge.

She also had some prints for sale and they all looked really nice, and I couldn't really decide on which one to get. I got a Nico print from Runaways and of course it was the last one and had crinkled corner. Still cool though.

I keep getting all these cool posters, pictures, and art but I got so much stuff that I'd need an art gallery just to hang it all up. It sucks when I buy something I like, but I got nowhere to put it, so it just sits in my rubbermaid container with all my other stuff.

I bought a artbook from Canadian artist Matt Stewart and yes, it is all girly art. He did a rough head sketch on the front page which looks nice.

More interior art.

After that I went over to Bill Pressing's table to get my Rex Steele Nazi Smasher book signed and get his Cheesecake: Belle Du Jour sketchbook re-signed. I say I got it re-signed because I had ordered it off his website about a year ago. He did a quickie sketch in it and also signed and o did a quick Rex Steele head sketch in my other book for me.

He had the French editon of Rex Steele on hand and it looks nice. The original Rex Steele book is black and white while the French version is color and has added stories to it as well. Hopefully, this make bookshelves here soon.

On the way out I stopped by the candy booth that sells homemade chocolate pops of cartoon and movie characters. I've written about these guys before when I bought some Star Wars pops at a small comic thing a couple years ago. I wrote about how I let my Chewie pop sit around for like 9 months before I ate it and when I did, I got sick. This time I will eat them!

As you can see I got Superman, Power Ranger and Darth Vader choco pops. In case you don't know that one on the right is the Darth Vader pop. If you look at the close up of it you can see his feet and the lights on his chest. After the show we went to Bianca Amor's Liquidation Superstore and the Vader melted while we were inside. The corner of the Red Ranger was a bit melted and the Superman symbol is cracked a bit. Since the Vader was a melted glob I ate it and it was good! I was thinking the chocolate wouldn't be that good and might taste a bit waxy, but it was really good.

It was after 12pm by now and was getting busier and harder to get around and look at stuff, so we left. Since we were in the area we went and checked out Bianca Amor's. It was the usual cheap tacky crap with the exception of tons of DVDs priced at just $5 each.

I think I got a sweet deal of the Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf Too double feature, John Carpenter's The Fog special edition, Exit the Dragon Enter the Tiger, and Kids in the Hall season one for $20. Kids in the Hall season one for only $5?! That is insanely cheap, I love it.

We returned home and since I had barely eaten all day I made some Kraft Dinner, but not just any Kraft Dinner, Scooby-Doo Kraft Dinner imported from the United States of America. It just as bad as the Kraft Dinner in Canada.

Friday, April 25, 2008

More burgers...

TGIF! It seemed like this week has just crawled by, but it's Friday and I'm off for the weekend. Oh yeah, the entire weekend! I got Sunday off, but only because I asked for it and I asked for it because this weekend is the big comic show and this year they've gone to two days. I got a two day pass, but I'm not sure if I'll go both days. Last year we went and was there for a few hours and then left and after I left I was kicking myself for not picking up a couple things. If the same thing happens this year, I can always go back on Sunday. Anyway, I'll give it a write up and let you know the scoop after the weekend.

This afternoon we went and had some more burgers, this time at CB Hamburger Inn on Northland Drive NW just off of 14th St. It's not an actual restaurant, but more of a drive in like the old A&W (later Burger Island) in Cranbrook. The front has the big covered section where you can pull up and park. Nobody comes out to take your order, so you have to go inside. Inside it's pretty small with a few stools to sit while you wait for your order, but no actual place to sit and eat. There were quite a few people working in there and when I ordered my double cheese with fries and pop it was ready in no time. After we got our orders we went and sat outside at picnic table with some sun exposure. I'll remind you that it is colder here than normal and there is snow on the ground!

I'll give CB props for packaging/presentation of the food, I totally love it. They put your burger and fries in a plain old brown paper bag. The same brown bag I used to get my lunches in when I went to school, it's just this bag has translucent grease spots on it. The burger is wrapped in a plain foil wrapper, but the fries are in a pouch that reads "Best Fries At CB Drive Inn". Most small mom & pop places don't have custom cups, bags or anything like that, so I was impressed by the printed fry pouch.

