Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Make things better with cats

Hey, want to make this website look better?  Want to make any website look better?  Then just "meowbify" it!  Head over to meowbify.com which lets you input any URL and it will take that webpage and replace all the pictures on it with animated cat gifs.  It works pretty good and replaces ALL pictures on the page with animated cat gifs.  Things just got awesome!  They need to take it to the next level and make a version with LOL cat pictures. 

Don't want to look at this picture of a dried out squirrel carcass?  Then just "meowbify" it and it will be replaced with a picture of flipping kitten or cat falling off a table.   Awesome!

Side story time.  On Sunday me and Cody went to the Sunnyside flea market.  I had high hopes because last time I went there I ended up finding my 80's Flipbot.  Unfortunately, this time wasn't so great.  I did buy a Pokemon game, Crystal version, for the Game Boy Colour and was stoked when I saw some MUSCLE figures.  The dude had them in a bag labeled $5 each which is just ridiculous and totally disappointing.  I was thinking $20 tops for the entire bag, not like $100.  In the end the coolest thing we saw was the dead squirrel near where we parked the car.  Also, it was free!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A bunch of stuff!

I've got a few posts of stupid stuff that wouldn't be too interesting on their own.  Instead of having some short posts I'll just cram them all together in one big weird rambling confusing post, so it's pretty much business as usual around here.

First up, I will going back to Cranbrook from August 12 - 21.  My parents are also on vacation during that time, so it seemed like the perfect time to go back.  Or so I thought!  When I talked to my mom she said the Bob Dylan concert is the night of the 12th and from the 13th to the 15th they will be going to Osoyoos.  I guess I'm be going to back to Cranbrook to hang out with myself for the first few days.  Me and Willie can go hang out with the elephant or something.

I downloaded Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD which is a fancy update of an all time classic.  It's takes the best levels from THPS 1 and 2 and gives them a shiny HD upgrade.  It's not exactly like the original as they changed some skaters and the biggest no-no is they messed with the soundtrack.  It does keep some of the original skaters and music, so all is not lost.  It's pretty much the same game you remember it was, but with blood! 

One thing has changed and that is the fact that I bail...A LOT!  I absolutely suck at this game and luckily it's a downloadable title or else I'd be snapping the disc in half out of frustration.  I used to be so-so at it, but now I can't really play it.  The good thing is that you only need 4 objectives to unlock the next level.  I find I just skate around in free skate and do stuff because I just end up hating myself playing career.  Looks I like I won't be getting achievements out of this one.  You can even play as your avatar, so it's actually me up there falling and failing miserably, just like in real life. 

I got some new Vans slip-ons because tying up shoe laces is for chumps.  Also, I don't want my Johnny Ramone Vans to get any more worn out.  I really wanted a pair of checkered slip-ons, but I only went to two stores and this was the only pair the had.  At least they were black, so I got them.  I wore them today without socks and when I took them off the liner almost came out with my foot.  These must the cheapie Vans that the crap stores like Sport Mart get which is where I got mine.  The hipper mall shoe stores get the good Vans and get to charge twice as much.  I'm scared to go the mall.

If read about the HalfLife 2 Booth and thought it was awesome and downloaded it then you are in luck because it's just been updating with a bunch of new weapons.  Now you can pretend to run around with the pistol, magnum, crossbow, smg and rpg.  Just remember to treat every gun as if it were loaded and that goes for virtual guns too.

And lastly I was at good old Cash Converters where I picked up Pee-Wee's Playhouse: The Complete Collection on DVD still sealed for $20.  I hope that's a good deal.  It contains all the TV episodes plus the Christmas special.  Too bad I'll have to wait until Christmas to watch the special, but I can get started on the other 45 episodes in the meantime.  I'll take with me back to Cranbrook and have Logan and Avery watch it.  I've been meaning to buy them Pee-Wee's Big Adventure for a while.  As their uncle it is my duty to educate them on the classics.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Photo Mod

The latest in the free photo apps posts is for Mod Face.  It's an app that lets you take pictures with your phone camera or import them from your gallery and add those hilarious cartoony troll and derp faces that are currently all the rage on the interwebs.  I'll admit it's not that bad, although limited.

Video games are fun!

If you choose to take a picture with the phone the app will let you choose which camera app to use if you have multiple camera programs on your phone.  Then you can set which ever is your most preferred camera app to default.  When you have a picture in the app then you can choose what face you want to put on the picture.  Once you've done this you can drag it to where ever you would like it and there are buttons to re-size the face and rotate it.

