Sunday, March 4, 2018


Well, this place has certainly gone downhill pretty fast.  I'm pretty sure I just saw a tumbleweed roll by.  But I'm back, but after nothing exciting happening for so long, what would possibly come up that would deserve a post?  Well,  it's two of my favorite words, "free" and "socks".

I saw a display of these at work when I was leaving today and didn't pay much attention like I do to everything and everyone else at work, but as I passed by I caught the "Free Socks" on the box and nearly got whiplash.  I went upstairs and grabbed my jacket and went back to buy a box.  I even had to wait in line to pay for one box, but it was worth it.

One box is one pair of socks.  I was hoping you wouldn't need multiple PIN codes and luckily you only need one code to get a pair of socks.

The box does say to "Collect all 3", so you aren't limited to a single pair.  I will try my damnedest to get all three.  I'll probably start with the CTC pair, then Honey Nut Cheerios and finally Lucky Charms.  In tiny printing on the back of the box it does say "Designs subject to change.", but I hope they stay the same.  I also hope they will fit me.

As always supplies are limited so if you want a pair you better some quick.  What pair will you be getting??

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