Thursday, October 31, 2013

Friday the 13th - The Final Chapter(1984)

I said I would watch all the Friday the 13th movies before Halloween and I did!  See, this one is called "The Final Chapter", so that's it I'm all done because this one is the final chapter.  I did it!!  Wait...what?  They actually made eight more films?  Dammit, can't we just say I did it?

The Final Chapter is the fourth in the series, not the final one, and maybe my favourite entry.  This one takes place directly after Part 3 as ambulances take away the bodies to the local hospital.  You know Jason isn't dead because if he was then the movie would be pretty short.  He "comes to" in the morgue and kills a couple hospital workers.

We're introduced to a family of three, a mother, daughter and son, living out in the woods of the Crystal Lake area (I assume).  We also see some teenagers headed out that way who happen to rent a house to party in for the weekend next to the family.

The kids stop on the way to check their map and happen to stop at cemetery that happens to be right beside the road and ten feet from the road is the grave site of Pamela Vorhees.   Ohhhh, that can't be good.

 I didn't know there was such a thing as fat hippie.

Her signs says "Canada and Love", I bet she was headed to Nelson, BC.

Take THAT "establishment"!

Jason has somehow made his way back "home" and this hippie is his next victim.  I'm not sure why I'm bothering to give you guys the "plot" because it's pretty flimsy.  The kids get to the cabin they meet a couple more girls, night falls, it starts raining, Jason starts killing everyone.  That's it!

A face only a mother could love?

Though the ending is a little similar to Part 2 where the girl pretends to be Jason's mother to distract him, in Part 4 Corey Feldman's character pretends to be a young Jason himself.  Corey Feldman's character is big into sci-fi/horror masks and make-up, so at the end he runs to the bathroom to cut his hair and give himself a quick Jason make over.  It works as it distracts Jason from killing his sister and Feldman ends up burying a machete into Jason's ugly mug.

My biggest complaint about the first movie was that the heroine kept knocking down Pamela Vorhees only to immediately run away.  This happened like three times and she kept getting up and coming after her.  Damn, if someone is trying to kill you make sure they aren't going to get back up to finish the job, you finish them off first.  After downing Jason, Feldman's character sees Jason's fingers twitching and flips the fuck out picking up the machete and going nuts hacking Jason's corpse repeatedly.  It was awesome and disturbing at the same time.

His mom got killed by a deformed pyscho, his dog ran away, so to protect himself and his sister he brutally butchered the killer with a machete.  I'm sure he'll be fine.

The Final Chapter is famous for a couple reasons, first Corey Feldman playing the kid and second for Crispin Glover's dance moves.  I was going to make an animated gif of his dance, but it wouldn't do it justice, so I just uploaded it to YouTube.  You have to see it to believe it.

That's it, the write up on The Final Chapter is done!  Crispin Glover wins!

Look at him, I bet he's coked out of mind in that shot.


Just in time for Halloween I present to you the trailer for Steele O'Neil: Zombie Buster!!

Here is the direct link to YouTube -->

Since we had a bunch of extra footage I went ahead and made an alternate extended cut.  It's even longer and more incomprehensible than the original.  Enjoy!

The YouTube link is here -->

Also, questions and whatnot in the comments section as in a few days I'll be posting a "behind the scenes/making of" so you can find out how it was done.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


I stopped by Crave today to get a cupcake and they had some orange Halloween style cupcakes with a skull gummies on them.  They were also putting Halloweeny gummies on their regular cupcakes too.

If you thought that was scary, then check this out!

That's an old timey picture of me and my brother at Halloween.  Those costumes are pretty crappy consisting of only basically plastic smocks/ponchos.  At least I got a cool Spider-Man rip off one though.  It does actually say "Spider-Man" on it, but I doubt it was licensed.  Back then before global warming it was -20C with two feet of snow on the ground at Halloween so you had to wear snow suits.  The snow suits kind of limited your Halloween costume choices.  You know, the more I look at that Spider-Man smock the radder it gets.

And tune in tomorrow night for something even scarier!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

It's green.