Yes, I brought this fry bag home with me, it smells good.

CB's does offer combos (take that Burger Inn!) and you can even choose between pop or a slush for your drink. The fries weren't hand cut, but standard crinkle cut fries, but they put some special spice on them that makes them really good. The burger was nothing special, just the usual, but again the fries were good.

CB's does have a drive thru. I was paying at the cashier by the drive thru window and noticed this picture they had pinned on the wall and I looked closer I noticed it was autographed. I took a few seconds before I recognized the guy in the picture, but it was Paul Dunphy, the weather guy from Global channel 7. That guy isn't even a celebrity! The picture is pretty funny because of the angle it's obvious who ever took the picture was inside the CB's looking out the drive thru window and took the picture of Dunphy sitting in his car with his dog.

CB's Hamburgers gets high marks for good fries, cool packaging, and speedy service. Unfortunately, the burger could've been better and I wasn't too thrilled about sitting outside and freezing. I would eat there again, I'm already having a weird craving for more fries.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

They're back

I guess it's official as Sloan have announced that their new album, Parallel Play, will be out June 10th. It won't have as many tracks as the last album, but as usual everybody contributes songs. Chris, Patrick, and Jay all put in three songs while Andrew adds four songs for thirteen in total.

In Canada it's from murderecords and in the USA it's from Yep Roc records. Yep Roc has a pre-order special right now where the first 200 CD pre-orders get an autograph copy of the album. They also have a CD+LP combo deal too. I decided to take a chance and pre-order it in some hopes of getting an autographed copy. No doubt I'll probably the 201 pre-order, but you don't know unless you try. Yes, it'll cost more than buying here in Canada at Future Shop or HMV, but I still had to try and maybe they'll be more bonus stuff. When Yep Roc also distributed Never Hear The End Of It, they put in an online code to download two free Sloan tracks from the Yep Roc website. These free tracks were not available in Canada, so they were US exclusive. Hopefully, they'll do the same thing again with the new album. Anyway, it's a new Sloan album, so we all win!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Burger Inn, burger out

After our visit to Bob's Hamburgers we decided to start visiting small burger joints around town, but only because we don't have much to do. And we like burgers! We went to Burger Inn which is a local franchise with three locations, one on MacLeod Trail, 4th Street just off 17th Ave but we went to the Bow Trail location which is pretty close to where we live.

The Burger Inn sign is pretty plain, but under the name they have a banner with outlines of the different animals. It's funny and would be funnier to make an outline of a human and tape it on their sign.

Burger Inn's main claim to fame is the the variety of different burgers they sell. If they can (legally) put it in burger form and sell it, they do. In addition to the usual beef and chicken they also have free range beef, wild salmon, elk, ostrich, buffalo, lamb, wild boar, turkey and meatless. Of course after going there we just couldn't get a plain old hamburger, so I got the ostrich burger and Cody got the buffalo burger. The ostrich burger did not taste like chicken, it's not white meat and actually looks like a regular old beef burger. I guess it was okay, it was a bit dry though. Apparently, the 4th Street location sells Kobe beef burgers in different 4, 6 and 8 oz patties ranging in prices from $12 to $16. Yes, $16 just for a burger!

For some reason they don't offer combos so you have to buy the burger, fries and drink all separately. They obviously make more money that way, as it cost me $9.21 for my ostrich burger, large fries and a can of Diet Pepsi. The ostrich burger was on the cheaper burgers too. The fries were pretty good, they cut the potatoes into fries with the skin still on.

