Saturday, November 4, 2017

Late to the party

Well I finally got on the hype train and watched Stranger Things.  I liked it, I really liked it.  Despite hearing nothing but good things about it upon it's initial release on Netflix, I still had no interest in seeing it.  I read positive things online and had people tell me face to face what a good show it was.  When I heard they did a Season 2 that would be released the end of October I just said I would watch the first season right before the second season came out.  And then I didn't it.

Cody had watched Season 1 when it was released and then watched Season 2.  He asked if I had seen it and of course I didn't bother.  On Thursday night we watched the first two episodes of season 1 because Cody wanted to rewatch it after seeing season 2.  After those first two episodes I was like, okay I'm digging it.  Friday night we watched two more episodes and then I was like "Screw it" and I binge watched the remaining four episodes.  Cody couldn't keep up, so I watched second half of the first season without him.

I'm looking forward to watching Season 2 now, but I might wait a bit before watching it.  I need to let Season 1 digest first.  I'm also thinking about making a trip down to Chinatown because they had it there on bootleg DVD.  I'd prefer to watch it on DVD because I still hate streaming.

I didn't make it through a single episode with out some kind of freezing, buffering or picture quality switching from 1080p to 180p while the feed catches up.  It's incredibly annoying and really takes enjoyment away from whatever you are watching.  I had the same problem watching the Defenders which was a lot worse.  I swear one episode was in HD for 5 minutes while the rest was like watching a second generation VHS tape.   What are we paying Shaw cable for it we can't even stream a movie on Netflix without it looking like garbage? 

Maybe if I could figure out a way to rig up Netflix on my little Free Soup TV the lack of being able to constant stream HD wouldn't be a problem.  Hey Cam, is it possible??


mike said...

WyUno fibr interwebs?
i save ltrs 4 u 2 slo wb.

Keef said...

We rolling with the best dial up they got.