Monday, April 29, 2013

Table setting

Last time I was back in Cranbrook I went to the dollar store downtown, but I can't remember the name of it.  It is beside the Redneck Cafe if that helps.  I went in looking for a small cheap CD wallet because I was sending some discs to Murray.  I found a CD wallet, but also found some Godzilla junk in the discount bin.  A dollar store with a discount bin? 

I got three Godzilla paper table covers for one dollar.  Godzilla rules and that is such a good deal, but I don't know what I'll use them for.  I suppose I could put them on my table, but I like my table the way it is...cluttered with crap.  I'd also have to move that crap to put the table cover on and that sounds like work.  I know, I'll recycle them!

And that ladies and gentlemen is my 800th post on this blog!  Put on your party hats and grab a slice of imaginary cake because it's party time!  If you were expecting a post with a little more substance to mark a milestone like 800 posts, then obviously you're not a regular reader.  Now go cut a rug, Pingu style in celebration.

Yeah, 800 posts!!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

The con is on

I'm talking about the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2013 and technically it's over now, but whatever.  I hope no one is expecting a write of things I saw, people I visited and stuff I bought because I never went...again.  This year marks the third year in row I never went, although last year I bought a ticket and almost went, but it was pretty disorganized in terms of crowds, so I didn't even bother.

Last year there were quite a few people I wanted to go see, but was kind of bummed I didn't get to go.  Anyway, I didn't even plan to go again this year despite having lots of cool guests.  This blog post would be pretty short if all I wrote about was how I didn't go to the Expo.  I'll pad it out a bit with a list of guests I would've gone to see if I had actually attended.
  • Stan Lee - Stan was there last year and was the big disappointment for me that I didn't get to me him.  He came back this year which is cool.  Having him sign one of my old issues of Amazing Spider-Man would've been awesome.  He's freakin' Stan Lee!
  • Adam Hughes - Draws real pretty pictures.
  • Dan Parent - Artist for Archie comics, he drew the Archie/KISS cross over.  I also have a Betty and Veronica page he drew.  I got it at another comic thingy.
  • Adam Warren - Adam drew my favorite Gen 13 story of all time, Grunge: The Movie.  I own multiple copies of it including the individual issues and the trade paperback.
  • James O'Barr - the dude that created the Crow.
  • Fiona Staples - Local artist who is blowin' up the comics scenes.  Her new book, Saga, is apparently a big deal, the first printing of issue #1 can go for $100.  I was snoozing on that one and ended up getting a 5th printing.  She was selling sketch books, but looks like I'll never get one.  They'll probably be worth $500.
They had lots of actors and stuff too, but as much as I'd like to meet them, I don't want to because I'm cheap.  If you meet a comic creator/artist, they will sign your stuff for free and you only have to give them money if you buy something from them like books, sketches, etc.  The actors charge you like $30 to sign something you already paid for and brought with you.  I guess they have to make money too, but I don't know.

They had lots of cool movie and TV actors this year like Gillian Anderson, Mitch Pileggi, Robert Patrick,Weird Al Yankovic, Casper Van Dien, Dina Meyer, Lexa Doig, Eliza Dusku, Michael Biehn and some guy called John Carpenter.  Oh yeah, and freakin' MacGuyver himself Richard Dean Anderson.  They even got inanimate objects like the DeLorean. 

Oh well, I could look on the bright side and say I saved myself a bunch of money by not going.  I'll just go to the smaller, not as cool Calgary Red & White Expo in September.  It is the day after my birthday!

I had read a while ago on the Calgary Comic Expo website that cosplayer Jessica Nigri was supposed to be there, but I guess she had to cancel.  She dresses up as sexy versions of stuff.  I guess she got in trouble at PAX East this year because her one Lollipop Chainsaw outfits was too revealing.

If she had come to the Calgary show and had worn this outfit I probably would've made more of an effort to attend.  Oh well, GIS will do for now...

