Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hulk Vs Canada

This week saw the release of the direct to DVD Marvel Animation disc titled Hulk Vs which is actually two films, Hulk Vs Wolverine and Hulk Vs Thor. They are more like short films with Hulk Vs Wolverine running 37 (more like 33!) minutes and Hulk Vs Thor clocking in at 45 minutes. So far I've only watched the Hulk Vs Wolverine half and I admit I liked it despite it's short running time. It's basically a long fight scene. The movie takes place well in the past before Wolverine joined the X-Men and is the first meeting of Wolverine and the Hulk.

Department H (which is the Canadian military) sends in Logan to track down a mysterious monster that is responsible for destroying a small town and is still at large in the Canadian wilderness. Logan tracks down the monster only to find a scrawny dude wearing only some tattered pants. After "making him mad" he transforms into the Hulk and let the ass whupping commence. The Hulk and Logan fight to a draw then Weapon X steps in tranquilizing the both of them. Weapon X wants Logan back (because he escaped years before) and they want the Hulk because they want to brainwash him into becoming their solider. Logan escapes and frees Bruce Banner who cannot change into the Hulk because of all the tranquilizers he's been given. Having to hold off Sabretooth, Deadpool, Lady Deathstrike and Omega Red on his own Logan gives Banner a helping hand (or claw) into changing into the Hulk. The Hulk kicks Weapon X's ass and destroys the entire base.

Okay, that's pretty much it. It does help if you are familiar with the characters, but it was bascially for the fans anyway, so most viewers already know the characters and their back stories. Marvel has done other straight to DVD movies like Ultimates, Ultimates 2, Iron Man, Dr. Strange and Avengers Next. These movies were okay, but where Hulk Vs Wolverine out does them is in the animation. It was done by Japanese animation studio Madhouse. It still doesn't look as good as a Japanese animated movie, but it is definitely a step above the Saturday morning cartoons. The movie also marks the first time Deadpool has appeared in animated form and this is the best way to do it as they can get away with stuff they wouldn't be allowed to do on Saturday mornings.

Okay, the point of this post isn't to talk about the Hulk Vs Wolverine movie, but to talk about the small town destroyed in the beginning of the movie which is ELKFORD!! It has never looked better!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Goodbye cruel world!

The other night I tried to kill myself by eating two pizzas from Little Caesar's, a medium peperoni and a medium Canadian. I didn't succeed, but I do need to buy some new pants with an elastic waistband. I tried real hard, but couldn't finish both pizzas, but I came damn close. I had two pieces of Canadian left over which I ate for breakfast the next morning.

I didn't have any food at home and was craving something hot instead of the usual bowl of cereal. I hadn't eaten at Little Seizures in a while and since it was right across the street from work, I stopped in on my day off. I think I'm good for Little Caesar's for quite a while. Greasy! Greasy!

I was "surfing" around the internet and came across this music site called that specializes in digital downloads of Japanese bands. I check it out and listened to samples and checked out a few bands. After browsing bands I noticed a lot of the bands are girl bands or at least fronted by girls, plus they all got zany names. I decided to sign up and went and downloaded an album by ketchup mania. I love that name. A few of their songs rock pretty hard then the female vocalist comes in with this cutesy high pitched voice, it's a little jarring at first. The songs are hard and fast, but female vocals also make them catchy. They get a thumbs up from me. Check it out if you are tired of listening to the crap coming out here and want something different.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

DiesEazy, kills hard.

No, that is not me! This is my bullet going through that loser's head though. I even got a double kill with the sniper rifle, that guy was number two. You can save your matches as video files and edit them and take screen shots and such. You can move the camera around any direction, to get something cool looking. Cody made the screen capture, so if you go to and check out his profile you can see the full size high res version. And why wouldn't you?

Friday, January 23, 2009

More crap I buyed!

Since I don't get paid holidays, at the end of every January the previous year's holiday pay gets paid out. Last Thursday was that day! They take a percentage of the hours you work to figure out the holiday pay and it turns out that I made almost twice as much then if I had actually taken paid holidays. So with all this extra coin in my pocket what can I blow it on?

That's right! A replica of the fertility idol from the beginning of Raider of the Lost Art. It's only plastic, but it also a bank with a coin slot on the top of the head. It looks to be a 1:1 scale replica and is pretty big for a bank, so I'm sure it can hold of money. My old Astro Boy bank just wasn't very big and didn't take long to fill up. The idol looks cool and it actually useful.

