Saturday, December 27, 2008

Oh joy.

After taking a Christmas break in Cranbrook I'm back in Calgary. Yes, I made it. When I drove back to Cranbrook the roads were pretty good, but not so much on the way back. From Cranbrook to Fernie they were pretty crappy and snow covered, and from Wardner all the way to Fernie they weren't even plowed. Luckily they got better after Fernie and after the Crowsnest Pass it was smooth sailing all the way back to Calgary. The weather warmed up around the Pass, so the roads were wet and here in Calgary it was +3C, so the roads were pretty messy. My car is filthy and will probably have to wait until spring to get cleaned if it rains.

I always end up getting a bit sleepy whenever I drive to or from Calgary/Cranbrook, so this time I decided to do something about it and buy an energy drink. I haven't really drank and energy drinks before except once I had a Red Bull Sugar Free which was gross. The Gold Creek Store doesn't have much selection, so I ended up going with a Monster drink. It was also gross! I've come to the conclusion that energy drinks suck. Take a nap if you are able.

I also came back sicker than when I left. My cold was getting better and then on Friday night I started to feel worse. I think I caught someone else's cold and it sucks. It couldn't been anyone like my dad, brother, Avery, Logan or even Cam because they all had colds. Come to think of it I was fine until I saw Cam on Friday and then later night I started feeling worse. Thanks a lot Cam!

I'm back and unpacked and totally not looking forward to working on Sunday. I gotta work at 7am too, so I'm going to bed super early. Since it's a stat day this week that means I can only work 29 hours. I guess the unions are good for something! I just better get three days off!

That's all I got for now. I'll post a musical update about my cousins next.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

It's still cold here and I'm still sick, so be sure to feel sorry for me. According to the TV it is going to stay cold until probably March or so which really sucks. Today I managed to go outside, but only to pick up some comics because I didn't go last week because of the snow.

Cody has been brainwashed by Burger King's TV ads for the new Angry Whopper. I think the ad is kinda stupid when that lady is screaming out the window at some truck. Anyway, he wanted to go try it, so we did. The Angry Whopper is a regular Whopper with some jalapenos, fried onions, pepper jack cheese and some "angry" sauce tossed on it. You can't really taste the fried onions because after being drenched in various condiments they aren't really crispy or crunchy but more soggy. You can taste the jalapenos though, so make sure your drink is full. All in all it wasn't anything spectacular.

The real story is that the had Nintendo Wii toys. They weren't really Wii toys, but toys of Nintendo characters. I picked up the light up Luna star which does exactly what the name says it does...lights up. They had a few other ones that looked cool like the Boo ghost, Chain Chomp, and Mario Kart Yoshi, but you can't go wrong with anything that lights up.

Speaking of Burger Kings has anybody seen these new ads they are running with the Whopper Virgins? The premise is that they go to remote villages in the world where there is no such thing as fast food or hamburgers and make them eat a Whopper and a Big Mac and they decide which is better. I'm sure to these people who have never eaten anything like that both burgers are equally as disgusting. That or the poor famished villagers who have barely eaten a thing in a week would gladly eat anything you put in front of them, Burger King included. Whopper Virgins? Stay classy Burger King.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Still cold and snowy here. What the hell? Where is global warming when you need it? We got past the -30s windchill and on Tuesday it warmed up to a balmy -12C. Too bad it won't last at starting again on Thursday the temperatures are going back to the -20sC...and more snow!

On Tuesday I finished my Christmas shopping, but now comes the hard part of wrapping them. I'm gonna get a gift bag for Cody's crap because it's way easier that way. For some reason my mom wanted an iPod Shuffle and I told her she could have my old school one, but decided it was too old and covered in Godzilla stickers so I bought her a new 1GB Shuffle. I had to put music on it for her and that was a pain because I wasn't sure what she would like. I had to put stuff on there that wouldn't scare her too much. I bought Logan a big Lego set from Toys'R'Us and if you spent over $50 on Lego you got a $10 TRU gift card. Yeah, $10 for me to spend on myself! You gotta buy yourself stuff at Christmas, so that way you'll at least have something you wanted. I bought myself the new volume of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, it even comes with stickers!

