Thursday, May 18, 2017

DVD of the Day

I'm surprised it took me this long to come up with the "DVD of the Day" concept as I could literally have enough content for the next five years.  I picked up today's DVD at the thrift store and while it is of a movie I already own on DVD, this is one is an upgrade.

This is the 3 disc set for the French movie "Brotherhood of the Wolf".  It's an period "action/horror" that was released in 2001.  The movie is loosely based on a real life legend of "The Beast of Gevaudan".  This version was released a single disc and as a three disc set in Canada, I'm not 100% sure the 3 disc was available in the States.  This version is also the 152 minute version, while the theatrical version ran 143 minutes.  Either way it's super long!

Disc one holds the movie with English/French Dolby 5.1, French DTS and commentaries with the director and cast.  Of course English subtitles are optional.

Disc two has a Making Of, deleted scenes, "The Legend", filmographies and bonus ROM.

Disc three has a documentary, storyboards, an album and bonus ROM.

Since it is a French movie all the special features with any kind of dialogue are in French, but everything is subtitled.  It's nice they included all that stuff, but where is a trailer?  I love trailers.

Also is a booklet that has notes on pre-production, filming, post-production and historical references about the Beast of Gevaudan legend.  Cast and crew listings are also included.

This three disc set was released back before technology advanced enough to fit three discs in a regular sized case.  Nowadays you could fit twenty discs in a case that size.  How far we've come.

I haven't watched it yet, but I will soon.  I haven't seen it for quite a while, so hopefully it still holds up well.  I can also rid myself of the single disc version, so it is up for grabs if anyone wants it.  I remember when this was first released on DVD in Canada, the three disc version was very hard to find and was selling online for up to $100.  Luckily I found my copy for only $3.00, it took 16 years, but I did it.  Patience pays off!

If you are looking to know more there is Wikipedia, Internet Movie Database and the official website.  The official website still works and it's a real trip down memory lane mostly for the design and layout of the flash website.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

New tunes

I stopped by the thrift store just off Richmond Road because I hadn't been there in a while and also so I could go to the Vietnamese a few doors down and get a sub for lunch.  I didn't find much at the thrift store except CDs which are normally 50 cents each were on some kind of crazy sale and were 4 for $1.00.  If my math is correct that is only 25 cents each!

The best thing about CDs that cheap is that you buy just about anything and if it only has one song you like then it was still worth.  Also, for 25 cents you can buy a lot of guilty pleasure CDs you'd never pay full price or even half price for.  I got my four CDs, let me know how I did.

SHABBA!!  I had Shabba's "As Raw As Ever" on cassette back in tha day cuz that's how I rolled.  This album looks to be a compilation of remixes and such.

You know I already own this one, but it was easier to pay 25 cents for another copy than it is to actually find my original copy.  I'll just end up listening to it and then donating it back to the thrift store.

 The Blade soundtrack, mostly rap type stuff, but there is a Mantronik Vs EPMD song which is pretty cool.  Seems like every song is by an artist but then "features" anywhere from one to four additional guys.  The songs must be really good if it takes that many guys to make one.

You know I think I've actually even listened to Skunk Anasie aside from maybe catching a music video on Much back in the day.  I'm not even sure what they sound like, probably hard/angry alt rock is my best guess.  They seems totally 90's.  I think Cam might have this CD.

This Tuesday is the cheap CD and DVD day at the other thrift store.  I haven't been there in a while, so I'll probably go check it out since I still got some loose change.  I'll let you know if I find anything good.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


I just picked a new blu-ray to upgrade from my older aging blu-ray player.  I was hoping a newer model with better hardware, firmware, and software would be better.  I upgraded from a Sony to a Sony!  My old Sony was getting on five years old I think, so it had to go.  The fact that my new Sony also had dual band wi-fi is also a big plus, Netflix needs it sometimes.

Here is my new player sitting on top of my old player.  As you can see it's definitely not as wide and slightly taller than my older player.  Both of them a super light, so don't drop it or it's toast.  

The new one plays CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays and 3D players and can upscale to 4K UHD.  The front has a USB port and the unit plays multiple image, audio and video files.  In the operating instructions it doesn't note that it plays VCDs, but I tried one out and it worked so that's a bonus.

Here is my new remote on the left next to my larger old remote.  I like that they simplified it and made it smaller.  I actually never even used the number buttons on my old remote.  There is an app to download for Android or Apple that allows you to use your smart phone as a remote.