Oh no, my one free month of XBox Live gold membership ran out! Ever since I signed up it seems like my skills have taken a dramatic turn into the toilet. I used to play better when I just played as a guest under Cody's account. Of course all of my stats/achievements/medals didn't count. I haven't even gotten a Shotgun Spree or Triple Kill since I got my own account. I did splatter a guy which is an award you get for running over guys in a vehicle. The thing was I wasn't even driving a vehicle or near one at the time. This guys crashed a Warthog (jeep thing with turret gun) and I was running at them with an equipped brute shot which a like a grenade launcher. I emptied the brute shot at the Warthog and the explosions propelled it forward running over the guy standing in front of it. Haha, sweet. Anyway, if you are bored head over to and look up my stats. I'm DiesEazy and Cody is CBDead. My EXP should be higher, but I have -6 EXP in penalties. We've been kicked out of a couple matches for killing our own jerkass teammates. Cody bought me 12+1 month of Gold XBox today, so I can renew my account for more online killings. I am back baby!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Crap I bought.

Last Saturday it was back to Bianca Amour's Liquidation Superstore to pick up some more hamburger CD wallets for Cam. I was going to the comic book store and it was just down MacLeod Trail a bit, so it wasn't all that out of the way. I had planned to just the hamburgers, but after looking around I ended up grabbing a bunch of other useless junk I didn't need. Just as I was about to pay the power went out! Even though there was no power you could pay if you had cash. Usually I don't even carry cash and only use debit, but luckily I did have some bills in my pocket. Unfortunately, I didn't have enough to buy everything in my basket, so just went with Cam's 2 hamburgers and the Cleopatra Jones DVD for myself. I really wanted to get this fridge magnet that said "Power corrupts and absolute power is kinda cool."

Despite the power outage I didn't manage to get Cam's burgers, but after carrying them around for a while I finally noticed that they weren't the same as mine. They are identical except the tops, mine has the cartoony face and Cam's just has some seasame seeds on it. I was too lazy to add the pictures when I e-mailed Cam, so Cam here are pictures of your hamburgers.

After leaving Bianca Amour's I discovered the power outage was not just there, but everywhere. I could see the traffic lights working on the other side of the LRT tracks, but I went the opposite way up to Blackfoot Trail and took Blackfoot Trail all the way to Southland Drive before the traffic lights were working again. I only went all the way because I wanted to go to Cash Converters. I have this crazy dream of finding Reboot DVDs there because they are out of print now and sell on eBay for prices of $45 all the way up to an insane $200. I didn't find any.

Next door to Cash Converters is a dollar store called Dollarama. I've never actually gone in there, but after not being able to get my fill of cheap crap at Bianca Amour's I decided I'd have a look. It is now my new favorite store! It is an actual dollar store where everything is $1 or 2 for $1 and such, but nothing priced over one dollar. If you go to a Pepsi brand vending machine a Minute Maid juice will cost you $2, but a Dollarama it'll cost $1. Dollar stores always have funny/scary food, but at least Dollarama had some brand name food. King size chocolate bars for $1! I wish I had bought more, but I can always go back.

I know it's a crappy small picture, so starting on the left here is what I got. First up are two tins of tuna, one thai and one red curry, these looked good, so hopefully they won't kill me. Beside the tuna are a box of Marvel Heroes sandwich bags and Spider-Man and Friends sandwich bags. In front of the sandwich bags are some High School Musical magnets and I only bought these for the Vanessa Hudgens magnet, the other two will be going to the thrift store. After not getting the other magnet I wanted, I had to get this for make up for it. I got two 100g milk chocolate bars for $1. They were cheap for a reason, but at least they did taste a little bit chocolatey. Behind the chocolate bars are some Pringles ripoffs called Chip Flix. I ate some of these for lunch today and they were greasy! There is a cardboard Spongebob magazine file and in front of that is a hand grenade. The grenade is pretty cool, so I gave it Cody. It even has a pin and when activated makes a ticking sound that gradually gets faster before makes and exploding noise. I know grenades don't tick, but for only $1 it's pretty sweet. Finally in front of the grenade are two Hannah Montana DVD-Rs. Giant Tiger in Cranbrook had spindles of 25 Hannah Montana or High School Musical DVD-Rs that I thought were cool/stupid but didn't want to dish out $20 for 25, but I'll pay $1 for one because I only wanted 2. What a deal.

That was pretty much my Saturday. I went home and had planned on washing the dishes, but fell asleep and then woke up and didn't feel like doing it. Later I watched my Cleopatra Jones DVD and that was it. When you don't do anything or go anywhere a trip to the dollar store can be totally awesome.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I can has cheezeburger?