Saturday, April 27, 2013

NSFW III: Rubbing one out

On my drive back to Calgary last week I mentioned I went the north way and Mike wanted to know if I stopped in Radium.  Yes, I stopped because I needed beef jerky and Red Bull plus I needed a replacement adult novelty item for the one I lost on the trip down.  These blog posts don't write themselves.

Since I was driving back from Cranbrook that meant Petro Can was on the other side of the road and it is a real pain (ok, not really) to stop there, so instead I went to Husky.  Also, last time I forgot to take picture of the Husky adult vending machine, so I made sure to get one this time.

It's another one from Health Mart!  Do these guys have the market cornered on gas station adult vending machines?  The only difference between the Husky machine and the Petro Can machine is that the Husky machine costs more.  Mike was right, I should've gone to Petro Can.

Since I don't need any of the other items offered (read: no girlfriend and loser) I was stuck getting another Sneak-A-Peek.  The good news is that the woman in my new one is a lot easier on the eyes than Miss Nude Bulgaria 1988 that I got on my first try AND the new one actually works.  All my furious rubbing pays off this time as I get to see naughty lady parts.

The bad news is that you can't see naughty lady parts.  The "bikini" vanishes after some rubbing, but reappears so fast it's too hard to take decent pictures.  It also sucks because you have to focus your rubbing on one particular area, so you can't see the entire picture.  She is a real tease.  I will tell you that there is no need to wonder about the carpet matching the drapes because it's all hardwood.  *wink wink nudge nudge*

The Sneak-A-Peak from Husky costs an outrageous $2 each while the assorted adult novelties selection from Petro Can only costs $1 each despite both of them being from the exact same company.   Maybe I should write a letter to Husky head office and complain about pricing of novelty items in their adult vending machines?  In the mean time I have no choice but to take my business over to Petro Canada.

Friday, April 26, 2013


They changed all my shifts at work to stupid times, so I've been working different hours than usual.   I've been lazier than usual and putting off regular blog posts.  To make up for it, here is a picture of a worm whose head exploded.

I'm pretty sure that end is the head and if not, we'll just pretend it is.  I wonder why he head exploded?  Did that worm have a really bad headache? Did another worm headshot him because he was a zombie?  Did he sneeze, but kept his mouth closed and held it in?  I guess we'll never know.

If you want the full size version of this picture let me know and I'll hook you up.  If you weren't interested in the gory picture then I'm sure a naked chick sounds better, so stay tuned.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Vacation ended

I'm back in Calgary.  I left just after 10 am this morning and drove the north route again.  Last night it actually snowed in Cranbrook and there was still some snow on the grass up in Goldcreek this morning.  The good news is that it was sunshine and blue skies the entire drive back to Calgary.  Why does the weather suddenly get nice when I have to leave?

This time I even came back to Calgary with less stuff than I left with.  I gave my sister some of my old stuff to try and sell which she already did and I've got the money to prove it!  I did come back with a cold, so that sucks.  This is the first time I've been sick this year and I thought I was going to make through until summer without getting sick.  I was pretty close.  Probably got it from one of my germ laden nephews, most like Avery or as I like to call him, "Boogernose".  It's cuz he's usually got a booger hanging from his nose.

On Sunday, Matt and Julie did some cleaning up at the house including taking down the old shed in the front yard.  It doesn't get used much anymore except for storing a couple things no one ever uses.  I would've helped, but I was sick and it was cold and windy out.  It did warm up later on and the sun came out briefly.



I also got an e-mail from my Mom which means she made it to Hong Kong and she also figured out the wi-fi and her new G-mail account on her iPad.  She said the flight there was 13 hours and the HK airport was really busy.  It took her hour to get through customs and get a taxi.  She sent a picture from the airport.

That doesn't look busy at all!

