Thursday, August 28, 2008

Hey, everybody!

I'm in Cranbrook right now. I came back on Wednesday as my car needed an oil change and a muffler strap. Remember how the old one rusted through and broke? I had to come back before school started because if I didn't I wouldn't be able to get the time off.

Before I left on Wednesday I had to go to Toys'R'Us for my sister and since I was at the Market Mall location I went down to Play to look for a new CD to listen to on the drive to Cranbrook. Well, $60 later I ended up getting three CDs for the drive back to Cranbrook. First I got the new CSS album, Donkey, which is pretty good. Then I got Mudhoney's Superfuzz Bigmuff, the new remastered version with second disc of live tracks. Last I got the Weezer Blue album deluxe edition. The deluxe edition has been out for a few years now, but it's always been pretty expensive, but Play had a sale on all the similar deluxe albums so I picked it up. The main album has been remastered and the second disc is full of b-sides, live tracks, live acoustic tracks and demos. I listened to both discs on the drive back and forgot how much I really like this album. It just really shows how good old Weezer is and how much of a giant steaming turd the new Red album really is. I also got two free buttons with my purchase, a CSS and a Sup Pop button. That's $60 well spent.

For some reason whenever I come back to Cranbrook I always end up buying more crap and taking it back to Calgary with me. Today I bought some stuff at the thrift store, I got these cool vintage glasses which I'll post a picture of sometime in the future. I got two DVDs and bought some vinyl CD-Rs from Staples because for some reason the Staples near our place doesn't have them. I also got like five packages in the mail since I had them sent to my parent's place because when I was moving I didn't even know what the address for the new place was. From Blockbuster I got two Xbox games for $5 each! That's cheap and I actually picked up another copy of Black. Cody has it for the PS2, but it's all boxed up so I bought the Xbox version to get my shoot up fix. Cam, if you haven't tried this game then you should! It's not perfect, but it's all about the guns and blowing stuff up. The sound is killer loud on it, I love going nuts with the AK-47. Plus you can shoot dudes in the groin. Check it out. I hear they are working a sequel, I sure hope so.

I was walking downtown and saw this new place called the Redneck Cafe. What an appropriate name. I guess next we'll need a Whitetrash Diner. Oh wait, we already got Denny's. Oh snap!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Good Luck Chuck

While I was packing up stuff for the move I discovered a few things I totally forgot I even had which was a nice a surprise. Cleaning out our closet I found some posters rolled up in the very back. There was a Daredevil poster that I think I meant to give to Willie, but never actually did and now it's in the recycling bin. Sorry Willie! The real hidden gem in there was a Chuck Norris poster. I had bought this LONG ago from the Movie Poster Shop when it was marked down to only $1. A Chuck Norris poster for only $1? Nobody can resist that! It's super cheesy and somehow cool and I knew I had to put it up at the new place. I went out and bought a (cheap) frame and now it resides on the feature wall of the TV/living room.

Not just any Chuck Norris poster, but a Braddock: Missing In Action III poster! That's the one where Chuck goes back to Vietnam to rescue his wife and son and his gun has a knife that pops out of the barrel. I had originally just hung the poster up, but Cody took it a step further by mounting the gun next to it for some extra kick (so to speak). I guess now I'll have to put my Chuck Norris crystal under it too to complete the ass kicking set. For more Chuck Norris fun visit and make your own custom Chuck t-shirt!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Take a guess

Here is a picture from my kitchen cupboard that is full of cereal. Only four of those boxes have cereal in them. Can you guess which ones?

Now that I think about it, I'm not even sure which boxes have cereal in them. I'll have to go check...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Things are going okay in the new place. It is still insanely hot at night, but today and for the next few days it's supposed to cool down. Thank god summer is almost over. Still haven't unpacked much in the way of CDs, DVDs, book, etc. I'm not sure if I actually will either.

