Monday, September 29, 2014

Bianca Amor's Part 1 of many

Today Cody and I went to Bianca Amor's and I went home with a big bag of junk.  Cody almost got the assault rifle, but then he didn't.  I have a feeling he might be getting one for Christmas.   And maybe a pistol too.

I bought this because I need a new tac light for my assault rifle and judging by the picture on the box, this one looks to be perfect.  

It works better than I expected something from Bianca Amor's would.  A lot of stuff is just cheap Chinese crap.  It's pretty bright and when I shined it directly into Cody's eyes, he said he it hurt.  It's blinding and annoying, just like in Battlefield!  There is also a ring on the top that turns to adjust the beam and it has 22(!) different settings.

It's rechargeable and comes with a USB charging cable.

The battery is kinda weird, not sure where I could get a new one if anything happens to it.  Then again I never tried to find a battery like that.  I could always just buy a new flashlight as it was only nine bucks.

More from Bianca Amor's in the coming days.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Fabulous prizes!

Sometime ago I did a contest to name all the 3D Blu-rays on my shelf and with a little help Cam and Cara won.  I haven't forgot about you guys or your prizes, so here we go.

Cam gets a radical pair of slip on, green checkered Vans that glow in the dark with a SRP of $60.

And Cara gets...well I haven't found anything worthy at the thrift store yet.  Okay, so maybe I did forget about Cara.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Bad news bear

I made it back to Calgary and saw a bear on my way through the park.  He just strolled across the road and into the trees.  I could've got a real nice shot of him on the road, but I had to find my phone, turn it on, open the camera and zoom in a bit and by then he was just going down into the ditch.

I made it back home and managed to get half unpacked and then Cody brought out the camcorder, so we could check out what was on the tape I found.  Long story short, not what we were hoping for!  The tapes starts off with some South Star mountain biking, then goes into Attack of the Stingless Bees followed by Worst Movie Ever Made.  There is also some more mountain biking, GTing and some jackassery by me and Cody.  We really wanted Marionette Massacre and Psycho Killer Hermit Guy, but we were outta luck.

It's not all bad news though.  Next on Cody's project list is Attack of the Stingless Bees and then The Worst Movie Ever Made.  I should be able to make a totally rad mountain biking video as well.  I did bring back Reefer Madness 2 on VHS.

We watched RM2 and it was even more terrible than I remember, like painful terrible.  As I said, on the label it's 10 min and 15 secs long, but only 2 minutes of that is footage and the rest is credits and footage we reused from the original Reefer Madness.  After the movie there is all the raw footage we shot, credits and some goofing around during the fire alarm.  The raw footage will make it a lot easier to edit something together than the mess we had.

Again, the tape didn't have what we really wanted on it, but we can at least use some stuff off it.  Look for it coming soon!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Smokers are jokers

The past couple days have been pretty quiet, I haven't been doing much.  Monday afternoon I did meet up with Willie and I finally got my stuff!  He was originally going to just drop it off with my sister at the shop, but apparently he's super busy and Cranbrook is so big, that it just wasn't possible.  Anyway, five months later or whatever I finally got my shirt, CD and my $5 in change.  Sweet.

Since the thrift stores are closed on Monday, we still managed to hit up a couple places including our last stop at Aabco Pawn.  I still can't believe they are allowed to smoke in that place, it smells so bad.  Don't they have laws against that?  If you can put up with stench and browse the DVDs you'll find they are quite the bargain at only $2 each or 10 for $15.  Willie got four and I got six as well as a $5 blu-ray.  Not bad.  Jokes on them as I actually got 9 movies, all terrible ones!  The one movie was a set with four movies, but I only bought it for Cop and a Half.   As soon as I left I wanted to take a shower and my hands felt so disgusting after touching those grimly pawn shop DVD cases.  Ewwww.

Only the way home I managed to take a picture of the huge fireworks crate from the Gold Creek Market, formerly the Gold Creek Store.  It's a bit nicer in there now and they even have fresh produce from Fort Steele Farms.  I don't care about farm fresh beets, but if they got $650 crates of explosives that I could buy if I wanted, then they're all right by me.

Dear Santa...

Cam is gonna kill me!

I found a couple more pictures and I couldn't resist putting them up.  Sorry Cam.  Love that hat btw.

As insane as that shorts and hat combo is, those shoes are killer.

Say "Hello" to the cool kids.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sad face

One of my missions while back in Cranbrook was to retrieve my old camcorder tapes.  If my fuzzy memory serves me right I should have two tapes, a Kyocera and a Sony.  The Kyocera is the oldest tape and I had put some stickers on the tape that said, "NO TOUCH SKI BOARD".  It obviously had some ski and snow boarding on it.  Later on I bought the Sony tape complete with yellow "Sony Sports" water proof case.  I actually hated that yellow case as sometimes it was a total bitch to open.  It did it's job as it has dog bite marks on it, but the tape is okay!

It sucks because I only managed to find one tape, the Sony.

It double sucks because not much tape has been used on the Sony.

