Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Kick out the jams

When I work a full day I used to just be lazy and buy something for lunch, but then I realized I was wasting a lot of money, so then I switched to making lunch.  Making lunch means throwing a granola bar, some cookies and sandwiches into a lunch bag which also happens to be a Safeway bag.

I usually make two sandwiches, one with meat and/or cheese and another with either peanut butter, jam, or peanut butter and jam.  When using the jam I would wait until the jar is nearly empty and then just start with a brand new fresh jar of jam.  This has left my fridge littered with almost empty jars of jam.

I took all those almost empty jars of jam out of the fridge to try and clean it up.  But what is one to do with all those "almost" empty jars?  Well, scoop out the remaining jam to create a monstrous mix of various jams!

Super jam!

That is all I got out of those six jam jars.  It still wasn't bad as I got a few more sandwiches out it.  It also tasted pretty good.  The lame thing was I had to wash out all the empty jars.

I also do the same thing with margarine and right now I have five margarine tubs in the fridge.  I won't be combining them to make super margarine though.


mike said...

While I was making Eli's pb+j toast this morning I remembered the pbj Goober jars we used to get that had everything in one. Not enough things are called Goober in my opinion.

Cara said...

Speaking of everything in one, the Italians know where it's at. Ketchup and mayonnaise together. I couldn't find the Italian one in a Google search so had to settle for the German one, thomy rot weiƟ.



Keef said...

Interesting, especially since it comes in a toothpaste type tube. I'm not sure if I'd be putting it on chicken strips though.