This is the main menu once the unit is turned on.  One thing I don't like is there is no ability to edit the "Featured Apps" as I will probably only use two of those apps.  In the "My Apps" section you can add (using the + button) or remove whatever apps you like.  The Opera TV app also contains additional apps.  Most of the apps pretty much suck, but I found a movie and TV app in Opera that had a couple anime movies and shows I want to checkout, the rest of the movies are pretty much trash.  I mean like actual trash, I know they are free, but you could pay me and I still wouldn't watch them.

On the bottom right hand side of the screen you see the disc tile which will tell you what movie disc is in the unit if one is inserted, the USB is the middle icon and the icon with the two screens on the right is for screen mirroring.  You can display whatever is on your phone screen onto your TV through the unit.  If it can do this then I'm sure you can stream video or audio to the unit, but I haven't figured that out yet.  It guess it's sorta the same, but they called it "miracast".

In addition to all that the player is also supposed to be able to play select Playstation 3 games by streaming from the cloud.  You need a Dualshock 4 controller and a Playstation Now account to be able to do this.  I borrowed a controller from Cody and I still need to sign up for a free trial Playstation Now account to give it a try.  It's cheap of Sony to only give you a seven day free trail, XBox used to give you a month of XBox live for free.  The Playstation Now account seems pretty pricey if the unit can only player certain games.  I will at least try it and see how it works.  I have a feeling the streaming aspect will result in some choppy gameplay and many "buffering" moments.

The first movie I watched on it was Ultraman Fight Victory because I it's short, action packed and a lot of fun.  Then last night I watched I Am A Hero, another Japanese movie.  Good zombie movie with all the craziness and zombie attack action happening at the end.  It hasn't been picked up for distribution in North America yet and I'm surprised, but it will probably happen at some point.  Since I just watched I Am A Hero, that means I'll be watching Meatballs II soon on the Crackle app.  FYI, White Water Summer is also on there.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Poppin off

It's been far too long, but finally Nabisco has graced us with a new Oreo flavour, Fireworks.

I found these at work, but haven't seen them at Safeway or Co-op.  At first when I looked at the picture of the dissected Oreo, I almost dismissed it because it looks just like the Birthday Cake Oreo that came out quite a while ago and still might be available.  I didn't like the Birthday Cake Oreo and just about passed on these until I saw the accompanying text that said, "with Popping Candy!"  Now I'm buying them!

At first taste there isn't much taste outside of an slightly off Oreo taste.  Once I chewed and swallowed the cookie I could feel the small pops of left over candy bits going off in my mouth.  Just like Pop Rocks, but much much less intense.  Overall, they don't tastes as good as regular Oreos, and the "popping candy" thing is just a gimmick.  Bring back the good flavours like pumpkin spice, gingerbread and cinnamon bun.  Or better yet Nabisco give us all the other flavours that they get down in the US!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Stick 'em up

This month I got a got a new phone.  The plan on my current phone was expiring, so it was time to renew it and I might as well get a new phone while I'm at it.  When I say "new" I don't mean the latest model, I just mean it's new and fresh from the box.  I got another Samsung, a Galaxy S5 Neo, and just last week the Galaxy S8 came out.  You see how even though I got a "new" phone, I'm still three years and phone models behind.  Classic me!  At least it doesn't have a crack right across the screen like my old phone.

I got it through PC Mobile because I get 25% off my plan because I work at Superstore.  Also, the phone was free, it was free with a 2 year plan.  As a total bonus I got 200,000 PC Points with that phone.  If you don't collect PC Points that $200 in free groceries, or whatever I want at Superstore, its too bad we don't sell video games anymore.  There are other phones that offer PC Points, but usually like 50,000 and for whatever reason that particular model got 200,000, so I'll take it.  I got $200 and a new phone?  

As I said my old phone has a crack right across the screen.  I didn't use a case on it and then it fell out of my work locker and landed face down.  I'd like to try and avoid that with my new phone, but finding cases for older model phones in stores is actually pretty hard.  I did find a case for my Galaxy S4 at the Dollar Tree in Cranbrook.  I figured I'd give a try and went to a Dollar Tree here in Calgary.  I managed to find a case, although its not the coolest case.

They had this case in two colours, the blue I bought and a purple one.  Even though the packaging says Galaxy S5 and not S5 Neo I thought I'd give it a try.  It does fit, but the case doesn't fit tightly over the edges on the bottom, it's a bit loose. I also found a black case with a kickstand on it, but I could tell it wasn't going to fit, the camera hole was too small.  

I thought the bright blue case was pretty plain and thought I needed to spruce it up a bit.  Since I was already at the dollar store, I just hit up the sticker section and went nuts.  I should've just completely covered the case in the kitten stickers, so no blue was visible at all.