See Mike, I told you I had a bike, even though it's got flat tires and is covered in dust.  On the plus side it's got an Afro Ken sticker on the stem.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Another day, another disappointment

I went out and bought some Halloween candy even though I have no intentions of giving any out.  After getting snubbed that year I put all that hard work into making goody bags I gave up giving out candy.  You kids had your chance and you blew it!

I bought the candy at Target while I was looking for that mask I wanted and they didn't have.  You can't go wrong with Maynards and choclaty pretzels.  I like how the bag says "chocolaty" which is not to be confused with "chocolatey" because those are two completely different things.

It would't hurt if I had just one bag. 

 Sour Patch Kids FTW!


 Are there any more hiding in here?


 There was only one in the bag?


It's the M&M fiasco all over again.

Cheeseburger you can eat with a spoon

The past few days have been pretty nice here in Calgary the other day it was +22C and yesterday it was +19C.  But of course that all changed!  Some Arctic air came in and brought a snowfall warning of 10 - 20 cm with it.   They were also issuing warnings of do not go out and stay off the highways unless you had to travel because of blowing snow.

Cody is all sick now and decided it would be good for him to walk down to Co-op because gets rid of a cold faster than freezing to death outside in a snowstorm.  I went along because I wanted to watch a movie, but I was all out of chips.  You can't watch a movie without some chips!

I got my chips.

I also got some bacon cheeseburger slider soup.

I had actually wanted to go out and do stuff today, but didn't on account of the snow.  The main roads seemed not too bad, just slushy and wet, so I guess I could've gone and done something.  It is supposed to warm up on Tuesday, maybe I can do something then.  I'm looking for a cool Halloween mask that's in the Target flyer and of course the Target next to work doesn't have it.  They will all be totally sold by Halloween!  Noooo!!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday the 13th - Part 3(1982)

I've been meaning to get around to this one for a while as Cody and I watched it well over a week and a half ago.  I just hope I can remember all the intricate plot details.  Oh yeah, Jason kills a bunch of teenagers.  Wait, wasn't that Part 2?

Friday the 13th Part 3 picks up right after then end of part 2.  We know this because once again we get to watch the last few minutes of the previous film.   After the recap Jason kills some schmucks at a convenience store after hours then the movie gets going.

A group of teenagers head out to one of the girl's cabin to spend a weekend partying.  The girl suffered a traumatic incident out there a few years earlier and want to try and put it behind her.  Spoiler alert, it was Jason!  A fat Jewish nerd pisses off some bikers who follow the kids back to the cabin, but that's cool because that means Jason just has more people to kill.  Which he totally does!

I liked this movie mostly because some of the characters are pretty annoying, so it's satisfying when they get killed.  Although, the one guy who you really want to get killed ASAP gets killed off screen which is a bummer.  I felt a bit robbed.

This guy can not die fast enough.

My favourite kill was the cute chick getting the old harpoon gun bolt right in the eye.  Jason has pretty good aim.  You think he might have a vision problem since his face is like deformed, but he's just that damn good.

Friday the 13th Part 3 also sees Jason get his iconic hockey mask.  He gets it from the Jewish guy who was wearing it while playing a prank hiding in the water in a wetsuit.  Don't even ask.  So Jason gets his hockey mask, but somehow loses all his hair.

In Part 2 we see Jason with the burlap sack off his head as well as his deformed visage and his long brunette locks.  Even thought Part 3 takes places literally like the next day or day after suddenly Jason is completely bald.  I guess he had time to shave it at the start of the movie in between his kills.  When you're busy killing people who has the the time to shampoo and condition?

Somebody axed him a question.

Part 3 was originally released in 3D in theatres back in the day and it's loaded with gimmicky 3D shots.  I have the anaglyph 3D DVD that was released a few years ago.  It comes with the red/blue glasses but unfortunately the effect isn't that great.  Mostly of the time it just looks blurry and out of focus, but there were a few scenes that actually looked good.

That is all I got for Friday the 13th Part 3.  I liked it a lot, it had enough of the cheese, the kills were good, the atmosphere was good and it was fun.  The Final Chapter is next, but I don't think I'll manage to get through all the films in time for Halloween.  I just keep going until I finish the entire series anyway.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Are you kidding me?