On the drive back this morning I had just passed the Fort Steele turn off and as I was driving I noticed a bald eagle.  It wasn't flying around or sitting up in a tree, but standing on the ground beside the road.  I've never seen a bald eagle that close up before and it was huge, a lot bigger than I thought, it was giant.  Seems weird it would be standing on the ground, but it probably just ate someone's dog.  Did I mention the eagle was enormous?! Well, it was.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Jet set

This morning I rolled out bed early in the morning to drive my mom to the airport.  She's off to Taiwan to visit my Uncle Cam and Murray for a few weeks.  I had her at the airport before 8:30 am and her flight from Cranbrook went to Calgary, then to Vancouver.  She flies from Vancouver to Hong Kong where she stays the night and then flies from HK to Taipei the next day.  Yeah, it is going to take a while to get there, something like 13 hours in the air.  She doesn't come back to Canada until May 14th, so she's gone for a while.

She had a giant suitcase that weighed 50.5lbs, plus her 20lb carry on bag.  Most of that stuff is for my uncle and Murray, so it won't be coming back.  Murray wanted BBQ sauce and Reese's Pieces(ET!).  That means her bag will be nice and empty with lots of rooms for goodies to bring back.  She asked me if I wanted anything, but I told her I don't need any more stuff.  Even though on her way back she is stopping in Hong Kong for four days.  I'm sure I could fill her suitcase pretty quick there, but she wouldn't know what to look for.  She's there to have fun and relax, not get me toys.

For some reason she bought an iPad mini for the trip, mostly as time killer for reading and stuff, but also for sending e-mails and pictures.  I couldn't figure out how hook up her Shaw e-mail on it, so I just created her a new G-mail account which is a lot easier because it's web based e-mail.  She said she'd send some pictures of Hong Kong when she gets there, so we'll see.

Tomorrow I'm heading back to Calgary and hopefully it won't snow.  It was actually snowing earlier here tonight.  If my mom is lucky maybe it will be spring here when she gets back.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Friday, April 19, 2013


Today I had some free time in the afternoon, so I drove up to Kimberley to check out their thrift stores.  I went to the Hospital Aux just off the platzl and when I went in I checked out sign of items they don't take.  It's a pretty big list of stuff they won't take and scateboards is still one there, but so is lawn darts.

I'm sure they'd love to take  them except they've been banned in Canada and the US for over twenty years now.  How come lawn darts have been banned, but not something like say assault rifles?  I'm pretty sure more people have been killed by guns than lawn darts.   If the cops drove by your house and you were playing with them on your front lawn would you be arrested?

Now I know if I ever see some old school metal tipped lawn darts at a garage sale I should buy them.  They are a major collector's item.  Also, they're more fun to play with since they're illegal.  I suppose you should be careful carrying them around because if you walked in a store with one if your hand they might think you're robbing the place.

Sorry Cara!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh deer

This morning I dropped off my car at the shop to get the headlight fixed.  They needed to keep it for a bit, so I got to drive around in shop truck.  The shop truck is is new the shop, but old to the road.  It was weird driving it around because I'm not used to it.  I liked that the stereo had a CD and cassette player in it.  Wouldn't that be awesome if you could play both at the same time?

 I had to stop by the house after lunch and when I drove up there were two deer right beside the house.  When I pulled in they moved back a bit, but didn't really do much even when I got out of the truck.  One just stood there and stared at me and the other was just eating grass and not paying attention.

Get off my lawn!  I'll go let the dog out!

Dammit!  She looked right at the deer, but even bother to bark at them. She just lay down the sun.

I met up with Willie a bit later and we visited a few stores including Aabco.  I was looking for a video game, so I had to flip through a bunch of game cases and afterwards my hands felt all filthy and gross.  Willie bought a record and a couple CDs from the Salvation Army including the S Club 7 album.  They actually had the other S Club album, but the case was broken and missing the booklet.  Sorry Willie!

