Monday, September 26, 2016


I've been severly slacking in my blog duties lately and I'm not sure why.  I could blame the cereal conglomerates for not putting enough toys/free giveaways in cereals or Nabisco for releasing any new Oreo flavours, but I guess it is my fault really.

Today I went to the candy store in Glamorgan to pick up some candy and some something the write about here on the blog.   They were closed!  People need candy seven days a week, so closing for Mondays is a big mistake.  Candy is what gets you through Monday, just ask Garfield.  Wait, that's lasagna, but whatever.  Luckily, I have a fall back blog option that is still candy/snack/food related.

Cody bought me these weird snack foods from E-Mart the Korean grocery story on 17th Ave that used to be a Blockbuster Video.

The big bag had this guy on it with what I thought was a big pitcher of ketchup.  I thought, "Damn, that is a lot of ketchup and he's sloshing it everywhere!"  Then I remembered ketchup comes in squeeze bottles, not pitchers, duh.  When I actually ate one I realized they were maple syrup flavored and he is actually holding a jug of maple syrup.  Still, it's weird because if you look at the maple syrup that is spilled outside the jug and then look a empty space in the jug there is no way all the syrup could fit in the jug.  But that is why it is spilling everywhere!  Okay, it all makes sense now.

The maple syrup things looks like this.  Despite being made with Canadian corn and Canadian maple syrup by a cartoon mascot they aren't that good.

This thing is from the box with strawberry on it.  They are pastry like wafers with a strawberry "substance" on top.  They don't actually look that great, but they taste a lot better.  I actually like these.  They are a bit messy though and leave a ton of crumbs as the pastry flakes apart whenever you bite into it.  Eating over a plate, or the sink if you are me, is essential.

The third box with the donuts on it I'm not even going to get into that as it requires actual work.  Eating little donuts like that shouldn't be work, but it is.  Looks like I at least have something to write about now.

I bought these last week and they are actually pretty good unlike certain other Lay's potato chips that are currently out, I'm looking at you Bacon Poutine.

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