Thursday, July 30, 2009


It is mine!

Despite the fact that I have the Nirvana "With The Lights Out" box set I still wanted to track down All Apologies/Rape Me, the only remaining Nirvana CD single I don't have. Call me a completest, but I was compelled to get it. I bought it on eBay and it's actually the UK single version, not the US version. The third track on the single is "Moist Vagina" or "MV" as listed on the case. I seem to remember Willie having this single and it actually said "Moist Vagina" on it, but maybe I'm imagining things I'm getting old. There were quite a few on eBay that didn't have MV on it, only All Apologies and Rape Me. The price was still not that bad, less than $7, but then put the shipping on top of that and it was like a little over $12. I'm happy with it and I have all the CD singles now, so it's time to relax. Hey Cam, remember when I won that promo CD for "From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah" from YTV News? That was rad and I still have the letter from Exan. She signed it with a heart...sigh.

In other Nirvana record news check this eBay link to an auction for a test pressing of the Sliver/Dive Sub Pop 7". The dude wants $9,999.99 for it! No, that is not a typo! Then he has the balls to charge shipping on it. If I paid that much for a 7" single I'd damn well expect some free shipping. That jerk just lost a customer.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

CB does not stand for Cody Brown.

Me and Cody ate at CB Hamburger's today. More burgers I know, but I gotta bulk up if I'm going to fit into the shirt Cam and Cara got for me. CB's was good, I like it more than Bob's. The fries are like crinkle cut with some unknown secret spice on them, they rule. I just got a bacon burger, but I should've gotten a back bacon burger. I can't remember if I mentioned this before, but CB's has a regular burger (1 patty), master (2 patties), centennial (3 patties) and finally the monster which is 4 patties! I can't believe they are permitted to sell a burger with four patties, that is like a form of assisted suicide. I once ate the Wendy's triple burger and nearly died. Never again!! The place is run by a Korean (maybe Japanese?) family and the old guy is hilarious. The fries totally rule, the burger not so much. Check out this picture I stole from some place.

I know it isn't winter, but now you can see what the place looks like...classy! They don't actually have anywhere to eat inside. You can go inside to order and they had a stool to sit or wall to lean against while you wait. You can pull up and eat in your vehicle or sit outside if it is nice. We sat on an old picnic table desperately in need on a fresh coat of paint. Cody fed one his fries to some little bird who could barely pick it up. The bird flew it under some car and picked at it a little then left, but little birds know nothing about fries.

Monday, July 27, 2009

One year later.

Back to Bob's! This morning me and Cody took in all the bottles and cans to the reclining depot and got a cool $45.30. Last time we got $73, but the pile was getting pretty big, so we decided to clean it up. I guess since June 1 you can also take in milk containers and get money for them. That includes plastic jugs and the cardboard cartons.

Then for some crazy reason I decided I wanted to drive across town and get some Bob's Hamburgers. Cody drove over to the Northland Best Buy to get Battlefield: Bad Company and then he drove back to our place where we switched cars and I drove to Bob's.

Before actually going into Bob's we went into the Salvation Army there (crap) and to the pawn shop. I ended up getting Planet Terror on Blu Ray because I had wanted this for a while now. I didn't want pay full price because I already it on regular DVD which means I now have no use for the DVD version. So if anyone wants it on DVD in the steelbook to boot let me know and you can have it.

With my half of the bottle money I got Planet Terror on Blu Ray, lunch at Bob's and had change left over. Bob's was still Bob's, nothing had changed since last time we were there. I got the double BBQ burger and Cody got a bacon double cheese burger. It was all standard burger and fries fare, but the drinks come in cans and are not watered down foutain drinks. It was totally empty when we got there, but the trashy element was hanging around. They do have some magazine to read which nice, but even nicer they have copies of the Official XBox Magazine.

Then we came home and I had a nap. I woke up and later watched Airwolf and then played L4D and then wrote this post. The end.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Garbage Sale

Today I probably would've stayed inside playing video games and watching Airwolf all day long, but Cody wanted to go check out some garage sales. We visited a few mostly in the Signal Hill/Coach Hill area and while most we lame I did find some stuff to get.