I met Cody (who is also back in Moyie at the moment) at the Columbia Theatre to see G.I Joe: Retaliation.  Willie and Sheryl were fashionable late and showed up literally right as the previews started.  I even wore my G.I. Joe shirt to the movie.  The movie was okay, but not as good as I was expecting.  I had read a couple of reviews saying it was good.  It is sort of the opposite of the first Joe movie where all the reviews was bad, but when I saw it, it was better than I was expecting.

My uncle has some stuff out in our barn and my cousin Cam has a couple boxes of records out there too.  Paul was cleaning it up a bit and wanted to try out the records to make sure they still worked, so he used my old record player.  My record player is an old Seabreeze (made in Canada!) portable record player that I bought at the Salvation Army for $3.99.  Then I spent $50 at some weird audio store in town getting the needle and the belt replaced.  I can't even remember the store's name, but I don't think it lasted a year.

Anyway, Avery wanted me to show him how the "CD player" worked, so I got out my box of records.  We listened to the Fat Boys, The Cute Lepers and the Bachelor Party soundtrack.  The Fat Boys was a 12" single of Louie Louie and I gotta say I liked it.  The old skool beats were pretty funky.  The record player didn't sound too bad either, but make sure the lid is closed, so that way the whole thing acts as a speaker box.

We'll see what exciting adventure I get myself into tomorrow. 

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The drive

Oh yeah, I'm in Cranbrook right now.  I left early this morning because I had to be back in time to pick up Logan and Avery at school as everyone was at work.  So much for sleeping in.

I threw out the garbage before I left and interrupted an alternation between Orangey and the black cat which I think lives across the street.  Orangey is just nice and friendly, but the black cat was a little more nervous although talkative.  Orangey is scritchin' on the cement.

The weather was nice and for some reason lots of cops, sherriffs and peace officers going though the park.  I'm surprised I didn't get pulled over as one of my headlights is burned out.  I'm dropping it off at the shop in the morning to get it replaced.  On the way back I stopped at a certain gas station in Radium.

Husky is on the other side of the road, so I stopped at Petro Canada because it was on my side of the road.  I went and used the washroom and they also had an adult novelty dispenser in it.  Do all the gas stations in Radium have one of these?  Don't worry I remember to take a picture this time.  Health Mart??

That vending machine must make mad money because there is a sign on it that says "Cash Removed Daily". It makes that much bank.

This one has "V" the ultimate herbal viagra, Genie's Delights politically incorrect novelties, Wet 'N Wild condoms and finally Max Arouse maximum strength herbal aphrodisiac.  I went with the Genie's Delights because it was only $1 and I wanted to get the much vaulted Bin Laden condom.  The bad news is that the thing I got had a dude on it and was from the company that brought us Sneak-A-Peak.  The good news is that I can't find the thing now.  I put it in my jacket pocket and then when I got home went to look for it, but it was gone.  I probably dropped it in the school yard when I was picking up Logan and Avery.  Whoops.

Today was Avery's birthday, so he got cake and presents.  I gave him his pogo stick and told him I would come visit him in the hospital.  He seemed more excited that he got a Justin Beiber CD though.  I need a new nephew, preferably a cool one.

Stay tuned for more adventures from Cranbrook.  I might see Willie, but I'm just waiting to hear back from him.  He likes to leave everything to the last second, you know how he is.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Meanwhile at Dollarama...

At the same time I was getting the Hot Wheels wall display rack I also picked up an Avengers blind toy bag.  You can get one of three types of toys of various Avengers.

Inside in the bag you have a chance to either get a mini figure, disc launcher or skateboard.  Those are actually not bad choices as I wouldn't mind getting any of those toys, except maybe for the Loki mini figure.  I was really hoping for a disc launcher because it's something that shoots, so it's already awesome.

But of course I didn't get one!  I got a Hawkeye skateboard instead which isn't too bad because scateboards are radical.

I like how they include a sheet of all the different toys, so you can see the ones you really want but will never ever get.