With my Wii now online I went out and bought some Wii points and the first thing I downloaded was River City Ransom for the virtual console. It plays exactly like the original NES version except now it has a save feature, so it's even better! It always had a save feature in the form out a password that was huge and exhausting to fill out. I actually have a password somewhere that has my character's attributes maxed out and has all the good techniques like stone hands, dragon feet, and grand slam. Unfortunately, it is written in a notebook that is packed up somewhere. It ia a classic game that deserves a reworking on the Wii. It's perfect for the motion control because you can swing with Wii-mote like a bat and beat people down. That would be fun right??

I also downloaded Dr. Mario Online Rx from WiiWare. The virtual console offers game from previous systems like NES, Neo Geo, Sega, and N64 while WiiWare offers new games for download. Dr.Mario is pretty much the same game as the classic NES version with some crisper graphics and a couple new gameplay modes plus the addition of being able to compete against people online. After I downloaded it I played it for the first time in many years and it started on level 10 and I was totally screwed up after about 30 seconds. I had to quit and start back on the level 1 and work my way back up I was so out of shape. The music is still catchy though!

There aren't that many other games to download that I'm interested in except maybe Paper Mario from the N64. There is a WiiWare game coming out soon where you have to kill zombie zoo animals that sounds promising. Killing zombie anythings sounds promising. They are also working on Mega Man 9 which will be done old school 8 bit style, but I think that game will be available on all systems .

Cody got the wifi adapter for his XBox 360, so he is now on XBox Live. I gave Halo 3 a try and it was fun for a few minutes, but after getting repeatedly killed it started to be less fun. I did kill more guys on Halo than I did playing Medal of Honor on the Wii. MOH can be frustrating because you can empty an entire Thomson clip into a guy and he is still running around and then he shoots you once and you're dead. Not cool.

XBox Live is nice because you can set your playing style or level from family to recreation or to the more hardcore. That way if you are a newbie you won't have to worry about being thrown into a deathmatch with hardcore gamers who can kill with a single pistol shot to the head before you take two steps.

I also just found this on eBay check it out.
River City Ransom auction
I still have my copy of the game and the box, but managed to lose the instruction booklet. I wonder how much I could get for it, not like I'd ever sell it.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

We're in

We got all moved into the new place on Saturday and it was surprisingly easy. Cody and I had moved everything over before hand that we could cram in a car leaving only the big items. My parents came down Friday night, but showed up on Saturday morning and it only took four trips to move everything. We are all in and trying to get unpacked and organized now. Also it is friggin' hot in here!

The weather has been pretty warm the past few days and the new place is pretty hot. I guess I've spent the past five years living in a nice cool basement suite, so it is a bit of a system shock to be in a hot stuffy townhouse. I'm really looking forward to winter.

As I said we now have Shaw for our cable, internet and phone. We have a temporary phone number until Telus releases our old number, but I won't bother giving that out because no one is going to call me anyway. I did get a new e-mail address though. Shaw gives us a couple e-mail accounts, but I didn't know that and it's in Cody's name. Elaine sent me an invite (thanks!) for a gmail account so I got one of those. My new e-mail address is It was a pain in the ass coming up with an account name that wasn't already taken, but in the end I came up with a good one. Who cares about keef272 or keefguy69 when I'm the originalkeef? Wannabes.

Since we got the fast Shaw internet I finally got around to hooking my Wii up for online play. I basically only really did because I wanted to download River City Ransom for the virtual console. I can also play Medal of Honor: Heroes 2 and Super Smash Bros online, but I totally suck and will get my ass whupped. I bought a wireless Linksys router and after some fiddling it actually worked. I haven't gotten any Wii Points yet, but tried out MOH online and totally died, but I managed to kill a couple guys. I totally sniped this guy in the head, it was sweet. Anyway, when I was setting up the connection the Wii system searches for access points and like 6 came up! Living in a bunch of townhouses I guess lots our our neighbors have wireless too. One place even didn't make their wireless secure, so you can connect to it without a signon/password. Smart!