What a goof.

If the selection of faces isn't enough for you there are add on packs to buy.  Hey wait, I thought this was a free app?  You don't buy the add ons with actually money, but you use...wait for it...TROLLARS!  Haha, get it?!  Trollars can be earned by downloading addition apps and games all of which are stupid.  There are six add on packs available; troll pack, female pack, awesome pack, misc pack, face pack and accessory pack all of which cost 99 trollars each.  The app teases you because you start with 67 trollars, so the 99 trollar cost of a pack in within reach.  Most of the downloads are pretty sketchy sounding, but I downloaded some Samsung Olympic app (the immediately deleted it) to raise my trollar total to T$ 157.  I can't decided with pack to buy though.  The accessory pack does come with a Chuck Norris Seal of Approval stamp...very tempting.

Ready to go to work.

Friday, July 20, 2012


This morning I left for work and on our street a few houses down I see a pair of weird birds on the front lawn.  I wasn't even sure what kind of birds they were, maybe a type of grouse of pheasant.  After some online research I found out they were grey partridges.  I don't think I've ever seen a grey partridges and now I'm seeing them in the suburbs?  Two partridges just hanging on some guy's front lawn.  The best part was that about eight feet behind the partridges was a big fat tabby house cat all crouched and wide eyed look on his face like he just won the cat lottery.  If it were a Looney Tunes cartoon he'd have BBQ bird carcasses spinning in his eyes.  I was a bit conflicted out of concern for the birds, but still thought it looked pretty funny. 

I'm still kicking myself for not getting a picture.  I was driving and my phone was in my bag and turned off, but I still should've tried to snap a pic.  It was a once in a lifetime chance!  Damn, I'm such a loser.  I'll be ready tomorrow morning just in case.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello ladies!

I was digging around in the basement looking for my old MEC backpack because I'm going to take it with me when I go back to Cranbrook in August.  It had some stuff inside, but I hadn't used it for a long time so I wasn't sure what that stuff was.  I thought it outdoorsy type stuff, but it was more like fake blood capsules, cap guns, caps, plastic knives, ninja wrist bands, foam bricks and most importantly facial hair.

The guy on the package looks so happy!  I wonder if I had side burns and a mustache like him I'd be that happy?  The guy in the packaged reminds of Pops (the dad) from Speed Racer.  This set has been sitting around for too long and needs to be used.  Also, I need something for the blog!

I bought these at a dollar store and I'm surprised by the quality of said side burns and mustache as they're really nice.  Not only do they look sexy, but they feel sexy as well.  The material is nice and really thick, not all cheap and stringy like some other dollar store facial hairs.

While admiring myself in the mirror I had a brilliant idea!  Why not take the side burns and make a super 'stache?  I told you it was brilliant!

Damn, if I had known it was going to be this cool I would've bought multiple packs.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I've got mail!

I got a package in the mail today.  I wonder what it could be?

Hey, it's my free Olympic flip flops from General Mills!

But they fit weird.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How hot IS it?

About this hot.

I took that picture on Monday when I got in my car after work.  I'm not sure how accurate the temperature guide is because by the time I drove home it said 34C.  It can't the difference between 36C and 34C, I just know it's too damn hot. 

My car loves to taunt me with an A/C button that doesn't actually do anything no matter how times I try and press it.  Driving a dark coloured car with a dark coloured interior and no A/C isn't very smart when it's 34C out.  The flesh on my hands nearly melted to the steering wheel when I drove home.  I might have to invest in a pair of oven mitts.

Even if you don't have A/C you can still beat the heat by driving a convertible.  You can keep cool, blare your crappy music for everyone to hear and look cool...unless you drive this car.

I realize the blanket is there so the seat and steering wheel don't get searing hot, but it's looks pretty stupid.  It's a pretty crappy looking blanket and the fringed ends might make it a pretty crappy looking throw rug.  I noticed it was only draped on the driver's side, so what happens when he has passengers?  Does he have more blankets (or rugs?) for all the other seats?

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weird Science

Usually when I see something around the house that needs to be cleaned or organized I'll say "I should do that!" and then never get around to doing it.  Downstairs on our washing machine is a pile of laundry detergent jugs because whenever they get empty or almost empty we just leave them and get a new jug.  I noticed we had like 8 jugs of laundry detergent of varying degrees of emptiness, so I said "I should do something about that!"  The big surprise is that I actually did something!