Last Saturday me and Cody went to check out Bianca Amour's Liquidation Superstore because we were bored and hadn't been there in a long time. I had planned to go there in December to have a look around and maybe do some Christmas shopping. The place is huge and always packed with all kinda of crap. It's just fun walking around looking at stuff and laughing like the imitation PS2 controllers they had called Double Shock as opposed to the official Dual Shock controllers. Their stock of swords has dwindled since the first time we went there, but you can still get a wooden practice katana for only $6. Sometimes you'll actually see licensed stuff in there, but they always cost more. Cody bought a DC comics Justice League Martian Manhunter mini bust. They also had these cool looking Kellogg's alarm clocks that were style like the old fashioned alarm clocks with the bells on top except they were made of plastic. I almost got one, but despite actually being officially licensed they still looked as cheap as hell.

Since we drove all the way over there I felt obligated to buy something and as soon as I set my eyes upon the plush hamburger CD wallet I knew I had to get it.

Is it cool or what? I laugh every time I look at it. I know the camera angle doesn't show it, but the burger it pretty big and soft, you could probably use it as a small pillow. The wallet has 12 pages that hold 2 discs(one on each side) so in total it'll hold 24 discs. The pages are pretty flimsy, so if you actually used it on a regular basis I could see the pages probably getting ripped.

I already have lots of novelty CD wallets that I never use like my Afro Ken, Ultraman, Spider-Man and Astro Boy wallets, but when a plush hamburger CD wallet comes along for only $2 there is no way I can say no. They're so cool I don't want to wreck them because then I'll never be able to find a replacement. Plus I don't really need them as CDs usually come with cases. I knew I would never use it when I bought it, but it's fun to own and if I didn't buy it then I could never have taken the following picture.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It's still good right?

Back at Halloween me and Cody were convinced we were going to get tons of kids, so ended up getting two boxes of chocolates and a giant box of 60 bags of Cheetos Crunchy. Turns out we're complete idiots and only ended up getting two kids the entire night.

We had no problem polishing off the chocolate bars, but we're still struggling with the Cheetos. Out of the 60 bags we've maybe eaten 12 and that's a generous estimate. They're not that bad tasting, but the box sits closed in the kitchen floor, so I guess it's kind of "out of sight, out of mind". Of course last time I ate a bag back in December I did notice something worrisome.

Oh uh, they're expired. I bought those just before Halloween and they expired not even two weeks after Halloween. That's such a rip. Unless I'm reading the best before date wrong and it's actually November 8, 2011 and not November 11, 2008. Those dates aren't set in stone, I mean they don't instantly go bad that day. I'm sure they usually factor in a 12 month buffer just to be on the safe side which means I'm good to save them and hand them Halloween '09. They'll just be "extra" crunchy.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Rappity Rap

Since Christmas was over a couple weeks ago I figured it's time to remove the Christmas tunes from the boom box. Any it's totally appropriate to replace them with some classic rap tracks.

The first track up is Kick Some from House of Pain, but you would know this track better as Put On Your Shit Kickers. Take out all the cool curse words from Put On Your Shit Kickers and "clean" it up with strategical timed scratches and such.

Second track up is Baby Got Back from Sir Mix-A-Lot. A classic that doesn't need any explaination.

Third track is Straight out of Locash from the Chris Rock gansta rap movie CB4. I picked up the soundtrack at Cash Converters for only $1 just for this song and the other CB4 song Sweat Of My Balls. The lyrics are ridiculous, but unfortunately only last for half the song. The second half of the song is just instrumental.

I read that back in the 80's when Dee Dee Ramone was in rehab he met some rappers and thought they were pretty cool, so he thought it would be a good idea to leave the Ramones and release a rap album called Standing in the Spotlight under the name Dee Dee King. The album is awful. Dee Dee doesn't so much rap as talk and his ryhmes are straight up wack and I mean wack in a bad way. He kind of sings on a few songs and those songs are the better ones. One track, German Kid, has Dee Dee rapping in German. His one song The Crusher was later covered by the Ramones on their final album Adios Amigos. The Ramones version is the superior version and the scary part is the Dee Dee's version is one of the better songs on Standing in the Spotlight. Enjoy I Want What I Want, I didn't think it would be cool to make you listen to Mashed Potato Time.

Later bitches!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


It's my lucky day! On Saturday I was at work and wanted something to drink for my break, but the store was busy and I wasn't that thirsty enough that I would stand in line. So I went outside to buy a drink from one of the vending machines. I'm a Pepsi dude, but since the Pepsi machines charge $2.00 for a Minute Maid orange juice, I cheaped out and went to the Coke machine for a $1.75 Five Alive . When I put in my twoonie and made my selection I got two drinks! Hells yeah, TWO! Sad part is that is the coolest thing to happen to me in a long time.