An army cot! The cot frame and the mattress itself cost me $20. I grabbed it as a "guest bed" I guess as last time my dad stayed over he slept on the couch and nearly crippled his back. I had offered him my bed, but he turned it down. Hopefully, this cot will be a little nicer. It has no doubt been sitting in someone's basement or garage for a while because the mattress has a musty smell to it. I'm not sure how I can get rid of the smell other than to air it out and throw a bucket of Febreze on it. Any ideas?

Same place that had the cot also had a Star Wars double LP soundtrack and Star Wars storybooks with records. I already had all of these, but the soundtrack was in way better shape than mine and I also buy any cool storybook w/records even if I already have them. I think I have like 6 copies of the Black Hole. They also had some old car racing set or slot car racing set I think it's called. I wanted this, but unfortunately lack the space to set it up. I guess if I organize the basement to make room, but that sounds like work. Next time!

We hit another garage sale and while most of the stuff was lame I got some more fridge magnets(like I need any more) and a vintage Hires root beer glass bottle. As you can see the magnets are of Hong Kong and are still sealed. MIP!! There is one of the city scape at night, the huge Buddha statue on Lantau Island, and the other one is some place I can't remember. If you watch the Hong Kong movie Gen X Cops you can see it get blown up in cheesy CGI at the end. Then Jackie Chan makes a cameo.

After all that then I sat in front of the TV and watched Airwolf and played videogames. Cody downloaded the trial version of Battlefield 1943 from XBox Live Arcade. I played not knowing the controls and what to do. I was a Marine rifleman and had a M1 Garand and somehow I had fixed the bayonette on the end of it. With the bayonette it becomes a melee weapon, so you can't fire the gun which sucks. I was figuring out how to take it off when out of nowhere an enemy Japanese solider runs right by me. Luckily he didn't even see me and I started chasing after him. I could've easily shot in in the back, but since I didn't know how to take the bayonette off I was kinda stuck. I just sprinted up behind him and melee attacked him and killed him and then me and Cody laughed real hard! Watch your radar fool! For a downloadable game it sure look real good and it's pretty fun to play. Too bad the trial version only last for 30 minutes!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Two posts one cup!

Er, I mean one day. After sending out the Beastie Boys e-mail to Cam and Mike I was checking out the official Beastie Boys website and discovered that you can "Sabotage Yourself". Upload a picture of yourself and then add 70's cop sunglasses, mustache and a cool cop name then you've been sabotaged. The name is the hardest part, you can have the program generate one for you, but I just made my own. Here is what I came up with.

If you make one of these you must send it to me!

Support local artists!

I said I'd keep you updated about Cam and Murray's respective bands, so here it goes. Cam's band, The Wax Poets, are in a contest sponsored by FUEL 90.3 to win $200,000! There are four bands in the running, but I'm not sure how the winner is decided. There is a live event as well at text voting. My cell phone doesn't even work, so I had to ask Elaine to vote for me, so I guess I sorta voted. Texts will only be accepted by Calgary area residents only! So sorry if you live outside Calgary.

Murray's band, The Windy City 4, are actually on hiatus right now due to the drummer injuring his back, I think. But in the spring they did record a 5 song EP which is now available! I came home after my last trip to Cranbrook to find a package had come in the mail. While I'm always getting something in the mail I didn't remember ordering anything from Taiwan, so it was a nice surprise. I got it for free, but you can get it practically for free at the mere cost of $5 and that includes shipping anywhere in the world. I know you all got $5, so go buy a copy from The Windy City 4's Myspace page because if you don't then you totally suck and are not cool.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


After talking to Cam on Sunday evening then eating some strawberry Jell-O I made some dinner. As I was taking it out of the oven I dropped my hot pad inside the oven and it landed right on the heating element and burst into flame. I was like, "Uh oh!" I grabbed it by the corner that wasn't on fire and pulled it out and dropped in the sink and turned out the water. Crisis averted! I sure learned by lesson of never to use the stove without proper supervision. I'll stick to cereal and PB sammiches, thank you very much.

Speaking of fire I forgot to ask you Cam, what is going on? On CBC they showed Kelowna on fire. It's surrounded by two fires? Maybe you'll be heading back to Cranbrook on Saturday to see Willie and escape the firey inferno that is Kelowna. Go get some insurance quick!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Website of the month

Once upon a time I did a post about a website of the week (didn't I?) and this next website is so cool it deserves to be website of the month. I'm there everyday and for hours at a time, so check it out because you won't regret it.