Since the case doesn't fit perfectly it's just a temporary fix until I find a better fitting case.  Looks like I'll have to go eBay to find something.  I doubt it will cost $1.25, although the stickers cost a lot more than the case.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

More movies!

If you've seen my "to watch" pile of movies, it hasn't gotten any smaller, in fact is just got larger.  I've been watching Iron Fist and then Lucha Underground on Netflix, then went through a 46 episodes of a TV show(more on that later).  Despite that I still went to "Cash Converters" yesterday to have a look around.  I was hoping to find a 3D blu-ray I didn't have yet, but they didn't have anything good.  I had a look and found a $3 DVD I wanted, then another, and then I had to keep looking because its buy 5 get one free.  Overall, I got seven movies for just over $18.00.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this, but like a long time ago and I remember nothing about it.  It has guns on the cover and stars Captain Picard.  

Steve Guttenberg is a member of a covert special ops named Mach One,  hahahaha.  Guttenberg plays against type in this one as a serious guff voiced commando with perma-stubble.  Cody and I watched this one last night and I was expecting it to be a TV movie.  It has a TV movie budget, but the f-bomb gets dropped a times and there are some surprisingly juicy bloody squib hits.  There is also an impressive scene where a guy gets frozen by liquid nitrogen and his legs break off at the shins which actually surprised me.  Overall, it's very cheesy and filmed in Toronto.  As soon as Kim Coates showed up you knew it was Canadian made.

What a badass, Lassard really trained him well at the Police Academy. 

No Van Damme in this one, but I'm sure people will still get roundhouse kicked.  I mean, they better!

A Korean monster movie that I've wanted to see for a while.  It was released as a 3D blu-ray as well, but we'll see if it's even worth an upgrade first.  Pretty sure it is or was on Netflix.

I found a basket hidden under a table that was full of Chinese movies, some of them were actually decent ones too and I even found three I hadn't even seen before.  I picked out one extra one, so in total I got seven movies for my trip to Cash Converters.

Kung fu and vampires...that's all I need to know.

Dragon Inn is supposed to a classic Hong Kong film.  I've never gotten around around to watching it because it's a period sword play movie or wuxia.  I prefer the kicking boxing type modern era setting Hong Kong movies.

Moon Warriors is directed by Sammo Hung (more on him in a later post) and I already watched this one yesterday afternoon.  It has the wuxia flying around and and lots of wirework.  The main hero has a pet killer whale who lays the the smackdown, literally, on the bad guy at the end.  Although, the ending doesn't really wrap anything up.  What happened???

Picking my movies from Cash Converters now is just looking for weird/old/obscure/cheesy movies you won't ever find anywhere else.  Sometimes this is a good or bad thing depending on the movie.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Who you gonna call?

FYI in case you didn't already know but...

The Real Ghostbusters, the entire series all 116 episodes of it is now on Netflix!

I learned of this quite a while ago via some Instagram posts and figured it was probably in the US only because they get a lot of movies and TV shows we don't up here in Canada.  I think it was a couple weeks after that, but The Real Ghostbusters did show up on Canadian Netflix.  Nice!

As far as Netflix goes I'm currently watching Lucha Underground, so I can't start anything new until I finish that.  I'm getting close to finishing Season One and then on to Season Two.  Lucha Underground is "wrestling" program that airs on the El Rey Network, the Latino channel started by Robert Rodriquez.  It uses wrestlers from different countries, but mostly focuses on Mexican Luchadors and their style which is why its so awesome.  There are the typical big muscle dudes, but I like the matches with the smaller "technicos" who do all the crazy moves and high flying.   My favorite luchadors would have to be Fenix, Pentagon Jr and Drago.  They also have a wrestler named Mascarita Sagrada, a "mini" and Pimpinela Escarlata who if I used the word  "flamboyant" to describe would be an understatement.  They are both pretty fun and the crowd loves them, but usually they end up getting beat down.  Oh well, you guys should check it out!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Kootenay Lake news

I talked to my mom tonight and she went over to Kootenay Lake over to Easter weekend.  She told me the large ferry had a break down and leaked oil in the lake.  I looked up some articles online about it.


Looks like most of the leak happened on the Balfour side and was 400 L of gear oil which sounds like a hell of a lot.  That side of lake has a lot of homes on the water and sees a lot of visitors pass through.  Hopefully, it can get cleaned up properly and there won't be any lasting environmental damage.  It will also take a month to repair the main ferry leaving the little ferry to do all the work.