Tuesday, January 31, 2017

There and back

It's Tuesday night and I'm back from my short trip to Cranbrook.  I was going to post something while I was there, but I didn't really do a whole lot to make even a single post really worth it.  I thought I'd cram everything into one fun filled post.

My playlist for the drive down to Cranbrook.

I drove back to Cranbrook on Thursday and left somewhat early in the morning as I had to get back by 2:30pm to watch Avery's hockey game.  I made it just in to watch the game and see him lose.  Why did I come back again?

I only got one pair of socks this year, but they are extra nice.

Oh yeah, I came back for Christmas presents!  I didn't open all my presents at once, I spread them out over Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Waiting an extra day or two is not a big deal at this point.  I got some movies, Disney Infinity 3.0(the Star Wars one!) video game, a CD binder(for my overflowing DVD collection), some huckleberry jam, two pairs of pajama pants and some bed sheets. 

I always get a pair of pajama pants every year without fail, and usually those pajama pants are too big.  XL pajama pants for some reason at like a size 54" or so they seem.  This year I got two pairs of pajama pants, so I'm hoping at least one pair will fit.  I'll wash them first and hope they shrink a bit.

Saturday I watched Avery play in two more hockey games which they actually won.  I was going to go the Kootenay Ice game Saturday night, but I was a bit tired from my cold, so I stayed home.  Turns out they played terrible and lost, so it was no biggie.

Avery's team made it to the finals on Sunday where they lost to a team they beat on Saturday.  They looked pretty slow and lazy out there for the final game.  Somebody should've pumped them up with sugar and Red Bull or something.

After the game I thought I saw Joe Detta and I was like, "Is that Joe?  It looks like Joe".  Then he disappeared, but later my mom asked if I saw Joe, so apparently it was him.

The hockey tournament also had some real nice baskets and raffle prizes.  You paid $20 and some some tickets which you use to enter yourself in drawings for various themed baskets.  I entered myself in a few of the basket giveaways and won was for a mini fridge.  I was also entered to win a PS4 and an iPad.  I won nothing!

On Monday, I met up with good up Willie and we went looking for all the gems of the Cranbrook retail merchants.  I got these two VHS tapes from the Bibles for Mission thrift store.  The Channeler is a horror movie starring Dan Haggerty.  I picked up Nukie wondering if it's similar to Mac and Me.  I'm kinda of hoping it is, but also kinda hoping it isn't.

I forgot my change in the car, so Willie paid for these for me.  What a bro.  I'll getcha back the fifty cents, man.

We went to Wal-Mart and didn't much except some Star Wars granola bars and that weird Batman van in the parking lot.  We walked over to Dollar Tree, and I bought some junk food.  I keep ads on TV for the Reese Cup with Reese's Pieces inside it so I had to try it.  The Clif bars must be left over from the holidays as they are Spiced Pumpkin Pie and Ice Gingerbread flavours.  I eat that because I'm totally an athlete.

We also went to the Salvation Army where Willie got a Smiley mug, an Oasis single and paid for this 8mm camcorder tape for me.  Yeah, I forgot my change again, so Willie had to pay for me.  Don't worry, I paid for his bag of chips at Dollar Tree, so it all worked out.

I bought the tape wondering if there is somebody's old creepy home movies on it.  Just like that time I bought an old VHS C tape that came with the adapter, so we watched it and was like some old 80's home movies and it was somebody's birthday and there was a creepy moustached guy smoking a cigarette holding a baby.  I never watched it again.

Since the Hospital Aux and the Cellar are closed on Monday, I swung by the Hospital Aux today just to check it out and good thing I did.  The sealed BB-8 Funko Pop was worth the trip.  I also got an old Warren Miller ski movie on VHS.  I'm wondering why I keep by these old VHS tapes because chances are I'm not gonna watch them.  If I was really a keener, I dig out my VCR and DVD recorder and convert them over to DVD, so I'd have a digital copy.  Then I'd need to buy a puny little old school TV to do it all on, because it's too much of a pain to on the real TV.  Maybe one day when I get fired and have lots of time on my hands.

I threw these CDs into the playlist for the drive back.

I'm back now and just getting ready to go to bed because I have to work tomorrow and probably the next five days straight in a row.  Cody's been locked in his room ever since I got home, so chances are he's probably sick or dead.  I'll wait a few days before I bother to check in on him.


mike said...

So, good trip then?
Needs more cat stories.

Cam said...

Haha, this post was worth the wait. Like Mike, I'm glad you had a ?good? trip. Did you tell Willie I'm going to Cranbrook next week? Probably gonna track him down to hang out one night or something.

Keef said...

Mike - More cat stuff next time!

Cam - He knows you're coming! He's gonna condition his beard and everything for you.