Two of the jugs were pretty full so I left them alone and then I just emptied any leftovers of the other jugs into a bottle of Era.  Yep, the Chuck Norris approved Era.  I wasn't sure if that was a good idea as it could possible go three ways.  The mixture could turn out to be the best laundry detergent ever or it could dissolve and ruin my clothes.  The worst possible outcome is that I could've accidentally made a chemical bomb.  Hey, I did mix it all with the Chuck Norris detergent.  When added to water in the washing machine it is a ticking time bomb until the machine switches to the wash cycle and the entire block goes up in a mushroom cloud.  I guess it's best to wait and let Cody try it first.

Those are the emptied and cleaned out detergent jugs, all five of them.  They will be going in the recycling bin when I make my weekly trip on Thursday.  Recycling is rad.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Howdy y'all!

Last Friday marked the start of Stampede and it is the 100 anniversary of such.  To celebrate Cody went back to BC and won't be back until it's over.  Bravo Cody, I think he did the same thing last year.  So Cody is gone and I'm just hanging out by myself watching Delta Farce.

I've got a few more photo apps on my phone, but with Cody gone it makes it hard because I need him to either take a picture or be the subject of a picture.  Yeah, I can still take some pictures, but then they turn out all boring.

That picture would be so much better it that was Cody's head in the cross hairs instead of a bottle.  The picture was taken with the free app, Sniper Scope.  I was expecting a ton of these type of photo apps, but they were surprisingly sparse.  Yes, it was free, but it is pretty basic.  It did have some settings like adjusting the brightness, rotate camera and toggle the overlay aka the scope sights.  The biggest disappointment is the lame selection of scope views.  It wouldn't have been too hard to make some realistic looking sights instead of the ugly ones in the app.  Damn dude, just go play a FPS for some inspiration.  It's free, so I shouldn't complain too much.

Remember my post about the Valve themed photo apps, Portal 2 Booth and HalfLife Booth?  I complained about the Portal 2 Booth crashing and HalfLife Booth only having two weapons.  Good news because both apps have been updated addressing the issues I mentioned.  Portal 2 Booth was updated to fix crashing issues and HalfLife Booth was updated with the shotgun and pulse rifle.  More guns = more awesome.

Come out and play!

Saturday, July 7, 2012


If you look in any magazines, newspapers or store flyers now you'll see lots of QR codes scattered around.  When scanned with your phone the QR code will usually take you to a website, but QR codes can also be used to encode phone numbers, GPS locations, e-mail addresses or just plain text.  I finally got around to installing a free QR code reader on my phone called QR Droid.  I haven't actually used it to scan any codes, but the thing I like about it is that you can create your own QR codes with it.


Here is a QR code that I made that is a link to my blog here.  Of course you are already here, so you already know the URL and don't need to scan the code, but do it anyway!  Feel free to download it, make some posters and stickers of it, put it on a t-shirt and get it tattooed on your arm.  You love it THAT much here.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

That's Amor(e)

Once a week we get the free supplement to the Calgary Herald delivered to our door.  It's called "Neighbours" and has all the local and community stories from around town.  Also, it's crammed full of all the week's new flyers.  The paper and most of the flyers go straight into the recycle box, but sometimes I'll look at the Best Buy flyer to see all the stuff I don't need.  Last week there was a flyer for Bianca Amor's Liquidation Supercentre tucked in there.  I don't remember that last time a Bianca Amor's flyer was in there, so it's a real treat to be able to look at all the cheap stuff/crap from the comfort of my own home.

The best part of the flyer is that company CEO Bianca Amor herself models certain products.

I need one of those.

I need one of those too.

I don't need one of those.  I need two!!

I DEFINITELY need one of those!  I'll also take an axe.

Maybe I'm easily amused, but I found that axe picture pretty funny.  Out of all the products they carry and all the products in the flyer, she is posing with an axe.  Does she use that axe?  She must because she's wearing a tool belt.  But whatever she's doing it's working because I want an axe and I don't even need one.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Photo Op 2

Browsing the Play Store I came across the next free photo app, Thermal Vision Camera.  It just takes pictures and makes them to look like they were done with a thermal camera.  For a free app this one actually has some features to mess around with.  You can zoom, disable the flash, flip the camera from rear to front facing, adjust the offset and mess around with the inversed colours.  Of course I didn't bother to figure this out until I had already taken the pictures.  The app isn't bad, I like the fact that you could mess around with it a bit, although it's pretty useless.

Cody watching TV in the living room.

He says hi.