Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look into my eyes!

It's scary I know. Today me and Cody went to Kensington and while Another Dimension was my main stop I thought since we were there to go check out called Livingstone & Cavell Extraordinary Toys. It's kind of a fancy toy store that mixes educational toys with plain crap. I still don't know how they can label themselves as having "extraordinary toys" when they sell fake dog poo and fart powder. I guess they do put the toys in an upscale bag with handles.

Despite having educational toys I did see a few things I wanted like a penant that said "Despair", water pistol with ejectable clip, a slide whistle and most of all a Zap Brannigan gun. They had some metal Futurama toys like the aforementioned gun, Bender smoking cigar, a super shiny chrome Bender and a Gender Bender figure. While I'm too poor to get them all I decided to get a pair of the freaky looking glasses that make you look like you aren't wearing glasses. I would like to get the "Despair" penant if I ever go back and I probably will soon because I want to get some cupcakes from Crave (yes, still!) and a t-shirt from Rocket.

Also, after checking out the Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World website I see they've posted a new video blog that has some Chris Murphy in it! "Murph" is the "musical director" on the film which has him teaching actors on to look like they are musicians. From the blog he says he is doing a good job, but that is just his enormous ego. You know those rock stars.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yo Joe!

This summer sees the release of two movies based on classic 80's cartoons, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Transformers Revenge of the Fallen. The first Transformers movie sucked and they second is supposed to be even worse. I'm scared for the G.I. Joe because it will probably just be as lame, but it should kick ass based on the source material.

Way back when Rhino and Sony Wonder released both of these on DVD, but since then they have lost the rights and the DVDs are long out of print. I had all the Transformers sets except season 4 part 2 and I have the G.I. Joe miniseries set and season 1 part 1. Now Shout! has made new sets and will have them on the shelves just it time to cash in on the movie hype! They will be released in parts like Transformers Season 1 Part 1 which is already out or you can save a little cash and buy the complete series sets with exclusive packaging and extras.

Check out http://www.gijoecollectorsset.com/ and http://www.transformerscollectorsset.com/ for all the details on extras and to see the packaging. Since I already have all the old Transformers I might just wait and pick up the second half of the final season, but I'd really like the entire G.I. Joe series. It is pretty pricey and really the best Joe episodes were the original mini series with the Weather Dominator and the MASS Device. But again the packaging is sweet as well as having some decent extra features other than character profiles. If anyone has some extra cash feel free to buy these for me.

Back in April Cartoon Network aired some new G.I. Joe shorts on it's Adult Swim line up called G.I. Joe: Resolute. They also aired on Teletoon, but I totally missed them. There were 10 five minutes episode and a 10 minute finale. Check out the website and you can see the trailer which looks kinda cool. The anime styled animation look pretty good but lets hope there are plenty of explosions. The episodes aren't on the website and since we are in Canada they can't be viewed at Adult Swim, so if you want to view one just head over to YouTube. I'm too lazy to watch it, but I read it actually has a good story, excellent animation and violent action scenes, apparently people die! I like it already. I'm sure they will be on DVD eventually anyway, but I get it on BluRay.

Transform and roll out!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Oh yeah! Oh no!!

This morning I went to go down into town and discovered I had locked my keys in the car. My dad brought Dan up who works at his shop to break into my car and after a few minutes all was good. Once I made it into town getting around was a pain because there were like four different places where they had the road torn up and there was a big accident on the strip that was slowing up traffic.

I went to the mall, the Tamarack, not the Cranbrook Mall and found out that they now have a Dollarama! That's pretty cool and since there isn't anything else in there I checked it out. I bought a couple Oh Henry chocolate milkshake drinks and an EMI new wave compilation CD. Now whenever I come home I'll really have something to look forward to.

Some bad news is that the CD Plus is history! That really sucks for people who buy music because for a little store in a little town they did have a decent selection of music and movies. I could always find stuff there I wanted and bought stuff I've never seen in a store in Calgary. Damn the economy, it all the US' fault! Now the people of Cranbrook (and area) have no choice but to get their music from Wal-Mart. I guess it will encourgage people to illegally download their music if there is place to buy it. Willie should open his own record store now, it is his dream some true. He might have to stock country music and easy listening so as to not alienate any customers though.

At Christmas me and Cam also checked out this video game store that was kinda in the Tamarack Mall which is also now closed. That wasn't a big shock because it was pretty much just a EB Games clone, but not as good and I think one EB Games is enough.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Still here.