I really hate driving back to Cranbrook because it's always so boring. Now with the weather being so cold and snowy, I really don't want to drive back at all. The roads here in town are pretty crappy, so I can't see how the highways can be any better. Cody is heading back to BC on the 23rd, so if he says the roads are bad I probably won't even bother going back at all. It's just easier not to do it. Plus Cody has been sick for like a month and now I'm finally starting to get it. Dammit.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm cold.

As I said in an earlier post, winter has arrived. Last Sunday we got hit with about 15 cm of snow. Here in Calgary usually it'll snow, then will warm up and melt most of the snow before it snows again. This time we weren't so lucky. It warmed up for maybe one day and then Friday night we got more snow and the temperature really dropped.

This morning it was -23C with a -35C windchill. Lucky for me I didn't work Saturday, so even though I wanted to go out and do stuff I figured it was better not to go out driving around. I wanted to go to Co-op and use my free orange juice coupon and get some chicken flings, they're two for one! In case you are wondering chicken flings are chicken fingers. I didn't want to drive down there because it is so close, so Cody dropped me off on his way to work and then I walked home. It is a short walk, but when the sidewalks aren't shoveled and I'm walking face first into a -35C windchill that short walk becomes painful. I was just wearing plain old cords too, so my thighs were totally numb about half way home. I did make it back and then proceeded to shovel our walks. Shoveling wasn't bad because I was moving around keeping warm and was away form the wind. Once that done I went inside, ate some warm food, watched the end of Blackbelt Jones on TV and had a nap.

The cold weather is making it hard to use to computer. The computer is down in our basement right under this flimsy little window. When I came down in the morning, the window was actually open! It doesn't slide, but swings up into the basement. It was open about a couple inches, probably opened by the wind. I closed the window, but later in the afternoon when I came back to the basement, it was open again. I think we'll have to nail it shut or something, because having a window that opens by itself when it's -30C out is just plain stupid. Even when it's closed, it is super drafty. You can be sitting at the computer and fell a cold draft blowing down on you. In fact my hands are starting to get cold, so I'm gonna bail. Later!

Thursday, December 11, 2008


In a follow up to watermelon cat, here is Japanese cat. Sayonara!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Still here.

Once again there is nothing new or exciting to report. It snowed here about 16cm on Sunday, the first real snow of the year. It was warm today and I think it'll be warm Thursday, but by the weekend it's going to be cold. I think the high is supposed to be -15C which isn't that cold considering it is winter, but we haven't had any really cold weather yet this winter.

My parents came to town on Monday and then left on Tuesday. I took them to the newer Costco way up Sarcee Trail in the NW because it's not as busy as the NE or SE locations. There is a brand new shopping area up there and they are still working on it and putting in stores. In fact they were laying down sod when we there. Yes, there was snow on the ground and it was -4C but they were still putting it down. There were like eight guys shoveling snow, so they could put it down. It was stupid funny.

Did you guys know it's almost Christmas?! I have actually started my shopping and am kind of almost done. Tomorrow I'm going to go out and get two things then I'll only have to get something for my brother and Logan, but I have no idea what. I'm tempted to get Logan a drum kit because they have them at Toys'R'Us and they look cool, but my sister would probably kill me. My parents bought Matt, Julie and Logan a Wii for Christmas, so Matt and Julie both get games and a wireless router. That was easy. I even bought my dad a game, so hopefully he can figure out how to play it.

