Tuesday, January 16, 2018

To a Tee

Go back a bit and you'll see a post about free Reese NHL t-shirts I did.  In order to get a chance to win a free shirt you had to buy two Reese products and take a picture of the receipt with your phone and then go online.  It's actually more complicated then I was hoping for, but I still ended up winning two shirts!  Wait, make that three I guess?

I actually received my first t-shirt just before Christmas.  After I had filled out all the info online I realized that I wasn't asked what size of t-shirt I wanted.  I was asked to pick what shirt I wanted from three different designs, but that was it.  Maybe I missed it or something I'm not sure.  Anyway, it decided I wanted a large because that's what I got.

It's only a large, so it's a bit on the tight side, but at least I can sleep in it.  I would never wear it outside though.  It sucks that is doesn't fit because it is surprisingly nice for a free t-shirt.

Usually, in other free shirt deals, the shirts tend to thicker, heavier material and a bit scratchy feeling.  The Reese shirts are a nice light soft and thin material.  These are best quality free t-shirt I've ever gotten.  But why aren't you XL?!

I posted on Instagram that I won another t-shirt back on December 2nd and then today it showed up along with a bonus shirt!

I got two packages containing the same style of shirt, again both are size large.  I gave one to Cody and I'll give one to Cam because I know he is a huge Reese fan.  I'm not sure why I got two shirts, but I'm not going to complain.  Oh wait, yes I will because they are only large, why not extra large!!

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Made in China

As previously shown on my Instagram I picked up an all region 3D Blu-ray/DVD player last week as a late Christmas present to myself.  I had been thinking about getting one for a while, but finally decided to go for it.

I had seen one in Chinatown months ago, and had looked on Amazon as well.  Amazon sells them through third party sellers, but they cost a bit more, but at least are recoginized brands like Sony and Panasonic.  Since I have a Sony as my main player, this new player would simply be a back up or obviously for watching region locked discs.  I figured I didn't need to pay more for a Panasonic when it wouldn't get that much use.  Besides a Panasonic is kind of boring, now a Giec that's a little more exciting.


The contents of the box; the player, user manual, remote, HDMI cable and single pair of 3D glasses.  It's nice they threw in an HDMI cable, I don't think I've ever bought a DVD or Blu-ray player over here that actually came with a HDMI cable.

The remote is of course all in Chinese.  Cam suggested using a label maker to mark the buttons, but there really isn't that much room, but it was a good idea.  You really don't need all those buttons anyway, all the major functions can be accessed with only a couple buttons.

Most remotes have separate buttons for toggling the audio and subtitles.  I couldn't really locate those buttons on this remote.  I did find a button that brings up a mini menu that will let you access audio and subtitle options as well a ton of other stuff.  I also found a button dedicated to subtitle customization.  You can change subtitle font type, size, colour and even adjust the timing.  It's nice, but seems pretty excessive to me.

Once I started the player up for the first time this was the menu.  Again, all Chinese, but once I did some digging I got the language switched over to English and it was all good.  The little cog icon on the bottom right is obviously the settings.  I am so smart!

There is a Wi-fi icon, but it doesn't actually have built in wi-fi, you need a dingle or dongle or whatever that is.  I see an Internet Explorer icon as well, but that's pretty useless without the dingle.

The is the home menu after changing it over to English.  Hey, where did all those other tiles go???

I've watched a couple movies and some stuff via the USB port on it and so far it does what it's supposed to.  Looks like Sony and Panasonic got some competition now!

Monday, January 8, 2018

Yes, I'm still here

I didn't realize it had been so long since my last post.  I just kept putting it off and then I realized it had been a couple weeks.  Oops.  Anyway, I haven't even been on my laptop that much and it was four days after I came back from Christmas break to even turn it on.  I'll try and give a brief wrap up of everything that's happened since.

My Christmas break was pretty quiet and cold.  My mom was sick with a cold and then Julie and Avery left on Boxing Day to go to a hockey camp.  Willie and I went and checked out all the sweet deals on Boxing Day, I got a movie and a Star Wars Nerf gun.  We also went to the Ice game the night before I left.