The old lady that was working there was kinda weird. There were some Hutterites in there that she obviously knew and she was talking with them and going on about her digital camera and the size of the SD card and about how all the pictures she had were of her dogs. When your food is ready you don't get it on a tray or anything, it comes on a paper plate. So we went up and got out plate of fries and the plate with the burger on it. The lady was like "Here's some ketchup!" and slaps some ketchup packs on the counter and then "Here are you napkins!" and throws the napkins down on the counter. I was a little put off and replied, "Gee...thanks". It seemed a rude, but she was old and European! If you wanted extra napkins, ketchup, or any condiments of any kind you won't find them. They must hide them all behind the counter which is pretty smart because you won't have people wasting stuff.

Burger Inn wasn't bad, the price was a bit high, but the variety they offer is a nice change. I may eat there again, but there are so many other place to check out.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Think outside of the box

With my addiction of ordering junk off eBay I'm always getting something in the mail. I love getting mail. This arrived today...

I believe it started out as a box , but now not so much. The fact that only half of it has corners is a little disturbing, most boxes have 8 corners not 4. Lucky thing it only had some loose figures that I paid 99 cents for and not something expensive and breakable. Nothing insides was damaged. What happened to that thing? With all the things I ordered this is the first to arrive in such bad shape. With everything I've ordered I've never once bothered to get insurance because I'm too cheap. I did order a CD once that never arrived, but I did get my money back. That did suck because the CD was way out of print and impossible to find and I got it for super cheap.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Cranbrook

On Friday Logan had the day off school, so my dad thought it would be fun to take him to Fairmont and we were the only BC plate in the parking lot. I haven't been to Fairmont in probably a good 17-18 years! They've kept up the appearance of the building and stuff, but the pool itself has seen better days. The pool which is supposed to be painted blue has a lot of the paint chipped off. When walking around in the pool you can feel concrete bits under your feet that have chipped off from the bottom. The edges of the pool are even worse and are all worn and down and chipped up. Where the two sections of the large cool pool meet there is supposed to be a rubber gasket, but on the one side it is pulled out of the crevice for a good three feet. I'm pretty sure it's not supposed to be like that. It needs some work.

After the pool we went to Funtasia which is just off the highway. I think they should change their name to Scam City, that pretty much sums that place up. Although on the back deck of the main building they had a french fry vending machine. I'm not even sure how they would make french fries from a vending machine. The maintenance and upkeep must be pretty intensive. Does it use fresh potatoes? Does it use oil and if so, how often does it need to be changed? It wasn't operating, but it did have a sign on it saying it was for sale and call some guy if interested.

Logan is currently taking swimming lessons and one days while my mom was she ran into somebody I went to school, Ian Hill. My mom was telling me about how she ran into him at the pool and he was asking about me and stuff. My response was, "Why?" Anyway, if anyone is interested Ian is married with two daughters and lives in Moyie. I never asked her what she said about me. I guess I have to feel kind of bad for my parents when somebody asks them what I'm doing and they have to say I work at Superstore. When somebody asks me what I do I just say "not much" which is actually true, but still probably not the answer they were looking for. Ha, too bad!

The weather in Cranbrook wasn't too bad, but as usual it weird as it was sunny one moment and then snowing the next, then sunny again. Luckily the snow didn't stay on the ground. Here in Calgary it was a different story when it snowed 23 cms on Thursday and in typical Calgary fashion it was almost melted by Friday.

Yeah, I'm now back in Calgary and getting back in the groove of sitting in front of the TV. I hate watching TV at my parents because the TV is in the living room and there are no curtains so the glare off the screen is incredibly annoying. I left pretty early this morning at got home just after 2pm this afternoon. I got home and unpacked all my crap, ate lunch, and then had a nap. I woke up and played some Obsure: The Aftermath on my Wii and then we watched The Crawlers. The Crawlers is some some godawful movie (on VHS taped off satellite for me by my grandpa) I found while digging around some of my boxes of junk. It was out some guys dumping nuclear waste in the forest and the tree roots coming alive and killing people. I'm not sure why I kept this movie around for so long, it was BAD! It might have been a Canadian movie too as one scene where the rednecks mount up to fight the roots it shows the mudflaps on a truck that have an outline of Alberta on it. Fun fact!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cranbrook so far...

