Friday, November 21, 2008

Can I have some nachos with my cheese?

On Thursday afternoon we went and watched the new Bond flick, Quantum of Solace at Chinook. I guess I liked it. It had a lot more action than Casino Royale, but it was hard to see. It seems cool for movies now to use jerky camera shots and fast editing, so you know something is happening but you just can't see it. It's like two guys are fighting, but the edits are so quick you can't tell who is hitting who. But forget the movie, the real story was at the concession stand.

I got my usual movie snack of nachos. I always get cheese, salsa, and jalapenos, so when the guy asked if I wanted all three I said "Yes". The nacho tray has a reservoir in one corner and another one in the opposite corner. Usually, they'll fill one spot with cheese, the other with salsa and then sprinkle the jalapenos right on top of the nachos. The guy that did my tray obviously likes to do things a bit differently as when he brought the tray over I couldn't even tell if it had any nachos in it. Both spots were filled with cheese, the nachos were covered in cheese, then salsa and finally like half a pound of jalapenos to top it off. It was beautiful and horrifying at the same time.

I went over to the supply area to get a straw for my drink and grab a pile of napkins. I had to wipe cheese from my tray as it was already dripping over the edge. Once we sat down I starting eating nachos right away. I didn't even have to dip any of them in the cheese as most had cheese or salsa or both already on them. I had to shake jalapenos off a few chips as I had way too many. Even though I was eating them pretty fast after a while the nachos were all soft from being drenched in cheese. I did eat the all the nachos, but left both cheese reservoirs full and a ton of jalapenos in the tray. The best part was that I ate that huge mess without spilling anything on myself. That's an real accomplishment for me considering today at lunch I spilled blueberry yogurt on both my shirt and tie and had to change. The shirt can be washed, but the tie has to be dry cleaned. That sucks.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


After visiting the comic book store this morning I decided to check out Chinook Hobby again. They had so much cool stuff last time I had to have another look. This time I actually bought something too!

They had some opened Star Wars figures that were a lot less than boxed ones and I ended up getting a couple like the Rebel Commando. He looks pretty cool and the detail is pretty good. They had a few different figures including a couple different rebel soldiers, Luke Skywalker w/medal from the end of A New Hope, Leia/Boussh and a Han Solo. I did some early Christmas shopping for Cody and got him the Leia/Boussh and Han figures. The Han Solo is from Empire where they are inside the giant worm monster and he has the air mask on. The Leia is cool because she comes staff, thermal detonator, backpack and extra head. One head is the Leia head and the other is the Boussh helmet. Each figure also some with display stand and they were only $19.99 each. I only wish they had a Stormtrooper or better yet a Scout Trooper.

Don't tell Cody!

They had a lot of discounted toys like new Indiana Jones figures for only $5 and the deluxe Indy figure for $7.99 and the 12" Indy figures were $15. I dug around in a bin of loose figures and also bought a Kubrick styled Venom figure and some guy I think is a Power Rangers villain. I just liked the way he looked even though he was dusty. They even had a Go Bots model kit! Chinook Hobby is my new favorite store.

It's not the most exciting post, but it's all I feel like writing about now. One day I tell you all about our new windows and doors. I've also been putting off the Halo online post too. I did buy Call of Duty: World At War for my Wii this week. I like it so far, it looks pretty good and controls well. It was a pain to throw grenades in Medal of Honor but it's much easier in COD, but using secondary incendiaries like Molotovs or smoke bombs is lame. I'm not co-ordinated enough. I played a match online this morning and killed like 20 guys. My team won the match and I was best on my team which is pretty sad because I totally suck. The online is not bad for the Wii (best yet?) and much better than Medal of Honor. Anyway, more later...maybe.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

They're so cute!

A while back I posted about the Star Wars Mighty Muggs figures from Hasbro that I had gotten. They are like all cutesy vinyl type figures. So far Hasbro has done Star Wars, Indiana Jones, and some Marvel characters and now they are planning on doing Transformers. The first wave will contain four G1 figures of Bumblebee, Megatron, Optimus Prime and Soundwave. Check out this link to IGN to read the article and see pictures of the figures. They look pretty cool and my favorite would have to be Soundwave. But how come they all have guns except Bumblebee?

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Made it...back.

