Thursday, September 29, 2016

Stuff Vol. 187

I went to Phoenix Comics today to pick up the newest issue of Scooby Apocalypse and almost got out of there with only a couple comics...almost.  I found these these two used cheap DVD sets.

We all know Transformers was originally a Japanese cartoon and toy line that was then brought over to North America.  After the show stopped airing over here, it still did three more seasons over in Japan.  Shout Factory released these official DVDs a while ago, but it was nice to pick them up cheap used.  Since the show never aired in North America there is no English dubbed version, so these cartoons are in the original Japanese language with English subtitles.

I was happy to pick up these two sets, but then I was reading the back of the cases and on Super-God Masterforce it says it's part 2 of a trilogy.  Now I need I the third part!  Oh well, I'll worry about that after watching these two first, so only 33 hours of content to go.  FYI, Headmasters is part one, then Super-God Masterforce and the final and missing set is Victory.

Cody had the day off and went to Dollarama because that is what Cody does on his days off.  He bought me this officially licensed Star Wars pillow case.  Even though it's Dollarama, this rang up at a pricey $4.00 which is still totally worth it.

He only bought one, which means I'll probably have to go back and get another one so I have a matching pair.  Unfortunately this was the only style they had, where is BB-8?

And now back to Transformers!  Mike, how is your Transformers: The Movie DVD??


mike said...

Sweet, We haven't watched it yet.. Eli said he has to be 5 before he can watch.. that would be tomorrow. I'm not sure though because he's right into rescue-bots - and Optimus is on there all the time. I don't know if I want to deal with the OP death issues.

Side note - I was shopping for his bday gift and was neck deep in Tranformers.. they really need to get their stuff together because there is 4 or 5 different lines of toys..

He got a Heatwave Rescue-bot, then a Sideswipe 3step.. I'm mixing series but I don't think he'll be changing a 13step for a little while. Luckily Mom and Dad are bringing our old ones - so he'll have a few to learn on.

Good thing he doesn't read your blog.

Keef said...

Maybe the Transformers movie where Optimus dies is not the best idea for a 5 year old. Check out the thrift stores for Transformers DVDs! The one by my place had the original show with the first three episodes of the series plus two bonus episodes. You can always watch G.I. Joe the movie because when Flint got shot we were all worried he'd die, but then he showed up at the end and was like, "I'm all good LOL!" Hasbro learned their lesson the hard way with the Transformers movie.

I think Hasbro does have their stuff together as they are releasing Transformers for toddlers up to the hardcore collector. They got something for everybody!

mike said...

I wanted the Masterpeice original Bumblebee.. but it was $120..

Keef said...

All I have is the reissue Soundwave, I think it was a Toys'R'Us exclusive. My memory is foggy, but I think it was made from the same mold as the original. It's still in the box because I'm scared to open it.