Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Clown Harder

Above is a picture of a "sad clown" painting that I bought years ago at the thrift store.  I'm pretty sure I wrote about here or maybe on MySpace back when that was a thing.  Now, I can't remember which thrift store it was at, maybe Good Will I think.  They actually had three different sad clown paintings, but since I didn't want to be greedy and take all the sad clown paintings for myself I just got the one above and left the others.  It has had graced the walls of our various domiciles since I brought it home.

I recently got the Die Hard blu-ray boxset and last week Cody and I watched Die Hard 2: Die Harder.  After we watched the movie I checked out some of the specials features which included four deleted scenes.  One of the deleted scenes was an extended scene where McClane meets Marvin the janitor.  In the scene McClane discovers Marvin has been living in airport basement and goes into his room.  Cody spied something on the wall in Marvin's room.

I didn't see it at first and had to pause and rewind to see it.  It's like the same face, but with no background.  It's still pretty cool, but now I'll never get rid of that sad clown painting.  Not like I was ever going to anyway!

Sunday, October 1, 2017

HK Imports

Last post I mentioned I ordered some movies from Hong Kong and they actually arrived last Tuesday!   It took only six business days to show up which is pretty awesome compared to three months not that long ago.

Starting in the top left corner and going clockwise we have the blu-rays of; Lupid the 3rd, From Beijing With Love, Ghost in the Shell S.A.C Solid State Society 3D and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 3D.  GOTG 2 was why I mainly did an order, I just picked up the other movies because they were cheap and since I was making an order might as well throw in some extras.

Lupid the 3rd is a Japanese movie based on manga which was originally published in 1967.  It was also a bunch of animated TV series, specials and movies.  I've heard of it because it's fairly famous in anime circles, but I've only seen two of the animated movies.  This live action version was kind of "meh", lots of style of substance but all that style was Meisa Kuroki as Fujiko Mine.

Then is From Beijing With Love which is an upgrade from my DVD which was an upgrade of a VHS bootleg I made.  I actually first saw this movie when I rented it from Video Update,  the Video Update that is now Little's Caesar's.  Of course this was forever ago when I was still living in Cranbrook and I couldn't believe they had this for rent.  I rented it and it was funny, so I made a copy of it.  From Beijing With Love if you can't tell by the cover art or title is a 007 spoof and it is funny.  It stars Stephen Chow of Shoalin Soccer and Kung Fu Hustle fame, so you know you are in for something just as wacky.

Next is the Ghost in the Shell 3D movie which is based around the TV series.  This movie was originally released in 2006 on TV, but then again in 2011 in theaters after a 3D conversion.  The movie mixed traditional animation with 3D animation and and the 3D effect wasn't too bad.  I wish there had been more action though!

The 3D in GOTG Vol. 2 was way better than GITS though.  GOTG was the reason I ordered from Hong Kong because for whatever stupid reason, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 never received a 3D blu-ray release in North America.  It was released in the UK, Europe and Asia, so importing it was my only option as the HK release was a multi-region disc.  No bootlegs this time!

I should be good for a while or until I have to order the Terminator 2 3D blu-ray from HK since once again North America isn't getting a release.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Comin' At Ya!

Sorry the posts here haven't been as frequent, but lately (the past 42 years actually) I haven't been doing anything interesting.  I went and bought a pile of movies for myself online.  I did an order from Hong Kong which should be in by the end of week next, but in the mean time I got two movies that I ordered from Amazon.

First up, who the hell delivers the Amazon packages?  I'm pretty sure it's not Canada Post.  Cody ordered stuff from there for his new computer and some random guy delivers it to the house where I have to sign for it on his iPhone screen.  I actually signed "Cody Brown" just because when he asked if I was Cody Brown I said yes, so I had to keep the charade going.  When my movies came, the doorbell rang and it was after 6pm and I open the door and nobody is there, but a car is pulling out of the parking lot.  I look in mailbox and my movies are in there.  Amazon must use some weird delivery company.

Anyway, the package has these movies in it...

I've had that Mosquito movie on my Amazon wishlist forever and finally pulled the trigger on it.  Can't wait to watch it, but I may put it on hold at least until October when I start to watch the horror movies in my "to watch" pile.