With everything in place here now comes the hard part of unpacking. I've got like three sets of empty shelving units, but don't want to fill them up right away. I want to put out some stuff, but only certain DVDs/CDs/books. The other stuff can stay boxed up in the basement. The thing is I just don't want to do it, it's too much work. It's just easier not to do it. Right now the basement is the biggest mess with boxes and crap everywhere. Some of it is garbage, cardboard, boxes that need to be unpacked and empty boxes that have already been unpacked. It'll get all sorted out probably when we move out.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Moving target

It's been a week since last post and it's been a mix of laziness and moving. My eye is fine and I used it to go watch The Dark Knight at the IMAX. The movie was pretty good and yes , Heath Ledger was good as the Joker. Still the movie has been over hyped and Ledger won't be getting an Oscar for it. Nobody would be saying anything if he hadn't died, sorry dude.

Moving is going slowly, a little bit gets moved every day. This Saturday is when we completely move everything. At first I was packing certain things in certain boxes as to not mix stuff up, but now it's like "whatever" and just throw everything/anything in a box together. I think most of my stuff will stay boxed up in the basement leaving my shelves empty to be restocked. I'll take out certain CDs and DVDs, but the bulk can stay boxed up.

We are dumping Telus and switching to Shaw for our TV, internet, and phone. We still get our old phone number, but we have to wait a couple weeks until Telus releases it. Until then we have a temporary phone number, but I'm not sure what it is. Cody wrote it down somewhere. I'll also lose my old e-mail address, so after Friday I won't be able to get e-mails to that address. Use my Hotmail until I set something else up, I'll see what happens.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I got something in my eye.

This afternoon at work a guy was in from Display Fixtures (refrigeration repair/maintenance) to look at the ice machine in the department. Apparently, somebody said the ice machine chute needed work or cleaning or something. He asked me about it and I said they always think it's moldy, but it's just calcium build up. We went back to chute and he was under the chute looking up saying he can't see anything. He gets out of the way so I can have a look. I get under there and look up to see what's going on. Little did I know the guy had sprayed a bunch of degreaser cleaning agent up the chute a few minutes earlier. Of course when I looked up a single drop of degreaser falls down right under my glasses and directly into my eye!

Funny story is that ever since the store was built like 10-12 years ago or whatever there hasn't been an eyewash bottle station in the department. Lucky for me they installed one last week! I got to be the first one to try it out and it even works too. It stung pretty good and turned my eye instantly bloodshot red. I flushed it out for a minute and it started to feel better. Then I had to fill out an accident report on myself.

Even though my eye was feeling better I decided after work to go see the optometrist just in case. I don't want to wake up Thursday morning with my eye falling out. The doctor said my eye had some superficial surface irritation which means I'm gonna live!! She did give me some eye drops to keep my eye moist. I'm not one to be touching my eyes which is why I don't have contacts, I've never even given myself eye drops before. So at home I'm trying to put the eye drops in and I'm blinking or missing my eye altogether. It's pretty stupid or I'm pretty stupid...whichever. After a few tries I manage to get a drop or some of a drop in there. The doctor said my eye should be fine tomorrow and I hope it is because we're planning on going to see The Dark Knight at the IMAX. I'll be needed both my eyes to see the HUGE screen!

Did you like my picture up there? It's totally fake suckers! I just made my eye look red with my amazing MS Paint skills. I'm getting good. It's also a blooper of sorts because I made the left eye appear red when it was my right eye that got the stuff in it. Oops.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Not again!!

It begins again!! Welcome to my 101st post which is me complaining about ripping another pair of pants. I'm sure you all remember last time I ripped a pair of pants at work. After that I went out and bought the exact same brand of pants, so I was shocked SHOCKED I tell youwhen they ripped again. Damn you Old Navy!

Yeah, another ass rip. I went over to the meat department and borrowed their duct tape for a quick fix. I had another hour left at work, but it did the job and I don't think it's that noticeable. Right? I guess I'm shopping for some new work pants after the weekend, just not at Old Navy. You won't get me again!

I was bored, so I made this picture that recreates how the rip happened. It's pretty stupid which is why I think it's funny.

MS Paint rulz!