I was actually at Dollarama to get a cheap small CD wallet, but they didn't have one which seems really odd.  They did however have some CD player cases.

That thing is awesome because it holds your discman and accessories and even some CDs!  I just took this picture, but maybe I should've bought one.  I think I still have a portable CD player (a Koss!) in a box in the basement.  I don't have a fancy case for it, so it's in a ziplock bag.  I used to use it in my old Wrangler because it only had a cassette player, so I listened to my CD player via a cassette adapter.

The Hot Wheels rack and other above stuff I got at the Dollarama on Macleod Trail that is beside Cash Converters.   It's a bit of a drive, but it's the closest location to us...or is it?  Cody was telling me that he heard they opened a Dollarama over by Westbrook Mall, a total dirt mall, so naturally I had to go check it out.

Turns out there is a Dollarma there and it's all nice, new and shiny inside.  It must've just opened because they seem to be still filling shelves.  My biggest complaint is no CD cases and no Avengers toys!  I'll never get my Hulk disc launcher now.  To curb my disappointment I bought myself something else that shoots.

I saw this in the party section and thought it was pretty cool, a confetti gun.  It seems pretty small, they should make bigger ones.  Instead of a revolver style, why not a pump action shotgun confetti gun?  Bazooka?

I like the warning on the back of the package and the wording of the last line.  I'm really itching to give this thing a try, but where and when would I use it?  I don't want to use it inside because it will make a mess and be a pain to clean up.  Then again I don't want to use it outside because then they'll be confetti bits out the ground which will be a lot harder to clean up.  I guess it's only paper, so it is biodegradable.   Plus I have wait until it is New Years or someone's birthday to use it.  Then again getting a confetti gun is reason in itself to celebrate.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Wheels up

I was chillin' at Dollarama the other day just seeing what they had and not buying any candy when I spotted a cool Hot Wheels display case.  It's not just any display case, but it's part of the "Wall Tracks" line of cars racing on the walls because cars on the floor is not cool enough.  That said, it is a display unit for you Hot Wheels cars that sticks on the wall.

The display rack sticks on the wall with the patented 3M Command strips.  It holds five cars and even comes with a free car.

I can see why they are giving this car away for free in the pack because it's so ugly nobody would pay money for it by itself.  It's a turd with wheels.

I hung up my display rack and filled it with the A-Team van, the General Lee, the truck from The Fall Guy and a DeLorean.  I didn't have a fifth cool TV/movie car to fill the last slot and there was no way I putting the turd car in there, so I put in an AMC Pacer X.  It will be in there just until I find my KITT.

Now that's classy!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's off da hook!

Yes, it actually says that on the label.  I was getting some salsa at Safeway and saw this one and thought I'd give it a try.  He's on TV, so it should be great!

See I told you it said that on the label.  Normally I prefer my salsa (and everything else for that matter) firmly ON the hook, but I decided I'd give it a try and expand my horizons.  It lives up to it's catch phrase and is definitely off da hook, but straight in the garbage can!  It is awful. 

It didn't taste all the great to being with, but almost two hours after eating it I began feeling all nauseous.  I went and took a Pepcid AC and laid down for awhile.  I got up after a while to watch TV, but only made it to my computer.  After not even 10 minutes on the computer I started feeling worse and had to go back to bed.  I got up a bit later to change and almost puked.  I crawled back in bed.

I ended up missing work today, but I'm feeling okay now.  My stomach still feels a bit weird.  My stomach is pretty resilient, so I can usually handle things no problem.  That salsa was the only thing out of the ordinary I ate all day, so that might be what caused my problems, I'm not sure.  Maybe I'll get Cody to try the salsa and see what happens to him.

My life is over!!

My TV is broken.  Life sucks.  :-(

Monday, April 8, 2013

Totally 80's!!