Greetings from Cranbrook. Despite it was Sam Steele Days over the weekend I really haven't been down into town much. But where would I go anyway? On Monday it rained all day which was pretty crappy, good thing I brought a jacket. I also dug out my bike which was covered in dust, but aside from a few rusty screws it looks to be in decent shape. I was scared my chain and gears might be rusty, but they looked fine. The tires were flat, so I put some air in them and we'll see if they stay inflated or if I need new tubes. I do need some new petals and a new seat because the one that is on their now is too small for my fat ass. I'm used to sitting on a nice comfy couch and not a little bike seat.

I managed to get all comics somewhat "organized" and I use that term very loosely. I can't believe I have an entire long box of nothing but Gen 13 comics. I didn't realize I had that many and I have two long boxes of Star Wars comics. I have too many comics and the crappy part is that they are pretty much worthless. I did find that I had Mr. T and the T-Force issue #2 which is great because I'm sure you'll all remember that I bought Mr. T and the T-Force issue #1 from the Phoenix $1 bin and it was autographed. So cool! Now I just have to track down the other 8 issues...or maybe not...whatever.

Today I went to go downtown and when I got in my car I saw this toad sitting my tire. I reached down to shoo him away and he jumped under the car. I had to use Avery's plastic toy shovel to scoop him out and put him out of harms way. A long time ago we used to have this enormous toad that would sometimes come out from under the cement pad of the car port, but he only did so at night. I guess this guy is like a descendant of his, but he seems to come out during the day. When I was trying to take his picture he was getting all mad and moving around.

Don't piss him off because this toad takes badassery to a whole 'nother level! He'll kick your ass, drink your beer, f*ck your girlfriend and rob your house cuz that's how he rolls!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Don't go into the woodz!

I'm back! I left Saturday fairly early, so I got to Cranbrook just before 2pm. The roads weren't that bad with the busiest sections being from Calgary to Nanton and from Fernie to Cranbrook. As always it was incredibly boring.

Today I actually went outside when me and my Dad took Logan and Avery up Lumberton. We didn't go that far, just to Moyie Falls and then we stopped at Negro Lake on the way out. I know the name "Negro Lake" isn't very PC and I apologize for that, but I did not name it.

I haven't been to Moyie Falls in a long long time. For some reason I remember you parking and main road then walking down a road and you are basically there. I was little longer than that, but still not that far. It seemed farther with Logan and Avery. We were walking down the road that was a little steep and had lots of rocks on it. Avery was running and we kept telling him to walk, but he wanted to run, then he did a belly flop. We saw the falls, but didn't get right up to them because the trail has some steep sections that were too hard to Logan and Avery. The creek was still a bit high and the water was pretty fast, so crossing it was out of the question. I got this picture though.

I suggest we make another quick stop at "N" word Lake. Again I haven't been there forever. I remember last time we were there I climbed up the big rock cropping on the right hand of the lake and tossed this huge rock off it. I think Steve or Kristian was directly below me on the shore and when the rock hit the water out in front of him it scared the crap out of him. Good times! We did see a moose swimming across the lake though, so that was cool.

Sorry for the picture! I zoomed in and took what I thought was a better one, but I had the wrong setting on the camera, so it was all fuzzy. By the time I fixed it the moose had gone behind that big rock island on the left hand side of the lake. The arrow will help you see where it is.

Then we walked back to the truck and that was it. I also wanted to check out the old mine site off the trail by the bridge, but it would've been too much for Logan and Avery. It was nice to get outside and into the woods even if it wasn't anything extreme. I also saw some mosquitos for the first time in years and then remember how much I hate them.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

I don't feel so well...

Since I'm going to be home on Sunday I figured I'd better get my dad something for Father's Day, so I went to Bianca Amor's Liquidation Superstore to have a look. Surely, I could find something there and I did! And it was an actual brand name product! I got a Black & Decker work light. It's cool because it's a LED light that it cordless/rechargeable, but can also be corded. He is also getting a B&D mini hand held power saw. He's building a new shop in the backyard, so he might actually be able to use it. Hey Cam, I saw one of those cool touch soldering irons for only $9. You could totally use that, but you probably already got like three. While wandering around the store I was in the "toiletries/cosmetics" isle and something that is totally awesome based on it's name alone, the QUEEZY SACK!