Yeah, I made it back! I got back Tuesday afternoon after the usual boring 4 hour drive. Coming back during the week is always nice because the roads are usually pretty quiet. My mom was feeling sick, so Tuesday night I went to the hockey game with my dad. The Ice are in the second round of the playoffs against Lethbridge. The game was pretty bad, the Ice totally sucked. Everyone was saying it's the worst they've seen them...ever! It was actually the first time I had even been inside the Rec Plex, I guess it's nice. The Zamboni even says "Dixon's Service Centre" on one side of it. I bet that cost a fortune!

Wednesday I went to the next hockey game with mom because after Tuesday's game my dad refused to go. The Ice played better, but still lost in the second overtime. I even bought some 50/50 tickets this time, but for some reason didn't win, I think the jerk who did got like $3200. I wanted $3200!! I'll admit the Ice mascot guy Shivers was kinda funny, he's like a Bigfoot/Sasquatch dude.

On the way to Wednesday's game who did I see but Willie! Well, I saw him, he didn't see me. He was stopped at a stop sign and I was turning right and going right by him so I was all waving and he was totally clueless. It's good to know that Willie is an attentive driver and aware of everything around him. He was probably text messaging, changing a CD and drinking coffee at the same time.

When I come back I usually end up taking more crap with me back to Calgary because of stuff I buy here. I bought a couple previously viewed movies from Rogers which has a new entrance/exit going on. I got a couple Simpson's 7-11 Squishee cups from the thrift store. And as usual I bought some CDs from CD Plus. I didn't get new CDs, but used ones. The used CD/DVD bin at CD Plus had some unusually decent selections, they even had Blood or Whiskey, the Irish folk punk guys which I like in there. Too bad I got my copy a long time ago and paid full price for it. I ended up getting The Cramps "Bad Music for Bad People", Duran Duran "Decade", and a U.S. Bombs album for about $21. That's not bad considering most CDs there cost that much. I haven't listened to any of them yet, but I will on the drive back.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Updates & Upgrades(kinda)

As I mentioned the other day I will heading back to Cranbrook tomorrow (Tuesday) until Saturday when I come back to Calgary. I don't have any plans really, other than be bored and stuff. This time I actually remember my Blogger ID and password, so I can login and post something if I feel inclined to do so.

Also, if you have your speakers on you'll notice I added a "Boom Box", which is just an embedded Windows Media Player. I have it set on auto play, but I can turn that off if anyone has a problem with it. Unfortunately at the moment, it's not even working! It was sort of working earlier, but now it's a no go. I'll keep working on it.

UPDATE: Last night I was working on the Boom Box with no luck, so this morning when logged to have another look at it and it worked! Hell yeah, I'm good. Right now it streams four songs (individually) by the Dickies. I haven't figured out playlists or anything like that, so I just added a page element to the side of the blog to show the track listing. I'm not sure to put the track listing above or below the player, which would look better? I'm not good with these kinda things. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bored much?

So what do you when you are sitting at home and have nothing to do? You try drinking chocolate milk through a strawberry flavored straw!

The result was disappointing, but I wasn't going to know that until I tried it. I wrote about the strawberry straw a while ago on my old MySpace blog. You only get a few mouthfuls of strong strawberry flavor and after that the strawberry slowly fades. With the chocolate milk the chocolate was the dominant flavor, I only tasted the strawberry at the start and after a while I couldn't even taste strawberry at all. I guess the best way to have chocolate strawberry flavored milk would be buy some chocolate and strawberry Quik syrup and put them both into the same glass! That is so crazy, why haven't I thought of it before? Next time I bored I'll give it a try. In other words look for a post in the next couple hours.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


These are a couple of my most recent additions to my music collection. Oh yes, the Vanilla Ice 12" single for Ice Ice Baby, Vanilla Ice's #1 fan Willie is so jealous. I got it from the Inner Sleeve in Marda Loop along with the Young MC CD. It only took 16 years of so for me to upgrade from my cassette copy of Stone Cold Rhymin', but I finally did it and it still sounds "fresh" after all these years. For some reason the Inner Sleeve has boxes and boxes of rap and hip hop 12" singles. Unfortunately all the boxes are placed on the floor and my poor old legs can't take the stress of crouching down for too long. I'm hoping to find some 12" House of Pain singles, but so far no such luck. I haven't found anything too exciting, but I also got the Propellerheads "360 Degrees (Oh Yeah) and Frankie Goes to Hollywood "Relax" singles.