Cody and I watched the 1985 teen sex comedy Fraternity Vacation (yes, that is Tim Robbins) tonight and while I love a good 80's comedy, I have yet to find the perfect one.  Why don't they make good 80's teen comedies anymore?  Me and Cody think the Simpsons need to do something with their fake film franchise "Boner Academy" because the name alone already has me sold.  I wanna see it!


It snowed last night!  I thought it was supposed to be spring?  On Sunday morning I woke up and went to work to find we had freezing rain over the night, so when I went out the door I took two steps and just slid down the walk way.  Then it took me ten minutes to chisel all the ice off my car windows.  When I pulled out on to our street I touched the brakes just to see what the road conditions were like and I instantly started sliding and the brakes locked up.  Wheeee....

I guess we always get snow in April and I doubt this will be the last of it.  I actually don't mind it because the snow covers up everything.  Spring is pretty ugly anyway with everything all dead and brown and once the snow melts you see all the garbage and crap that was hiding underneath it.  Can't we skip forward to like mid-May?

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why don't I ever learn?

I don't like to load my days off with a lot of stuff to do, so normally I do like one or two things and that's it.  I had planned to go down to Chinatown to pick up some movies because the weather was nice, but wouldn't you know it the weather turns to crap soon as I get a day off.  On Tuesday it was sunny and 18C, then on Wednesday it was cloudy with a forecasted high of 5C.  I changed my mind about going down to Chinatown because I'd be walking and it would be too cold.  I'm delicate you know.

After finding the pogo stick at Toys "R" Us I was in a good mood and the weather didn't seem that cold to me.   Well, it didn't seem that cold as I walked from my car into the store and back again.  I figured "What the hell!" and decided to make a trip to Chinatown anyway.

The cost of parking in downtown Calgary is the most expensive of any city in Canada, so there is no way I'm going to pay for parking down there.  Unless it is Sunday, then parking is free!  I usually park up on the hill in Crescent Heights and then walk down across the Centre Street bridge into Chinatown, so that's what I did.  I needed the exercise anyway.

They were doing road work around the area where I usually park, so I had park further down the street which meant a longer walk.  Again, not a problem, I need the exercise.  Parking around here is free for two hours, although I've never seen any parking enforcement guys checking or giving out tickets.

I walked down across the bridge, the very same bridge from the opening of Steven Seagal's action opus Exit Wounds.  After work was done restoring the bridge, but before it was open to the public they shot the opening action scene for Exit Wounds on it.  Elaine and I walked across the bridge when they were getting ready to film some scenes.  It was open to foot traffic, but not vehicles.  They had some cars flipped over and stuff, and some fancy chairs set up and one had "Mr. Silver" on the back of it.  Whooo, Hollywood!

I made it to Chinatown, but my head and face where getting cold.  Why did I have to get my hair cut the previous day?  I walked through this one little weird mall, but the toy place I wanted to check out was closed.  I cut through the back parking lot and went in the rear entrance of the Dragon City Mall.  They don't like white folks using the main entrance or so that is what Elaine always told me.

In the mall there are two movie stores literally across the hall from each other, it's kind of weird.  I usually go to the one on the end, so I just went there.  Maybe one day I'll go to the other place.

Yep, I bought movies!  I got Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, CZ12, Wu Xia, Wu Dang, and Naked Solider.  They were $4 each and all bootlegs.  You can't find legitimate DVDs in Chinatown to save your life.  The Chinese movies are always a safe bet because they are sourced straight from the legitimate Hong Kong discs which always have English subtitles.  Usually though, the discs never have special features.  The Japanese and Korean movies may or may not have subtitles, so you have to be careful.

In the old days there were only a couple places to get Chinese movies and my favorite place was Hong Sing.  The people there were nice and they'd even order stuff in for me and had an awesome selection of replacement cases for CDs and DVDs.  I bought many a VCD and DVD from them.  Once the bootleg movie place opened up, that was it for Hong Sing.   They sold the real deal and couldn't compete with the fake stuff as you could buy three or four bootleg DVDs for the price of one legit disc at Hong Sing.  There are now three places in Chinatown that sell bootleg movies and they've all been around for years.  I guess nobody cares that they are selling fake Chinese movies, even though companies own the North American rights to a lot of the movies they sell.  Now they are really starting to push it by selling bootlegs of American movies!