We did watch Comin' At Ya! which is a 3D western from 1981.  I actually thought it was from the 70's, but IMDB says I'm wrong.  I bought it just because it was an older 3D movie and those are harder to find.  The 3D is all straight up gimmicky 3D shots with lots stuff being shoved in the camera like, guns, knives, falling coins and a baby's ass!  I really could've gone without the last one.  But I guess stuff like darts and spears flying at you is why the movie is called Comin' At Ya!  I don't mind some gimmicky 3D shots, but they do over do a bit here and it's straining on your poor eyeballs.

The movie wasn't bad, it had some funny parts in it (some unintentional) and I did like how they mixed B&W footage in with color footage and the inventive opening credits sequence, overall it was a fun watch. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

New cookies

I already posted a picture of the new Oreo Apple Pie cookies on Instagram last week.  I had been seeing pictures of these online for a while and thought it would be just another flavor that the US gets that Canada doesn't.  Luckily, I found some at London Drugs when I went in to mail a package to my mom.

A few days after finding the Apple Pie Oreos I found another seasonal cookie flavour, Pumpkin Spice creme.  I found these at Safeway, and since I'm old I can't remember if I got these last year or not.  I don't think so???

The Pumpkin Spice definitely wins in terms of smell, but I can't really say one tastes better than the other.  They both taste okay, but nothing too great.  The problem with the Dare Pumpkin Spice cookies is the the actually "cookie" part is too thick so it overwhelms the creme filling and all you taste is cookie biscuit.

I'll just be over here waiting for Nabisco to bring back the Gingerbread Oreo, please and thank you.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

To Cam/Cara, Mike and Willie...

It seems every time I'm back in Cranbrook I can go through my boxes and get rid of a few things.  If I keep this up then maybe eventually in time I'll actually start to look like I'm getting rid of things.  The same can't be said for my stuff here in Calgary down in the basement.  Most of it is all good stuff and I've already gotten rid of most of the excessive crap, but that doesn't mean if I try I can't get rid of a few things.

I found these following items stuffed in a plastic tower drawer.  I haven't actually used them at all and probably never will, so why do I have them?  Well, some of them are still pretty cool.

Four super cool CD wallets, or VCD wallets if you are to believe the stickers.  The Spider-Man one came from Bianca Amor's along with the classic plush hamburger CD wallet.  The "Cute Carry Its" are from a long closed down store in the Dragon City Mall in Chinatown.  I actually liked that store because back then they had lots of Afro Ken stuff.   

My mom is going to Taiwan in October/November, so I'm going to fill the Astro Boy one with CDs and movies for Murray.  I'll probably hang on to the Spider-Man one for myself, but the Ultraman and Afro Ken ones are up for grabs.  FYI, they look cool, but the build quality is definitely lacking.  But where else are you going to find stuff like these?  I got chu.

Wallets!  I don't have any money, so what do I need with a wallet?  The top are ones I bought for myself and then never actually used.  The bottom two are ones I got as gifts for my birthday or Christmas.

I actually hate having a big wallet, my current wallet is small and holds just the essentials.  I don't have a lot of cards I need to carry around and I never carry cash, so having a big wallet is pointless.  Unfortunately, my current one is falling apart and it looks like I may have to get a new one.  Finding one I like is hard, so I might just have to give the Star Wars wallet a try and see if I like it.

The other three are also up for grabs if anyone wants a new wallet.  The bottom ones are more traditional leather wallets.  The Spider-Man one is a biy different as it's made from folded paper with a wax paper feel to it.  It's made by Mighty Wallets, the link is to their website.   

Let me know.

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Mo' Movies

I haven't been into Phoenix Comics for a while because I've just been busy or away on vacation or just avoiding them to save money.  I finally stopped in this week and picked up some goodies in form of music and movies.

I got some new music and yes they are mostly new.  The Aggrolites is used, they are ska, but not like horns ska, more like reggae ska.  The Mezingers is actually still sealed and even from 2017!  The Fashionism is the obligoratory Canadian content and is their latest 7" single.  I had looked into buying this record online, but it wasn't worth when the shipping is twice the price of the record.  Luckily, Melodyia had it for like $5.25, so it was a deal.