The weather in Cranbrook was cold, but not as cold as Calgary.  Haha, Cam!  It was sometimes sunny and didn't snow until the day I left...of course.  It was cold, so the snow was very light and wasn't coming down very hard.  On the drive back I got held up just before Hosmer from what I figured was probably an accident.  We sat there for quite a while and I considered turning around, but decided to stick it out.  I even pulled out my phone because I knew there was a traffic camera at Hosmer, so I had a look to see nothing but cars sitting on the road.  Damn.  Eventually we slowly got moving and things picked up after the accident site which was probably a few kilometers down the road.  The traffic was backed up the other direction as well, in fact all the way to Sparwood.  I'm pretty sure the line behind me went all the way to Fernie as well.  I should've been home at around 3pm, but after sitting on the highway and some slow going after that I didn't get to Calgary until 5:30 pm.  Yeah, it sucked, but at least I made it back.

Since coming back I haven't done much but work and sit around.  I did get something that will be featured in an upcoming post though.  I'll also try and finish the Star Wars Advent Calendar at the end of the week as well.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

X-Mas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I'm bored.  I drove back to Cranbrook yesterday and the drive was fine.  Road condintions varied from good to so-so, but on the plus side it was nothing but sun and blue sky from Nanton all the way back to Cranbrook.  Being the Saturday the roads were pretty busy though.  I left the house at 9:30am and got to Gold Creek at 2pm, so while it did take a little longer it wasn't too bad considering the traffic and roads.

I probably should've checked the weather conditions before I left as I just brought back my lighter winter jacket.  Now I'm back it's too damn cold and I should've brought my actual winter jacket, not that I plan on just standing outside or anything.

I haven't done anything now that I'm back and I don't really have any plans to do anything either.  I hooked up my PSOne and played it a bit.  Unfortunately, not all the games play smoothly, some have stuttering audio issues.  I'm not sure if it's the console or the discs are faulty.  Either way, it stinks.

Avery saw the PS1 was hooked up and wanted to try it, so we played Soul Blade and Quake 2, two games which played fine.  Avery doesn't play many video games, so he kind of sucks at it.  Although he did beat me a few times playing Soul Blade, but only he kept spamming the same move.  And holy crap the controls on Quake 2 were so awkward.  It must have been before the Dual Shock controller because the sticks did nothing.  You move with the d-pad and adjust the up and down aiming with the shoulder buttons.  As long as you were on a flat surface though you didn't really need this.  I'll try a few more games while I'm back.  I still have Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Marvel Vs Capcom to go for a spin.

Friday, December 22, 2017


We got ourselves an AT-ST today!  Kind of funny and cool looking at the same time.  It is neat how they can make the vehicles this small with so few parts and still be instantly recognizable.

With only two days left I know what kits are still to come out because they are on the front of the box and I haven't seen them yet.  The snowboarding BB-8 will obviously be the 24th which leave some boring sled thing for tomorrow.  But I'm heading back to Cranbrook on Saturday and I'm just going to do the last two days once I get back next week.  I'm sure you guys can wait until then right?

Extra pieces: 3

Thursday, December 21, 2017


For December 21st we have another mini figure.

No, he isn't a Death Star gunner with that goofy helmet, he's Imperial Ground Crew.  You can see a guy in a similar costume in Rogue One on Scarif base.  He does look cool, lots of nice detail on his torso.  Plus they even gave him a headset comm on his head.  

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Tank You

If you are wondering what today's kit is then you are not alone.  I don't recognize this one and had to go look it up.  It's an Imperial Hovertank as seen in Rogue One.

In other news, Cody and I went and saw The Last Jedi today.  We went to the Westhills Theatre near our place because while normally it's closed for weekday matinees, it is open now for Christmas break.  We went to an early show and it was empty!  There were seven people in the theatre, it was so nice.

Anyway, I read things about TLJ being "too different" from other Star Wars movies, but in the case of The Phantom Menace that is a good thing.  Then again, there were complaints saying The Force Awakens was too similar to previous SW movies, it's pretty much a rehash of A New Hope.  There is nothing wrong with being different.

While the movie does have some flaws, like pacing and plot holes, overall it was pretty good.  I'd like to see it again in the theatre.  Also, thumbs up on the porgs, they got THE funniest scene in the movie.  Now to send Cam a spoiler filled e-mail.

Extra pieces: 3

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Day 19

If you aren't sure what type of ship this is then you haven't seen Rogue One.  If you haven't, then you obviously should and also it's a Tie Striker.  They can be seen dogfighting with rebel X-Wings and Y-Wings over Scarif.