Here is another site that deserves an honorable mention called Freeware Home. It is just a site of all kinds of freeware from home office, graphics, utilities, games and more. Forget all that stuff because all I wanted was a text to speech generator. Now my computer can tell me how handsome and cool I am. It is just nice to hear somebody say it.

Enjoy the websites, I am off to make some Jell-O.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Limited time offer.

I was browsing the cereal isle at Safeway and saw the the words "free" and "t-shirt" on the box and was instantly sold. If you buy certain General Mills cereals you can get a free red "signature" t-shirt that in support of Canadian athletes in the 2010 Olympic games. When I say "free" I mean completely free because you don't pay the shirt and you don't even pay for the shipping. Now that is a deal! I picked up a box Honey Nut Cheerios and inside was a code that I redeemed at Yeah, it will take 6-10 weeks to get, but it is free! If you want one you'd better hurry because shirts and sizes are limited. Expect a picture of 6-10 weeks.

Also, Elaine tipped me off to Crystal Lite Slurpees, or I mean Frosters at Mac's. I went over to the Mac's by my place and they had three machines and the one with Crystal Lite in it was broken. I went down behind the Superstore where another Mac's is except it wasn't. Mac's was gone and replaced by a yoga studio. Somebody hates me! I drove all the way over to Signal Hill Green to the Mac's there and luckily they had that it. There is only one flavor, Cherry Lime, but it is not bad, sweet and sour. Mac's has crappy cups though. Where are the X-Men, Transformers, and G.I. Joe movie tie in cups?? Lucky for them I have no other choice but to get my Slurpees, sorry, Frosters there.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Check your head.

The new Beastie Boys CD is out today! Okay, it's not new, but a new version of Ill Communication. I think I read somewhere that a new Beastie album is due out later this year and I guess to keep the Beastie Boys from starving they're reissuing four of their albums. Paul's Boutique is out as a remastered 20th anniversary edition and Check Your Head and Ill Communication are now released remastered with an added disc of bonus content. The bonus discs have b-sides, remixes and live cuts. Some of the b-sides and remixes were already featured on the Sounds of Science but some are new songs. So if you are a die hard Beastie fan and already have the album plus Sounds of Science then you will have to get the remastered versions for the new songs. That is a bit cheap because there is no way I'm going to notice difference in sound quality between the old album and the new remastered version listening to it on my bookshelf stereo. I'd really like to hear some of these new songs and remixes though. An expanded version of Hello Nasty is due out in August too. Here is the plan between me, Mike and Cam we can each buy one of the albums and then copy the bonus disc for the other guys. And as long as the Beastie Boys or one of their lawyers read this it will totally work!

Just to prove to everyone that I'm not all into copying music and movies here is the proof. It's off a Malaysian DVD for a Hong Kong movie called The Nocturnal Demon. When I popped the disc in I got this screen which was giving me a big pat on the back for not buying a bootleg movie. I'm so special.

I haven't watched too many HK movies lately, so I figured it was time. The movie starts off with a taxi cab driver picking up a skanky ho in the rain. Once in the cab she starts wiping the rain of her cleavage then puts on a pair of lacy panties. She lights up a joint and the cab driver starts freaking out and pulls over the cab and pukes. The girl gets out and leaves. The driver pours lighter fluid on his gloves and starts smelling them. He chases down the girl, slashes her throat with a box cutter knife, makes out with her then urinates on her corpse. Did I mention it is a comedy?! I miss those wacky Hong Kong movies. The movie had some funny parts and a couple nice fight scenes that were too short, but I liked it. It's still better than most crap that hits theaters here unless it's a 3D movie with guinea pigs!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Too cool.

Who needs Oakley's or whatever sunglasses the hip kids are wearing these days? This morning I went to get my eyes checked and they put drops in my eyes to dilate the pupils so they could check the "health" of my eyes! I'm good! Anyway, for the first time in a week it was actually sunny out this morning which is blindingly bright when you have huge dilated pupils. The optometrist gave me a pair of disposable sunglasses that tuck behind your regular glasses so I could drive home without hitting anything/anyone.