Neat and Easy - If You Feel Queasy

I like that picture, but that kid doesn't look very sick. He looks like he's looking inside a Happy Meal bag. Really everyone should be carrying Queezy Sacks because it's always inconvenient when you have to hurl, but have no puke receptacle. Plus it's always awkward when you end up chunking on some little kid's head or inside some old lady's purse.

I will not open the package because I don't want to ruin it's collectibility. But the bags are blue with white dots on it and down on the bottom corner is the Queezy Sack name and logo. But that's not all! The Queezy Sack comes with bonus Queezy Wipes moist towelettes.

I could quote all the great stuff off the package, but I won't because I want to go to sleep now. So remember to get the Queezy Sack for all your nausea sickness emergencies!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What day is it??

On Sunday I called my dad to wish him a happy Father's Day. He said "Thanks, but it's next week!" Say what?! So what if I was early, at least I didn't forget. I'm actually planning on going back to Cranbrook this coming Saturday which means I'll be there for Father's Day. Being in Calgary for holidays is nice because I can can just call and wish them a nice birthday, Mother's Day, etc but since I'm actually going to be there then I should get a gift except I have no idea what to get my dad.

I'm planning on going to Cranbrook on Saturday and then coming back to Calgary on Thursday. I'm not sure what I'll do other than go to the Hospital Auxiliary in search of more postcards. I'm planning on attempting to organize my comic books still in Cranbrook if that is at all possbile. I've tried before, but got overwhelmed and gave up. I've got Spider-Man books in like every box I have, so maybe if I can at least put them all in one box that is a start.

Back at Christmas I gave my Mom and iPod shuffle loaded with music. I figured she could hook it up to her computer and just transfer over the music. Turns out Apple are bunch of big jerks and if she syncs the iPod to her computer it will just erase all the music on there. So I have to burn all the stuff I put on there to DVD and then copy that to her computer and iTunes. But I don't remember what I put on there and I think I deleted most of the stuff off my computer. I have to go through all my CDs again, some of which are boxed up to get all the music I maybe or maybe have not put on her Shuffle. I have to do this before I go back. What a pain! Die Apple! AAAHHHH!!

Despite being told to "lay off video games" me and Cody played some Halo 3 last night. Then I played some LEGO Star Wars and finished off the game today. I finished all the story, but that still leaves at only 44% of the game completed. I have to go back and collect all the studs and mini kits as well as buy all the characters. You can get an achievement for "killing" Jar Jar 20 times. That was one of the first achievements I got in the game.

And speaking of achievements...

Seems just like yesterday I was at 100 posts, I'm like prolific or something. Too bad that out of that 200 maybe only 10 are actually interesting. I was reading my old MySpace blog and it was hilarious, but not in a good way. Some posts were cool, but others were just me talking about what crap I bought online and what crappy music I was listening to. Which is pretty much what this blog is about except for more video game content and pictures of me doing in funny t-shirts. If you don't have anything to do you can take a trip throught memory lane and look at all my past posts. At MySpace I laughed at the jar of moldy Cheez Whiz and Mike's picture of Bumblebee blowing stuff up. The picture is probably going to be better than both the Transformers movies combined! Go Mike!

While looking for an achievement generator I found two sites, 1 and 2, so I'll leave you with two achievements. The second one belongs on a t-shirt and I'd wear it everywhere. Post your own achievements in the comments section. I think you can do it.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

I'm cured??

After letting the doctor give me some hokey "medical" treatment in the form of acupuncture for my wrist I decided to go all out. Cody tipped me off and said to try some magnetic therapy which can be found at Dollar Mania of all places. In these poor economy Dollar Mania has had to raise their prices just to make a buck, so to speak. All items are now $1.25 instead of $1.00 , so I picked a package of 10 Biomagnetic therapy patches for $1.25. If it works, then it will be the best $1.25 I've ever spent.

The magnets are attached to a little circular band-aid looking thing that you just stick on the affected area. The packages suggest putting them on your neck, hands, lower back or feet. If you stick some magnets on your temples and stuff that should increase blood flow to the brain and make you smarter. Why would some old guys try Viagra when they can just stick some Biomagnetic therapy patches on their junk to increase blood flow. The applications are endless, this could truly be the miracle cure all. Except as the the package boasts:

Revolutionary Technology
Enhance the body's natural healing process by allowing magnetic fields to penetrate the skin to improve blow and oxygen exchange.