I was hoping to find both tapes, so we could release Reefer Madness 2, Pyscho Killer Hermit Guy and the long awaited, Marionette Massacre.  I had even planned to make an "extreme sports" video if I could find enough footage of skiing, snowboarding and mountain biking.  Unfortunately, we will be lucky to get one of those done.

I did find my original copy of Reefer Madness 2 that Willie and I "edited" together back in the day.  It was such a pain in the ass to do back then as it required multiple VCRs and we were using music from CD and vinyl and having to unplug and the plug  in audio jacks as we were editing to get music.  It was ridiculous.

I've double and triple searched the box I found the Sony tape inside of in hopes of finding the other tape, but no luck.  It totally sucks, hopefully one day (soon) it will turn up.  We'll just have to wait and see what's on the Sony tape.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Lemme take a selfie

I was going through some old pictures and noticed that I was doing self portraits WAY before they were cool.  I was taking selfies with my old film camera for some reason.  I'm not sure why I was taking pictures of myself, but I did.  Also, my camera had a timer on it, so I'm not sure why I didn't use that either.

Those glasses were terrible!  I don't know why I even bought them.  I would wear them and then I see still see blue for like ten minutes AFTER taking them off.  That can't be good for the eyes.

 No comment.

As terrible as the four pictures are, this is one is the least terrible and my favourite.

This one reminds me of this...

There you have it, photographic proof that I single handedly invented the "selfie" and was doing it way before it was cool.  

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Cats & Dogs

This morning I left for Cranbrook and on my way to fill up with gas I saw the cops had the other side of Richmond Road blocked off because somebody's dogs got loose and were just wandering down the middle of a busy two lane road.  One cop was out trying to chase them off the road while traffic was piling up behind him.  The two dogs ran off the road and the cops pulled into the next shopping area probably hoping to corral them and write the owners a big fat ticket.

I got my gas and was heading out of town and just past the lights at C.O.P. I saw a couple of dirty dread-locked hitch hikers.  They both were wearing huge backpacks which probably held all their earthly possessions, none of which included soap.  The funny part was that the girl had an orange tabby cat sitting on top of her pack.  The cat looked pretty mellow about the whole thing, it must be that second hand smoke.  They were talking to a car that pulled over, so I guess they were getting a ride.  I might pick up the cat, but only because he'd probably be cleaner than the people.

I got back in time for Chinese good and managed to sort through a couple boxes of junk too.  Here are the awesome pictures!!

I should totally get this laminated.

A single knee pad.  What happened to the other one?  I'm not sure.  I think Kristian may have lost it.

A James Bond book I may or may not have stole out of the Benny the Bookworm book donation bin when I first started working at Superstore.

I'll be rooting through boxes all weekend, so you can expect a whole more of this.  I'll try to spread out over to Instagrump.  Tomorrow I have proof that I started a photo trend by doing stuff way before it was cool.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Don't you forget about me

I have already mentioned this on the blog, but in case you missed it I am going to Cranbrook for a few days.  I leave tomorrow and will be coming back to Calgary on Tuesday.  I haven't been back to Cranbrook for an extended period of time since the beginning of March.  I wonder if it's changed much?  If it has, it's probably for the worst.

Anyway, I'm also reminding you that I still have Instagrump.   I bet you all forgot about that.  I have posted a couple pictures since returning from my vacation, but nothing too crazy...or interesting.  In addition to blog posts I'll try to do some Instagrumping when I'm back in Cranbrook.  And I'm still not using any filters.  Yet!

PS ~ Willie I'm coming for my stuff!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

You have been warned!

Cody and I went to the bottle depot a couple weeks ago and with our bottle cash in hand we hit the thrift store.  Our main goal was to get some props and supplies for a planned new video.  Not sure if this will materialize, but I sure hope so.  Anyway, we got at least one thing we need and two other things we didn't need.  I got an awesome Halloween lamp, more on that another time, and Cody got some TMNT stuff.

It was baggie with a weird TMNT gimmicky variant, a turtle cycle with no handlebars and a bunch of random weapons.  But it's not for babies!

If they are going to put this label on the toys, then they are going to have to put warning labels on pretty much everything in the thrift store.  A quarter of the stuff in a thrift store is random junk in baggies!  Most of the time I will buy a bag of crap just for one thing in the bag and throw the rest away.  Don't worry I always make sure it's out of reach of babies and children.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Happy birthday to me

My mom and Logan came to Calgary for the weekend for my birthday.  It seemed like a waste of trip since I'll be going back to Cranbrook in a few days anyway.  At least I got some presents and a swanky dinner at Swiss Chalet.

Avery sent this present for me.

He wrapped it himself.

Omega Red!  After getting the taco socks for Christmas I was curious as to what he would get me next.  He probably bought it a garage sale.  He likes going to garage sales because he was at one and the guy gave him something for free, so now he's hooked.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Count on it

After work on Friday I went over to Target to buy some milk and bread because I don't shop at Superstore.  I had to look around to see if they got some more awesome cereals.  It's where I first got the Frankenberry, but they had later sold out.  Long story short...

