Tuesday, September 5, 2017

To Cam/Cara, Mike and Willie...

It seems every time I'm back in Cranbrook I can go through my boxes and get rid of a few things.  If I keep this up then maybe eventually in time I'll actually start to look like I'm getting rid of things.  The same can't be said for my stuff here in Calgary down in the basement.  Most of it is all good stuff and I've already gotten rid of most of the excessive crap, but that doesn't mean if I try I can't get rid of a few things.

I found these following items stuffed in a plastic tower drawer.  I haven't actually used them at all and probably never will, so why do I have them?  Well, some of them are still pretty cool.

Four super cool CD wallets, or VCD wallets if you are to believe the stickers.  The Spider-Man one came from Bianca Amor's along with the classic plush hamburger CD wallet.  The "Cute Carry Its" are from a long closed down store in the Dragon City Mall in Chinatown.  I actually liked that store because back then they had lots of Afro Ken stuff.   

My mom is going to Taiwan in October/November, so I'm going to fill the Astro Boy one with CDs and movies for Murray.  I'll probably hang on to the Spider-Man one for myself, but the Ultraman and Afro Ken ones are up for grabs.  FYI, they look cool, but the build quality is definitely lacking.  But where else are you going to find stuff like these?  I got chu.

Wallets!  I don't have any money, so what do I need with a wallet?  The top are ones I bought for myself and then never actually used.  The bottom two are ones I got as gifts for my birthday or Christmas.

I actually hate having a big wallet, my current wallet is small and holds just the essentials.  I don't have a lot of cards I need to carry around and I never carry cash, so having a big wallet is pointless.  Unfortunately, my current one is falling apart and it looks like I may have to get a new one.  Finding one I like is hard, so I might just have to give the Star Wars wallet a try and see if I like it.

The other three are also up for grabs if anyone wants a new wallet.  The bottom ones are more traditional leather wallets.  The Spider-Man one is a biy different as it's made from folded paper with a wax paper feel to it.  It's made by Mighty Wallets, the link is to their website.   

Let me know.

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