I'm back in Calgary after an exciting few days in Cranbrook. Did I say exciting? That's not right! Cranbrook is the usual. 10th Avenue is all fixed up and by fixed up I mean new sidewalks and road which actually sits lower than adjoining streets. When I was back I even went in OJ's Antiques and he still has some of the same crap he had 15 years ago. Giant Tiger is your one stop shop for all your novelty t-shirt needs. I picked up another one for myself that says "I know talent when I see it and you don't have it" and I got one for Cody that says "I heard you the first time". Cody's shirt was $3, but I had to shell out full price for my shirt at $5.97. At those prices they're pretty much disposable. Buy them, eat some dinner, wipe your mouth with them, throw them in the garbage.

The drive back was pretty quiet, even for a Saturday. I went the north route and didn't really experience any traffic until I hit Hwy 1 at Canmore. Going through the park I nearly ran over some critter, but totally swerved at 90km/h missing him. At first I was like "That squirrel is HUGE!" Then as he ran right at my car I realized it was a squirrel, but whatever it was it's lucky to be alive. It was a raccon because it all brown, I'm still not sure what it was.

In other critter news the deer in and around Cranbrook are still a pain in the ass. It's a slalom course on the road going into town from my parents house. The other day I drove up and got out the car and there is a deer in our front yard just staring at me. I yelled at it and then it just went back to eating grass. Then I let the dogs outside and Shadow chased it away. My parent's are looking after my brother's dog, Shadow, because dogs aren't allowed on his current jobsite. My parent's dog, Aspen, doesn't even bother to chase the deer anymore, she's given up on it. They're so many and they just come back anyway.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Made it.

I made it back to Cranbrook and the roads were fine. Turns out Calgary had the most snow and the roads there were just wet. The good thing about driving back on Wednesday means the roads are pretty empty. It was a boring drive.

In Fernie the weather was really overcast with low laying clouds and a bit of fresh snow on the ground and it was kinda dark, making everything look black and white. Up on the hill they were burning some slash piles from logging and the flames were huge, like over the tree line. With everything looking so drab and dark the bright flames looked really cool. Yeah, fire, yeah!

I think there is an election or something in Cranbrook coming up. Driving into town on the strip there are elections signs literally every five on the side of the road. It totally looks like crap, but then again it's Cranbrook, so that's the norm.

My parents old Sony TV finally died, so they replaced it with a new Sony Bravia 42" LCD. I was watching regular cable on it and regular cable looks ugly. They hadn't hooked up the DVD player yet, so I had to go down to Wal-Mart and get a HDMI cable. Before I left Calgary I stopped by Best Buy and picked up the new Futurama movie, Bender' Game, which is good so check it out. I watched Bender's Game on the new TV and it looked pretty sweet. The colours were really bright and it was widescreen! Although the aspect ratio of Bender's Game is only 1.78:1 so there still was some black bars on the TV.

When I went down to Wal-Mart to get the cable I had to take my mom's new Toyota Matrix because my dad parked behind me. It's not brand new, but a couple years old. It's weird driving a car you don't know for the first time especially when it's dark out and you can't figure out how to turn on the headlights. The automatic gear shift isn't on the floor or on the steering wheel column, but kinda mounted on the middle of the front dashboard. It takes some getting used to.

That's it, I'll fill you with all my other exciting finds.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Oh, snow!

A couple weeks ago I decided I should get back to Cranbrook so my dad can put my winter tires on and get my car ready for winter. So far Calgary has been pretty warm and no snow...until today! The day I drive back to Cranbrook!

That's just my luck too. It looks like the snow is only on the ground and did stay on the pavement, so hopefully the roads will be good. I'll post later tonight to let you know if I survived the drive or not.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Yeah, it's November 1st and you know what that means? Half price Halloween candy! Oh and it is Cam's birthday too. Happy B-Day Cam! I uploaded a birthday song to the boom box, so click play and enjoy you old bastard.

Halloween was kinda lame because we had a whopping two kids show up. I thought we we going to have lots of kids. Only two came and they didn't show up until 8:45pm. We were playing Halo 3 online and were losing, so Cody left to get the door and gave them like handfuls of candy. Now we have two boxes of chocolate bars and a box of Cheetos leftover. I guess we can save the Cheetos until next year.