Yep, major Hollywood studio pictures being illegally sold, not a smart move guys.  They had a ton of other stuff like Amazing Spider-Man, Avengers, Wreck-It Ralph,  and Zero Dark Thirty.  I like how the ones I got have a crap photocopy cover with a Blu-ray logo on it and they weren't even Blu-ray.

What?!  Burned onto a plain old DVD-R?  The outrage!  They can't even be bothered to put some disc art on there?  Take a little pride in your work guys.  I actually watched Resident Evil and the picture quality wasn't too bad, but the audio seemed like second out of sync and it had multiple sets of subtitles.  There were some removable subtitles on the top of the screen and some embedded subtitles on the bottom which were annoying.

 At least the Chinese movies all have discs with art on them. 

Before I left Chinatown I stopped by the other bootleg movie place right on Centre Street called Go East Video.  Again, bootlegs.  This place is even selling bootleg porno movies, they have an entire aisle of Western and Eastern adult films.  The old lady working there was trying to get me to buy these movie sets.  They sell a two disc Blu-ray set with something like eight or ten movies on it.  She kept telling me "the quality is very good, don't worry".  At $7 for a set of movies, that is not bad deal, that is if they work.  I was actually going to buy a Jet Li collection, but her debit machine was broken, so she only took cash.  Too bad for her I spent what cash I had on candy and baked goods, maybe next time if she hasn't been closed down.

I just got ripped off!

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Everybody pogo!

I did it, I found a pogo stick!  Today I went to Toys "R" Us at Market Mall and found they had three different pogo sticks which is weird because they only list one kind on the Toys "R" Us website.

Check out the picture, the "Master" stick on the right is the same pogo stick that I bought at the Hospital Aux thrift store and that me and Willie were bouncing on.  Also, if mine breaks I know where to get a new one now.  It's for ages 9 to 99! 

I was going to get Avery the "Maverick" stick, but ended up getting the BoGo stick from Razor, the scooter guys.  It cost more, but the build quality looked better and it will support more weight, so he can keep using for years to come.  Maybe Avery will grow up to be professional pogo champion!  It will have to do until I find some lawn darts with the metal tips.

Such an awesome picture, you can all enjoy it again!

Monday, April 1, 2013


Back in January I did a quick post asking if people were enjoying their wicked Christmas gifts I gave out.  Mike said he hadn't looked at it yet, but he was going to.  And absolutely, no word from Cam and Cara.  It is nice to know all those hours of hard work is appreciated.

Willie said his iPod broke, but he did upload his to his PS3 and listens to it while playing NHL 13, so at least someone got some use out of it.  Mike may have checked his out, but I bet Cam just reformatted his USB stick and that was that.  Sounds like something Cam would do. 

Also, while doing some "research" for the Star Wars Lego advent calendar countdown I was checking out and found they have online activities like drawing, cooking and crafts.  I thought doing one of these activities would be a good post for the blog.  The cooking ones don't sound that good and can't draw, so I can't do those ones either.  I can't even do the Print & Play section as I don't have a printer.  The craft section has some of the best ones like the Rock Buddies, snow globes and Yoda stick puppet.  The Chewie sock puppet is actually the raddest, but it sounds to hard for me.  I have to sew?  Pass.

I actually was going to make the snow globe before, but I couldn't find any Star Wars figures small enough to fit in the "globe".  I know the instructions call for a Star Wars figure, but I don't follow instructions very well.  Should I try make a snow globe?  Should I use whatever figure I want?  Will I fail epically?  Is that how you spell "epically"?  It looks weird to me.  Whatever...