You can also see my Fonzie Hits record I got off eBay and it's even still sealed. The cover is classic with a huge head shot of the Fonz and he's even wearing a "Sit On It" button. The back of the record even has a pop out piece, so you can prop up the record and display it. It's art! The record also has an "impressionist" track which is a collection of Fonzie sayings like Aaaaaay, Cool, Nerd, and Sit On It. That's worth the price of the album alone, but it's not like I'm going to open it or anything.

The Dickies! I had been eying this album for a while, but was at Melyodia and couldn't really find anything else to buy, so I picked it up. And I glad I did! One of the first punk bands out of LA to get signed to a major label, The Dickies kick out short super high energy goofball songs. The album was released in 1979 and the re-release by the UK label Captain Oi adds in 6 bonus tracks for even more fun. The Dickies are famous for putting out inventive covers and belting them out at warp speed. The Incredible Shrinking Dickies has two covers, one of the Banana Splits theme song and of Paranoid by Black Sabbath. Some stand out songs for me would be Eve of Destruction, Walk Like An Egg and I'm OK, You're OK. I didn't know this, but the Dickies would go on to provide the soundtrack to the cult classic film Killer Klowns From Outer Space. I know nobody is going to run out and buy it on my recommendation, but download (not that you should do that) or something. By something I mean, maybe I can burn it for you.

Oh yeah, on Tuesday I'll be heading to Cranbrook for a few days and for the drive I'll need some new music. I had read the new live CD "Alive" from Daft Punk was supposed to be pretty good, so I picked that up today. It's the new live CD, not their older live CD similarily titled "Alive 1997". All Music Guide says it's not as good (as Alive 1997), but it's harder and faster. The faster the better!

Hey, did anyone notice I changed the name of my blog? Doesn't it make sense? It's not supposed to, so don't ask. The old name still holds true, so I apologize for any spelling and/or grammar mistakes in the above post. I usually don't proof read anything I write because I'm lazy and don't care. Later!

Thursday, April 3, 2008


My old computer has been very slow lately and it's super annoying. Rather than me going and buying a new computer, Cody went out and bought a new computer! All I know is that it's a HP and other than that it has a light scribe drive I don't know any of the tech specs. But whatever, it works better than the old one. The HP does have Windows Vista which is weird, but I'm sure I'll get used to it. My user profile picture is the kitten because I'm cute.

After I wiped all programs and files off my old drive and defragged it, I took the case off to have a look inside. The inside was full of dust, it was nasty and nearly choked me to death when I blew inside it to clean it up a bit. I tried to clean it up a little before I put it back together and no doubt the dust is probably one of the reasons why it was so slow in the first place.

At work my supervisor is on vacation for two weeks which unfortunately means I'm in charge. Whenever she goes on vacation something always goes wrong like people quitting, things breaking, or the department getting renovated. This time was no exception with one girl saying she can't work because her mother was sick. Okay, it happens and life goes on, but it sucks. A couple days later I was at work and the same girl calls back and says it's fine and she can work now. YES! Maybe everything will work out fine for once and I can relax and not work (too hard). Ten minutes later...

My pants ripped! You see something bad happened, then something good happened, so something bad had to happen to balance it all out, that's just my luck. Luckily, I was wearing black underwear at the time, but it didn't help much that the inside pocket was white. I was pissed because those were new pants too and I'm not sure why they ripped in the first place. Damn you Old Navy!