I guess Coke figured they owed it to me after Thursday. I'm still sick and Thursday morning at work my throat was all dry and sore and I needed something to drink. For some reason the only drink coolers in the store are Coke brand, so I had no other choice but to get a Diet Coke. I bought it and headed upstairs and on the way I cracked it open and started to take a drink except only a trickle came out. The bottle was mostly filled with a icy slush mixture and after taking the first sip the bottle started to fizz up and overflow while I was in the middle of going up the stairs. I put the bottle back in my mouth to try and drink it, but it was overflowing too fast, so then I tried putting the lid back on, but it went on crooked and was still leaking out. I just ran into the office and try it into the nearest garbage can. Dammit! I was pissed that not only did I have to drink a Diet Coke, but it made and big mess and I still didn't have a drink. I just went back downstairs and took another one out of a different cooler making sure to check to see it wasn't frozen too. The exact same thing happened to the produce assistant supervisor today too. Stupid Coke.

Did you like the movie Grosse Pointe Blank? Have you seen the movie War, Inc? If you haven't then you should probably check it out. It stars John Cusack, Marissa Tomei, Hillary Duff, and Joan Cusack. It has the same vibe with John Cusack playing an assassin. It's funny, but not laugh out loud funny. The DVD is awful, it doesn't even have a trailer on it! It's just the movie and that is it, so make sure you rent it. Cody bought it because at Blockbuster it's buy 2 get 1 free and at Roger's it's buy 1 get 1 free, so he made sure to get crap and bother places. He also got Hatchet a movie with some cool gory kills, but frustrating ending.

I didn't get any movies, but picked up John Woo's Stranglehold for the XBox 360. It "stars" Chow Yun Fat as the Tequila character from Hard Boiled. I havent played it yet, but watching the ads on TV it looks like non-stop gunplay, diving, rolling, shooting while diving and rolling, shooting with one gun, two guns, etc. The instructions say you earn Style Points for stylish kills which sounds like fun. I'll let you know how it turns out.

I'm still playing No More Heroes and right now I'm at the Holly Summers, the 6th ranked assassin fight. Who knows maybe I'll even finish this game. We'll have to wait and see how hard the final boss is.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

It's 2009 right? Anyway, pretty New Year's here which isn't a change from any other night of the year. I played No More Heroes on my Wii which is turning out to be kinda fun. It's pretty cartoony and over the top mixed with bloody violence. It's set in the city of Santa Destroy and you play Travis Touchdown, the No. 11 ranked assassin and you set out to move up the ranks to No. 1.

You can drive around town, but it's pretty useless because you can't interact with other people or vehicles. You can't even beat stuff up. Well you can hit dumpsters to find money or t-shirts in them. The people walking around town don't even say anything at all unless you run them over with your motorbike, then they just scream. In between ranked boss fights you have to earn money which you can do by collecting coconuts, mowing lawns or do something a little more shady like assassinations jobs. After you defeat a ranked assassin it'll unlock more jobs, I'm waiting for the job where you catch kittens.

The fights are pretty cool. Your weapon is a beam katana which is basically a flouresecent light tube that can decapitate and slice guys in half sending a shower of blood and coins from their wounds. The henchmen are pretty easy so far, but the bosses are a lot tougher and apparently, then get way tougher too. I'm right at the 8th ranked assassin fight, so hopefully I can pass it. She's supposed to be really fast.

So after that me and Cody played Halo 3, then I went to bed early because I had to this morning (January 1st) at 8am. For some reason the store actually opened at 7am and there were people there shopping! Get a life you losers! The store wasn't that busy, but I was the only one working, so I had a lot to do. It was nice to go home.

The other day I bought Resident Evil: Degeneration, the new all original CGI movie. I guess it's set after RE4 and stars Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield and ends with a hint of RE5. It was okay, better than the RE: Extinction. I think they could made it more gory or at least shown a few sweet zombie head pops. I bought the "gift pack" from Wal-Mart which also came with a sexy t-shirt. The regular DVD only version didn't even have prices on them, but the DVD+shirt did and it wasn't too bad, so I picked it up. I was expecting the shirt to be a XL because they always are, but for once it was a L. Kinda sucks because after I washed it, it still shrunk a bit, but it still barely fits. I have a feeling it will get smaller with subsequent washings.