BIO-MEGNETIC fields effect the body in 2 ways:
1)BIO-MEGENETIC fields attract and repel charged particles in the blood, creating movement and heat. This process causes the blood vessel to dilate, increasing the blood circulation and oxygen exchanged. Thus this can be beneficial for the whole system.
2) BIO-MEGNETIC fields also create a slight electrical current. This current stimulates the nervous system, which can also be very beneficial.
It almost sounded possible until I read the word "megnetic". That isn't even a word! To have such an obvious and blatant spelling error of the word "magnetic" which is what you're basically selling the product on is a sign that it is garbage, that and it came from the dollar store! Still for $1.25 I had to give it a try. But why try only one when you can put on the entire package. The more you use the better it will work right?

My wrist didn't even hurt all day until I put all those patches. If it hurts then that must mean it is doing something, but what is it doing? It will one of three things, it will either work, it won't work, or it'll give me cancer. Unfortunately, knowing my luck it will probably give me cancer. Nice knowing you guys!

WARNING: Magnets should not be used by individuals using pacemakers, insulin pumps, transdermal drug delivery patches, or during pregnancy. Never place over an open wound.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

MS Paint & Nerds!

Today I had the day off and I went to go see the dentist AND the doctor. The trip to the dentist was just a cleaning and x-rays and everything was cool, so I'm good for another six months. I also got a nifty goodie bag from the dentist.


I finally got around to see the doctor about my wrist which has been bothering me for the past couple months. I decided I should go see the doctor after last Thursday I was doing something when I felt my wrist "pop". After some pain and not being able to move my wrist I figured I'd better go see somebody and I did...four days later. The doctor said I have tendinitis from repetitive stress injury or something like that.

He asked if I wanted some acupuncture and I said "Sure, why not?" I've never had acupuncture before so I wasn't sure what to expect. I've only see it on TV, so I was expecting him to stick the needle in my hand and leave it there. He said there were two places he could do it, but would only do one today. He did the radial collateral carpal ligament which runs along the thumb to the wrist...I think it was I just wiki'd it. Anyway, he stuck needle in a bit and let it sit there a second and I was like "This isn't bad." Then he stuck the needle all the way into my hand and proceeded to pull it out and push it back in rapid succession. I was watching him thinking, "That looks like it should be hurting." but it didn't actually hurt and that is a good thing because I'm delicate. My wrist still hurts, so I don't think it worked too good. I'm going to go back on Saturday for another round of needles and I can't wait.

He said I can still work, but should "lay off the video games for a while". Wait...WHAT?! I can work, but can't play video games?! It is supposed to be the other way around. I'm supposed to get two weeks off work and play all the video games I want! What a rip off. I'm also supposed to wear a brace, but if I'm giving up video games for while I don't want to wear a brace and look stupid. The doctor who looked at my wrist was also the same guy who referred me to go see his uncle over in the ghetto to cut up my lip. Maybe I should get a new doctor?

No video games??

Playing video games just aggravates the injury, so maybe this is a good idea. I've barely played my Wii since my wrist started bothering because if I did I'd probably be crippled now. Even playing the XBox will hurt my wrist, just holding the controller strains my wrist and thumb. I need to rest up my wrist because I pre-ordered a FPS for the Wii called The Conduit. This game would be just another FPS on any other system, but the developer actually put a lot of work in the game and the game will boast some the best graphics and customization on the Wii yet. You can can completely customize the controls by mapping controls to any buttons you want and can even customize the HUD by moving the elements anywhere you want on the screen and even setting the transparency, so you can turn them off if you want. I don't care about that stuff, I just want to shoot and blow up stuff.

Okay I can still play video games, but I can only used my left hand. I guess I'll be playing lots of House of the Dead: Overkill because it only needs the Wii-mote. No dual wielding for me! I read the game received an award from the Guiness Book of World Records for most cursing in a video game. Some game reviews said the swearing got a little out of hand, but I had no problem with it. Cry babies. If I can't kill zombies on L4D then I'll have to do it in Overkill.

Also, the Revenge of the Nerds theme song is now in the boom box. Party on!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Should I?

Despite the fact that I flat out refuse sign up at Face Book, I'm considering signing up at Twitter. This is only because sometimes I want to blog something, but don't think it's worth my time to get on the computer to write a two sentence blog. Although I don't think anyone wants to read Tweets about how I'm gassy, watching Two and a Half Men, or going to buy groceries. It is lame. But then if you wanted the whole downlo on me you'd have to be reading both my blog and Twitter, and with my thrill-a-minute life that could get exhausting. Okay, you convinced me not to do it, thanks for the advice.