I only have three of these things and I already got doubles and it's of the one you really don't want one of, let alone two.  Just like the first one, she refuses to get naked too, which I don't have a problem with.  Now that I have two I have to do something with my spare.  I'm just putting this out there now, but somebody will be getting the spare as a Christmas gift.  That is not a threat, but a promise, so if you want it speak up now or else someone else might get it.  I'd hate to disappoint anyone at Christmas time.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Yo, I'm back! Now I can finally write that boring post I meant to last night.  On Monday I was at Twice As Nice and bought a couple CDs, one of which is this Pearl Jam CD

It is one of those official "bootleg" concert albums similar to my Pixies one.  I checked around and Pearl Jam has been doing it since 2000, which is when this album came out.  I looked on eBay and some dude was selling a copy of this exact set (it is 2 discs) for $34.99 plus shipping.  I guess the $3.33 I paid for it is a deal then.  I left it in Willie's mailbox which means he should be getting it sometime next week.

I also bought this Sloan Mania! CD.  I'm guessing it a Sloan sampler sent out to stores or whoever around the time Navy Blues came out.  It has selected tracks from Navy Blues and from every previous Sloan album up to it.  I guess it's sorta of like a greatest hits disc.

As the back of the case says it's an "in-store retail sampler" and that it's "FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY.  SALE UNLAWFUL."  Beside the warning there is a number to call if you paid for the disc.  I'm going to call and tell them Willie sold it to me.

I forgot to post a picture of my Hitler mug I bought at the Hospital Auxiliary.  He sure looks evil.

I was also bummed that I didn't get any pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving.  I did get a pumpkin pie Blizzard from Dairy Queen though.  If you want one then you'd better hurry because I think they are done at the end of the month.


I was going to do a post last night, but Blogger was being weird, so I didn't get one done.  It's okay, it wasn't that exciting.  I'm just getting ready to drive back to Calgary so maybe, just maybe, I'll post again tonight.  If not, here is the ketchup bottle monster in my mom's fridge.

If there is a monster bottle top for ketchup and mustard, why isn't there one for relish?

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Guaranteed to make you howl!

The last couple days have been pretty quiet aka boring.  On Friday night we went to the hockey game to watch the Ice lose to the Saskatoon Blades.  They should've won, but totally fell apart in the 3rd period.  Anyway, they got a brand new zamboni this year.

It still has the Dixon's Service Centre on the side, but has a cool picture of Shivers, the yeti dude, right on the  front of the zamboni.  I think the old zamboni got moved over to the the Memorial arena.

On Saturday, not much happened, I can't even remember what I did!  Not much happened on Sunday either, but I went up to Kimberley/Marysville with my sister and Avery.  We stopped at some flea market/vintage crap/artisan thing in Marysville where I bought a couple of old Disney comics and a glass necklace for my mom.

Yaah, comics!

Some lady made glass jewellery and other stuff, so I bought the necklace from her.  For some reason when I asked how much the necklace was she said 2 for $15.  What if I only want one?  It still seemed pretty cheap, so my sister picked out one for herself.  In the basement of the hall where this thing was at was more stuff including a couple of old Disney comics that I bought.  They were only $3 which was okay, anything more than that would've been too much.

My sister asked me if the guy upstairs was Cam's father-in-law and I was like, "I don't know I've never met him."  When I went back upstairs I just looked for the the table with an Italian looking guy at it.  Moustache spotted!  I checked out his table and his business cards and sure enough it was Guy Santucci.  He was busy giving a sales speech to some perspective customers, so I didn't bother to interrupt.  Too bad because I could've tried out some Italian jokes from my new joke book I bought at the Hospital Auxiliary.

It's so awesome, that it's actually two books in one because if you turn it over it's also "The Official Polish Joke Book".  I'll throw out some of my favourite Italian jokes circa 1973.

