Monday, December 12, 2016

Heat for a treat

I haven't been able to find those gingerbread Oreos since I bought that first bag.  I really liked them and was hoping to get them again.  I've seen the candy cane Oreos, but I'm holding out for gingerbread.  In the meantime I found these new Chips Ahoy! Hot Cocoa cookies.

Just in time for the winter comes a hot chocolate flavoured cookie with mini marshmallows in it.  Even better you can heat it up for a warm cookie!

I put my two cookies in for 7 seconds which I thought wouldn't be long enough, but still had melted chocolate on my fingers, but that is necessarily a bad thing.  They tasted okay, not as good as they looked or as good as I hoped.

Unfortunately, the cookies are so small!  These would be way better if they made them bigger.  Even the regular Chips Ahoy! soft cookies are this size which is too small.  I like the idea of hot cocoa cookies that can be warmed up, but Christie needs to refine the taste and the size.

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