Monday, July 2, 2018


I'm back at again having to bring over another Marvel movie on 3D blu-ray from Hong Kong because Disney won't release it here in North America.  They will release it in all other parts of the world, but not North America.  I thought Disney loved money, so why not?

So I got Black Panther in a 3D blu-ray and blu-ray pack to add to the GOTG Vol. 2 and Thor: Ragnarok 3Ds I also had to import.  Now I own all the Marvel movies starting with Captain America: The First Avenger to Black Panther in 3D.

Of course I thought it seemed a waste to order just one movie when I could order a couple more and still pay the same for shipping...

I picked up two Jackie Chan classics, Armour of God and Armour of God II.  If Armor of God II looks familiar it's because it was released in North America as Operation Condor.  Too really confuse North American movie viewers Amour of God was released here as Operation Condor II.  So the second one became the first and the first became the second.  At least now I can watch the original uncut and undubbed versions. 

I have a lot of Jackie Chan movies, some the Chinese version, some the US version and for some I own both versions.  I don't think I own Armour of God at all, and I haven't watched it in forever and Armour of God II I've only seen the US cut.

Before I can watch these I still have to finish watching the last batch I ordered from Hong Kong.  I've got one disc left from Ultraman X to finish the series then that's it.  Oh plus the other stack of crap I've bought at Wal-Mart...and the thrift store...and Phoenix...

Also, it's okay Mike, I know you are not a robot.

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