Last night I got the Akimbo Assassin achievement for finishing a campaign using only pistols on Left 4 Dead which turned out to be pretty easy. Of course I set the difficulty to "Easy" and had Cody and Dennis to watch my back. I also managed to take the least amount of damage of anyone on the team with only 200. That is a record for me because usually I'm running out front or off on my own blasting anything and everything in sight trying to rack up the kills. Tonight I played Death Toll on single player campaign (Easy of course!) and killed 1038 zombies. I've read online about guys saying they've killed over 1000 in 20-30 minutes. How is that possible? Maybe if you set the difficulty higher there are way more zombies?

Valve has announced Left 4 Dead 2 coming this November. But the first one just came out last November? Looks like it will be longer, have new weapons, new special infected, and be all around harder than the first. I like the idea of the new melee weapons like the baseball bat, axe, chainsaw and frying pan. I hope they have an achievement for getting 100 kills with a frying pan because I'm all over that one. It had just better make a cartoony "CLANG" noise when you whack them over the head. I've seen some of the videos online and I like that some of it is set during the daytime. The first Left 4 Dead was all at night, so this time around it'll be nice to see what you are shooting at. All this zombie slaughter is making me want to watch some zombie movies. I will be digging out Planet Terror, Wild Zero and my Zombie three pack sometime very soon.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

I hate everything!

I hate summer because it's too hot and I'm fat and I sweat. But I REALLY hate summer because no matter what day of the week it is or how early in the morning it is, some idiot is out mowing his damn lawn! It is my day off and somebody out there is mowing his lawn at 7:30 in the morning! Thanks a lot you jackass!


"Hate" is such a strong word, it is more like "strongly dislike", but that doesn't look as good on a t-shirt. It doesn't have the flow that "hate" does. This is the shirt that I picked up at Value Village on Tuesday. I hope someone laughed at the picture because I had a hell of a time getting a decent shot. My biggest problem was that I took it myself.

The weird thing is that Cody also got a yellow shirt with the "Bayside Tigers" team logo on it. I know you are all aware that Bayside Tigers is a Saved By the Bell t-shirt as it's set in Bayside High and the Tigers are the school team. Cool find, but too bad about the colour.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pocari Sweat anyone?

Cody kind of wanted to go see the Star Trek movie today, but wasn't even sure what the hell that was, so instead we went of to the NE part of town. We hit Value Village and then Salvation Army. We were going to go to Willie's Hamburgers for lunch, but apparently it closed and is now replaced by a Fat Burger. I don't get over to that part of town much. Value Village did have a funny t-shirt that I bought. Pictures will follow once I have a chance to wash it. Since Willie's is history we had to make due with Harvey's. I think now I have eaten at Harvey's a whopping five times!

We also went to the the Pacific Place mall which is an Asian mall. I wanted to go to the grocery store there to get some more 3+2, but of course they didn't have any! Since we were there I grabbed a bunch of weird yet good looking snacks just so the trip wouldn't feel wasted.

Those swiss rolls look pretty good because I see that green colour and think of lime or some other fruit. It is actually coconut and pandan flavored. What is a pandan? I got the Rebisco Strawberry sandwhich that are similar to 3+2. Did you know that Rebisco is the Filipino branch of Nabisco? Okay, it's not I made that up. The Nips look to be like peanut M&Ms. The name seems very un-PC but since I bought it in an Asian grocery store it should be cool. Though if Nips were an American product I could see all sorts of people getting offended.

With all that food I needed some wet to wash it all down with and you can't go wrong with a bottle of orange juice Qoo. It's not actually THAT good, but the mascot guy is cute and funny looking. All asian foods have to nutrional information on the package, so most packages have stickers on the back with all the info. The Qoo actually has a sticker and the original information on it. Did you know that in Japan "orange juice" is considered a vitamin?

I also bought the Qoo just for the bottle cap which the Qoo dude on it. It looks funny and I think I'll make it my craft project for 2009 to turn it into a fridge magnet. It sounds pretty ambitious, but with a lot of dedication, hard work and a good hour to spare I could probably do it.

Cody also got the coconut pandan rolls and these coconut snack things that look like tater tots but taste like Captain Crunch, but much softer. It sounds crazy, but it's totally true.

He got this other bag of some snack food, I'm not even sure what it's called or even what flavor it is, but cartoon on the front is hilarious. I like the picture in the bottom left hand corner. What is going on there?!