Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New year, same old me

I bet you're wondering why it's been so quiet around here lately.  No pictures of Cranbrook, Christmas toys and socks, and Willie?  That's because I ended up staying in Calgary for Christmas and doing absolutely nothing.  And I mean absolutely nothing as a couple days I didn't even get dressed, I just hung around the house in my pajamas.

I had planned to go back to Cranbrook on the 23rd after I finished working a half shift in the morning.  I had watched the news the night before and the weather said it was going to be flurries in the afternoon.  Didn't sound like a big deal except when I left work at 11am it was already snowing pretty hard.  The news also said it would quit snowing overnight, so I decided to just postpone my drive back until the next day.  When I got up on Saturday, turns out it didn't stop snowing, but in fact it kept snowing and it snowed all Saturday and into Sunday.

I'm really tired/bored of the drive back to BC now as I've driven the road so many times.  I really hate it, so when a bunch of snow makes a drive I hate makes the roads crappy and the drive longer then I'm going to just not going to do it.  I'm old and ornery now, so I don't things I don't like.

I heard from Avery that I got a lot of presents, but they're all in Cranbrook.  That also means nobody got any presents from me because they are all still here in Calgary.  If I known I wasn't going to go back to Cranbrook for Christmas I wouldn't have rushed through my Christmas shopping.  I got lots of time now.  I did end up sending Logan a copy of the new COD because I figured he needed the copy of the game to play with his friends.

I got this card from Cody.  Cody is incredibly lazy when it comes to buying gifts, this year he just got me some gift cards.  I will be using the Cineplex card on Thursday because we are finally going to see Rogue One.  The gift card might not even cover the cost of the ticket and nachos, but I haven't had nachos for a while.  He also got me an Amazon giftcard.  Did you know they made a Die Hard colouring book?   It's on my wishlist, next year I'll just give him the link to it.

I'll probably go back to Cranbrook in January or February, as long as it doesn't snow.  Maybe it can snow after I get there, then I call work and say I'll be back in April.  I'm still packed and ready to go.

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