I also got these old school anime DVDs for only $1.00 each.  Even though Crying Freeman has a price tag of 29.95, he only charged me $1.00, so I'm not going to argue with them.  I got Crying Freeman which was six OVAs and is collected on two discs.  Wicked City and Revolutionary Girl Utena are both movies.   These are added to my "To Watch" pile which only seems to get bigger no matter how many movies I watch.

I just watched another older anime blu-ray from the Dragon Ball Z series, The History of Trunks.  I picked up the blu-ray used because it actually had to DBZ specials on it.  I figured I'd get it because I've never seen the one special and I could dump the DVD for the special I did own.  I watched the blu-ray and I gotta say it is just terrible.

When this originally released it was older before widescreen was the norm, so it was full screen.  When they did they the blu-ray when forced the full screen to widescreen, so just watching it you tell parts of the picture have been cut off.  Just the framing of the shots gives it away.  That wouldn't be so bad, but the picture quality is awful.  Its so bad, it's hard to watch.  I popped in my old DVD which is the original full screen and the picture is so much clearer.  I guess blu-ray HD isn't always better.  So much for dumping my old DVD copy.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Treasure Map!

Today, Willie and I hit up a few stores in Cranbrook and Kimberley and found a few goodies and bought everything with pocket change.  We didn't find anything in Kimberley, but in Marysville they were having a bag sale for $7.00 a bag plus it was buy one bag, get one free!  All the super cool shirts weren't the right size, but we did get one bag.  Willie got a pink polo/golf shirt, I got a purple polo/golf shirt plus some books and the rest of the bag were shirts and a hat for Logan and Avery.  One of the shirts I got Logan was a Mr. T shirt and was his favorite of the three shirts I got him.  If he wears any of them just once I'll consider it a success.

In Cranbrook, we went to the Salvation Army and spent quite a bit of time there because the re-organized their media section so it was easier to look at stuff.  I got movies and Willie got a couple CDs.  At the "checkout" I noticed a brochure called "The Picker's Paradise Treasure Map", so I grabbed one.

It's a brochure of all the second hand stores in the Cranbrook, Marysville and Kimberley area.  

One side lists all the stores and breaks them up in different categories.  It also has the address, phone number and store hours.

The reverse side has a handy dandy map showing all the locations.

Overall, it's pretty good idea and I wish they had done this a while ago.  Looking at the map there are actually a couple places I've never even heard of.  I've probably driven by them though.  The Great Western Garage Sale sounds decent, so I'll have to check it out next time I'm back and be disappointed.

Monday, August 14, 2017


I was going through some of my boxes looking for a DVD that I wanted to get rid of, but I couldn't find it.  I looked in one box and found the EDGEfest '98 program guide hiding inside a bag at the bottom.  The one thing I remember most about that weekend is mainly Willie not putting on sun screen and then getting cooked like a lobster.

I gave the thin magazine a quick flip through which has short band write ups and a lot of ads inside.  When I hit the page with Sloan on it I discovered I had gotten the page signed by the band!

Pretty sweet.  I know I also had them sign my ticket stub which is somewhere in a box.  I totally forgot that I had this program signed, so it was nice find.

 I also found some other miscellaneous letters and stuff I had gotten in the mail including a letter from Virgin Music Canada and the band Pluto.  It was promoting their new album at the time, "Shake Hand with the Future".  I got a letter with a bunch of tour dates(all out East) plus two stickers.  Fun fact, send me stickers and I'm your new best friend.

You'll notice the bottom of the letter has all the band members names and signatures, yes signatures.  Those are printed facsimiles, they band actually signed the letter.  That was pretty cool they did that.  I wonder how many of those letters they sent out?

I also found an envelope from Handsome Boys Records and Rusty, but unfortunately there wasn't much it in, certainly not any stickers.  The letter I got from Exan and YTV News is in there too.  That's the one where I got the free Nirvana "From the Muddy Banks of the Wishkah" single/promo CD.  Cam is still cheesed over that one.