Saturday, December 9, 2017


When I got up this morning I thought about how I should do December the 9th's kit when I got home from work and then I remembered I never posted the kit from the 8th!  I actually put it together and took pictures, but then totally forgot to post it up.  So here we go with another two for one.

December the 8th...

We got another miscellaneous weapons/item rack.  I remember the other Lego Star Wars advent calendars I also had one of these filler kits, but at least you get some bonus blaster and tools out of it.  My biggest complaint with this one is that they should've thrown in a few more items.  You only get one blaster rifle and one wrench.  At least give us one extra item to help fill up that box.

Left over pieces: 0

December 9th...

I didn't have to look this ship and it's instantly recognizable as Rey's speeder.  Pretty good likeness on this one.

Left over pieces: 4

Thursday, December 7, 2017


Behind the door of December the 7th we have another mini figure!

It's a First Order Stormtrooper.  It's just him and unfortunately he doesn't come with an accessory of any kind.  I guess he doesn't need a blaster because he'll never be able to hit anything anyway.

Under the helmet he does look a little grumpy.  Unlike the previous mini figures he only has one facial expression, but normally you'll never see it, so I guess he doesn't matter.  I would still be funny just know that he is actually smiling under that helmet.

Left over pieces: 0

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

December 6th

Looks like quite a number of pieces for December the 6th's kit.  I hope it isn't too hard!

If you aren't sure what this is (it's a little blurry, my bad) it's a Troop Transport from The Force Awakens.  You can see it in the opening of the movie when it lands on Jakku at night.

There were a lot of pieces for a mini kit and it's seems more "complicated" than the usual kits from advent calendars.

Left over pieces: 3

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Hey you guys, it's a guy!

December 5th kit is another mini figure!

I thought who I knew this guy was, but I  had look around online to find out I was totally wrong.  This guy is Taslin Brance, a background character in The Force Awakens.  He is a Major in the Resistance.

His head has two expression, a smug grin and an angrier scowl.  The Sabine figure from the other day also had two expressions, but I didn't notice then.  Maybe Major Brance is just mad because his hairpiece is a bit crooked.

Monday, December 4, 2017

Da Fourth

I've got one hour and fifteen minutes before it's officially December 5th, so I better get this done quick.  I don't want to have two posts in a row be late.

It's a gun and a big one too!  It just takes are regular gun and attaches a bunch of crap on it including a quadripod (if that's even a word) because the gun is so big a tripod couldn't handle it.  Obviously not from a specific movie or show, just a gun.  Hopefully, they'll be a figure tomorrow to use it.

Left over pieces: 1


It's December the 4th and I'm already falling behind on the advent calendar.  I never even turned on my computer yesterday, so I'm just getting around to the third today.

Bag 'o bits

It's a ship, but I don't recognize it, so it's probably not from any of the movies.  After some looking around online I found it's called The Phantom, a star fighter from the Star Wars Rebels TV show.  Makes sense since the first two kits were also from Star Wars Rebels.

Left over pieces: 4

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Day Two

December 2nd on the Star Wars Lego Advent calendar is...

A mini figure!

I'd be happy if they did an advent calendar of just 24 days of Star Wars mini figures.  That would be pretty awesome.

Anyway, after much work I assembled the bits of Sabine Wren.  She is a character from Star Wars Rebels and easy to spot apart from all other SW characters just due to her hair!  If you didn't know she is Mandalorian, so you know she is a bad ass.

Leftover pieces: 0

Thursday, November 30, 2017

One down, twenty-three to go

I GOT A STAR WARS ADVENT CALENDAR!  You already knew this if you saw my Instagram, but after the past few years of not having one I finally broke down and caved in.  I had seen them at London Drugs and at work, but they were both $49.99 and I was like that's too much.  I was hoping they'd get cheaper and then I was in London Drugs today and saw it was marked down by $10 plus I had a $5.00 off voucher, so I went for it.  They probably would've gotten cheaper into December, but I figured I didn't want to take a chance and miss out on them.  So here we here again with another month of posts for twenty-four days in a row.

Just by looking at the front of the 2017 calendar it looks to feature characters and ships from more recent Star Wars properties like The Force Awakens.  As an old school Star Wars purist I prefer the original trilogy stuff, but at least there isn't any crap from The Phantom Menace in here...I hope.  Still I was pretty much sold as soon as I saw a snowboarding BB-8.

The cover flap opens to reveal a snow covered Starkiller Base above what looks to be Jakku.  

Here we go!

Once I put all the pieces together I ended up with The Ghost, the ship from the TV show Star Wars Rebels.  I'm pretty sure it's the Ghost anyway.  Come back tomorrow to see what comes out for December 2nd!

Leftover pieces: 4