What do they call removing a splinter from an Italian's ass?
Brain surgery. 
Where does an Italian hide his money?
Underneath the soap. 
Why do Italian's talk with their hands?
Because they can't stand each other's breath. 
What is the best way to grease a Ferrari?
Run over an Italian. 
How do you break an Italian's finger?
You punch him in the nose. 
What do you get when you cross an Italian with an ape?
A retarded ape.

I have to stop there because I could on and on and on and on and on.  But can you believe that my copy of this book is the twenty-sixth printing?  People sure love their Polish/Italian joke books.

Friday, October 18, 2013


If you remember last spring that Willie and I set out to film a short movie with the help of my phone and a FX app I got for.  Then after we had finished it turned out that we screwed up and there was big mix up in that we were pausing it when recording and unpausing when we though weren't were recording.  It was lame, I know.  But lesson learned!!

Last time I was back we had planned on meeting up and reshooting the entire thing, but it didn't work and nothing happened.  Today we actually got out and some stuff for an entirely different short movie.  The weather was good which was nice.  We double checked our footage to make sure we got what we needed.  Principle photography is wrapped, but tomorrow morning I need to go into town in the morning to shoot a couple establishing shots before it is completely finished.  Then comes the hard part of putting everything together.

I won't give away any plot details, but I'll give you a couple teaser images.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


Remember a while ago I wrote about how I bought those Real Ghostbusters McDonald's toys at the flea market?  Well, I brought them back to BC with me because why have them taking up space at my place in Calgary when they can be taking up space here in Cranbrook!

I also mentioned that I already knew I had the PKE water bottle from the same set of Ghostbusters toys, but turned out I also had the Egon spinner whichs means that set of Ghostbusters bike toys is now 100% complete.

The PKE water bottle is pretty straight forward.  The Egon spinner mounts on your handle bars with a propeller like disc on the front and Egon on the top.  As you ride your bike the air spins the propeller disc which in turn spins Egon.  I wonder why they picked Egon to be the character on the spinner?  Riding a bike doesn't seem like an Egon "thing", they should've gone with Ray instead.  That seems more like something his character would do.

All four pieces in the set!  I bet I could probably sell all those for $12 or something.  Turns out I had an extra PKE water bottle too, so now I can open one.  Yeah, right!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I got back to Cranbrook this afternoon, so of course before I left on my drive I had to get gas.  Gas prices have been going down lately which is nice and yesterday I noticed gas was 108.9/L at Petro Can, the lowest it's been in a long time.  This morning I only worked a short shift, so I stopped to fill up my tank before I went home and packed up the car.  I pulled in to Petro Can and started pumping gas when I saw the price had gone up to 114.9/L!  Dammit, that is just my luck!  The price either goes up right before I need to get gas or goes down after I get gas.  Every. Single. Time.  Why does the world hate me so much?

I don't even bother going the south way on my drive back any more, I went north route on through the park/Radium.  As you know I stop in Radium to use the bathroom and stock up on Redbull and/or beef jerky.  I used the washroom at the gas station  and gas station washrooms and public washrooms in general always have some sort of graffiti in them.

This is the divider that blocks off the urinals from the door. Nothing too crude or rude on it, but it is kinda out there, so it would be pretty easy to get caught writing something on it.  The stall offers much more privacy for more detailed and expletive phrases, but there is no way I'm going in there.  Or you could just dumb it down.

Am I the only one who finds that funny?

Once I got home I unpacked the car and let the dog outside for a little while.

HAHAHAHA, what?!  Last time I was home Aspen had this huge baseball sized lump on her leg which is probably a bad thing.  They took her to the vet who did some tests to see if it was something more serious like cancer, but it was all clear.  The growth still had to be removed, so they did that and it left a pretty huge scar.  It has to heal properly, so she can't be licking it or whatever and since a lampshade type cone won't work she has to wear a t-shirt.  The sleeve covers up the stitches, so she can't lick it and acts as a barrier in cases it rub on something.  The whole looking hilarious thing is a just a bonus.  I should go see if I can find her a Hawaiian shirt at the thrift.  Or maybe put her in a black t-shirt, so from a distance it's not completely obvious she's wearing a t-shirt.

Not sure what I'll be doing while I'm back other than shopping for dog shirts, but I'll keep you posted.