I had go to over to the Halloween section where I found an end loaded with Frankenberry and on the bottom shelf there were a mere three boxes of Count Chocula left.  I bought two and left one beat up box for someone else.  You're welcome.  I had some and while it's chocolate it's actually the same as Frankenberry in terms of shape and marshmallows.  They just added a different colour/flavouring.  I just need to find Boo Berry now.

Friday, September 12, 2014

New video time!

Cody has just released another lost Crapola video!  Son of a Gun and Beer Can Hunt are still planned, but this video is a lot shorter and easier to do.  That being said it's probably took the longest to finish, not sure why as it required the least amount of work.  There is no real set-up as nothing makes any sense.  Anyway, I think the music and effects actually somehow made it worse which I didn't think was even possible.  So yeah, enjoy!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Snow day

I'm sure you've guys have seen on the news that Calgary got snow which kind of sucks.  I was just wearing shorts on Sunday and then Monday night it started to snow.  I had Tuesday and Wednesday off, but the weather was too depressing, so it squashed whatever ambition I had to go outside.  Wednesday was the worst as we got the most snow.  It's supposed to get better with sun and 18C by Sunday.

My shoes were in my car.  I had shoes in the house, but they were slip ons or low cut Cons.  Not exactly made for cold weather and snow.

Any trees with leaves couldn't handle the weight of the heavy snow.  All kinds of broken trees and branches all around town.  The small ones around our parking lot of totally bent over.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

In yer face!

I've been meaning to do this for a while, so I'm finally getting around to it now because I don't have anything else interesting to write about.  So last last spring my TV died, so I went out and bought a new smart 3D TV.  Having used it for quite a now, I can say that is is an improvement over my old one, but I wish I had gotten a larger screen.

I'll admit I don't even use the smart features on it that much.  It has apps on it that I don't even use and the games are pretty useless.  I used the streaming feature a few times to stream from my laptop and phone to the TV, but I don't even bother any more.  I would stream Japanese toku shows and the aspect ratio was always slightly off which annoyed me.  Now I just plug my laptop in via HDMI and it's not a problem.

Since it's 3D I tend to buy a lot of blu-rays in 3D just so I can use that feature, sometimes I'll buy movies I wouldn't even normally watch just so I can get the most of my 3D TV.  I'm looking at you Spy Kids.

That is my 3D blu-ray shelf.  The 3D ranges from good to "is this even in 3D?"  Probably some of my favourite 3D movies are Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Jurassic Park, The Monkey King, Tron Legacy and Dredd.  Even though obviously Jurassic Park was converted to 3D some scenes still look really cool and look better than a lot of current movies released in 3D.  Where as some movies that were filmed in 3D like The Amazing Spider-Man, the 3D seems really underwhelming.  The newer Conan movie was filmed 2D and then converted to 3D and it's pretty bad.  When Cody and I watched it I had to ask him if it was in 3D or are my eyes broken because I'm getting nothing.  Also, nothing tops a Three Stooges short with 3D pies getting thrown at the camera.

Finally, just for the hell of it, it's contest time.  The first person to correctly name every single 3D blu-ray on  that shelf wins a prize!  I'm talking about a good prize, not some lame iPhone camera lens.  Good luck!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

A lot of my stuff in the freezer happens to be breakfast foods.  After I took the picture I forgot I had some Eggos stashed in the back.

Which reminds of an awesome Eggo product that sadly they no long make.  It was an Eggo with a syrup center.  You could have your syrup on the outside and the inside!  I was boring and just popped it in the toaster and when it was ready I just ate it "plain".  No plate, no fork, no knife, just pick up it and go.   That's how I roll. 

Thursday, September 4, 2014


The other morning I was standing in front of my refrigerator eating my yogurt and admiring my many magnets.  I spotted one that I don't remember buying, so I took a closer a look.  It was a magnet from Louisbourg!  I obviously bought it at the thrift store, I'm think the Hospital Aux in Cranbrook.

I didn't even need to buy a Louisbourg magnet when I went there because I already had one!  The thrift store one is cooler than the ones I bought when I was there!  Maybe if I ever go someplace again, I should just choose where I go by the magnets on my fridge.

I could go to the Hoover Dam or...

Sea World!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pizza Party!

I left work the other day and was hungry, so I stopped by Little Seizures because it's right on my way home.  They now have a large Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pizza for $7.50.  I totally got one.  Normally, I can force myself to eat a medium, but the large was too much.  What do I do with the leftovers?

My mom gave me this pizza container a long time ago and I finally got to use it.  It looks pretty straightforward, but it's not.  It has instructions!

The bottom of the container has dimples on it, but they are reverse dimples.  Why are they there?  I don't know, probably something to do with science.  Pizza science.

I was watching TV and saw a ad for Little Ceasars new Hot-N-Ready pepperoni pretzel crust pizza.  Sounds awesome, but can someone try it first and let me know how it is please?  I'm a bit gun shy as I tried the deep dish pizza and it was terrible.