I am pretty broke now as I got my eyes looked at which is not covered by Alberta Health and got a new pair of glasses. I get bored of things easy and I'm tired of my current glasses, they are too blue. I just hope that the glasses actually look okay on me, but I'll probably just look weird. I was looking at frames by myself and I don't trust the lady who was helping me. Of course she is going to say it looks good, she's trying to make a sale. I also got a pair of real sunglasses to replace the ones that got stolen out of my car awhile ago. I just hope the idiot that stole them gets a bad headache from wearing them. Who steals prescription sunglasses?

I got my glasses and eyes checked at Iris. They carry some fancy designer frames and I definitely could've found cheaper glasses elsewhere. I saw an ad on TV for this place called Hakim Optical where they have a deal of two pairs of glasses for $299. WHAT?! Just the frames for my regular glasses cost more than that. Oh well, it pays not to be lazy and buy the first thing in front of you. But it's so easy! I just realized that I could've saved a bunch of money by not getting sunglasses and just using the disposable pair I got for FREE!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Yo Joe..again!

With G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra set to hit screens in a few weeks we are starting to see more movie tie-ins, merch and promotional crap. First up are Hersey's chocolate bars running a G.I. Joe contest with the grand prize of $100,00 as well as daily prizes of a Blu Ray player and movie pack. The package says "Instantly Win!" but it is not quite that instant. Back in the good old days "instant win" meant that when youo looked on the inside label of your chocolate bar or inside the cap of your bottle of pop it would tell if you won or not. Now all you get is a PIN number and after you register at a website you enter that number to find out if you won. I entered my number and all I did was unlock a Duke wallpaper. I guess that means I lost because I wanted either the Snake Eyes, Scarlett or Baroness wallpaper. Maybe next time.

7-11 is getting in on the action with some G.I. Joe lenticular 3D Slurpee cups. My biggest complaint is that nobody has invent a diet Slurpee yet. What the hell?! Anyway, there are four different character cups of Duke, Stormshadow, Snake Eyes and the Baroness. I picked up the Baroness because she is hot. They also had character straws, but I already got my huge bag of straws, so I don't need another one. The 3D is kind of lame as it looks good on one side, but on the side it totally doesn't even work and just make the image look all blurry. All I saw a blackish blob, not the Baroness. I would've been much happier if they had gone with just static images you can look at without having to tilt your cup back and forth, the 3D is just a lame gimmick.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Out of the blue

I bet you are wondering what that is? It is a 11.4 L bucket of bubblegum blast ice cream. That is a lot of ice cream. These were supposed to go to the Real Canadian Wholesale Club, but got shipped to us by mistake. We don't have a code to sell them, so the manager just said to sell them for $5 each. $5 for 11L of ice cream?! I wasn't even at work the day this all went down but Dennis from front end told me about it because he bought 3 buckets of the stuff. On Sunday we were cleaning up a pallet of ice cream and I found two of these bucket left. Too bad all the decent flavors were gone, but for $5 it doesn't matter much. The ice cream is Breyers, so at least it is a decent brand. Still I can't see myself eating the entire bucket because that would probably kill me. I just open it and take a couple spoonfuls and then put it in the freezer. Plus I love the smell. I just have to get my $5 worth before I throw it in the garbage.

I think I need a bigger spoon.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

New shoes!

I wanted some new slip-on shoes for summer and after seeing these on eBay I decided I wanted a pair of the Vans Johnny Ramone shoes. Buying shoes off the internet is probably not all that smart because you can't try them on. I actually tried checking out stores to try a pair on, but everybody had regular lace up Vans, not the slip on shoes. I just decided to take a chance and blind buy a pair of size 11's and pray they fit...and they do! Kind of. They are little bit tight and my toes are just shy of the end. Hopefully once I start wearing them more they will break in and loosen up a little or else I'll be crippled. I'll take my chances.

I wonder if Willie has got a pair of the Kurt Cobain shoes from Converse. Courtney Love must really need the money first she sells the right to the Kurt's songs, sells out to Converse and now reunites Hole. Kurt Cobain merch coming soon to Wal-Mart!

Let's go! I changed up the boom box with some music more fitting to the occasion.