Thursday, September 14, 2017

New cookies

I already posted a picture of the new Oreo Apple Pie cookies on Instagram last week.  I had been seeing pictures of these online for a while and thought it would be just another flavor that the US gets that Canada doesn't.  Luckily, I found some at London Drugs when I went in to mail a package to my mom.

A few days after finding the Apple Pie Oreos I found another seasonal cookie flavour, Pumpkin Spice creme.  I found these at Safeway, and since I'm old I can't remember if I got these last year or not.  I don't think so???

The Pumpkin Spice definitely wins in terms of smell, but I can't really say one tastes better than the other.  They both taste okay, but nothing too great.  The problem with the Dare Pumpkin Spice cookies is the the actually "cookie" part is too thick so it overwhelms the creme filling and all you taste is cookie biscuit.

I'll just be over here waiting for Nabisco to bring back the Gingerbread Oreo, please and thank you.

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