I think Cam needs a XBox 360 so he can spend more time in front of the TV and less time in front of the computer. Think about it dude, me and Cody need your help. You'd love it if you got one, that's why you are scared. It's okay to love.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

A little off the top

Yeah, another post! I thought I'd just post to complain about how I went to Taco Bell today because I keep seeing this commercial on TV about the new fully loaded nachos. They look good, but when I went into the restaurant they didn't even have it! I was all excited to try them and then I was totally devastated. If you've ever been Taco Bell I'm sure you've noticed that they are usually pretty filthy. There is always food on the tables and stuff spilled, it's gross. The one by my place looks like it's been cleaned up a bit with new table and chairs, it almost looks appealing, but still doesn't make up for not having fully loaded nachos. Jerks.

I had sorta planned on trying to get some Christmas shopping done today because I only worked in the morning. I wanted to do it until I actually got around to doing it then I decided to forget it. It's easier not to do it, right? Instead I messed up Cody's XBox avatar. The latest XBox Live update had introduced avatars similar to Nintendo's Miis, but only better. The Miis are very simple and not that detailed, but XBox versions are still cartoony and stylized but offer more customization. I was bored to gave Cody's dude a new hair cut. What do you think?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

New shoes

Another post! Today was my day off and this morning I had go to the dentist. I was at then dentist a couple weeks ago, but had to go back because one my old filing was cracked and needed to be replaced. Yeah!! Before I went my breakfast consisted of a yogurt and that's it. My mouth was numb afterwards and it wasn't until after 4pm before my mouth felt normal enough to eat....chicken fingers! I actually don't mind going to my dentist in Calgary because I never have to wait to get in and once I get in they get the work done fast.

Before I went to the dentist I bought a new pair of shoes for work. My old shoes are actually still okay on the inside, it's the outside that looks hideous. After getting them wet with water, salt water, fish crumbs and stuff they turned from black leather to more of a cracked yellow leather. I actually bought the exact same pair of shoes as my old ones, I won't have worry about if they'll fit or not. Plus for some reason I got some Crystal Light single packs and two pedometers. I'm not sure why the cashier girl thought I'd need two pedometers, I guess one for each leg. I usually give my old clothes to the thrift store, but my new shoes are going straight in the trash.

They've been playing Christmas music on the PA at work and it totally sucks. I only have to listen to it for another 22 days. I thought I'd share my pain with you and update the boom box with some Christmas tunes. I wasn't sure if I even had any Christmas albums, but after digging in my CD boxes I found some that I forgot I even had. All this Christmas crap reminds me I've barely even starting my shopping yet. It doesn't help when I have no idea what to get anybody. Maybe Giant Tiger gift cards?

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm still here.

Don't worry, I'm still around. I know it's been over a week since my last post and you'd think that in that stretch of time I would have something to talk about...but I don't! I still have posts I've been meaning to write for while now and maybe one day I'll get around to it.

Cody went back to Moyie on Saturday and will be gone a whole week. Par-tay! Our place just got new doors and both doors are keyed differently and for some reason we only have keys to the back door and not the main door on the kitchen. That's convenient! They might replace the locks this week, so Cody might come back to find his key don't work anymore.

If he doesn't like that, then he'll really hate how tonight I was playing Halo 3 online with his account. I was playing with Dennis, a dude from work, and while we didn't play ranked matches I still managed to throw Cody's kill/death ratio out the window. I was playing way worse than usual and in every single match my K/D spread was negative. Usually I don't rack up the kills, but I can usually not get killed much and end up with positive spread. Even though I sucked we still managed to win every match except one, so at least Cody got some EXP points. Sorry Cody!

I also grabbed a few screen captures from this Japanese movie called The Machine Girl. It's about a girl who get revenge on a yakuza family who's son killed her brother. That sounds pretty basic, but it's pretty nutso. The girl gets her arm sliced off then gets a new machine gun arm kinda like Rose McGowan in Planet Terror. The blood and gore is pretty insane with blood spraying EVERYWHERE! There were so many pictures I could've done, but then this post would be five pages long. The movie has actually been released on R1 DVD, but I picked up a bootleg of it in Chinatown. If you want a copy (and you totally do!) let me. Christmas is coming.