Monday, May 16, 2011

Burger Time

I have been slacking on my burger joint "reviews" lately.  I've eaten at places years ago and still haven't written about them and I'm sure I've eaten at places that I've completely forgotten about.  The last time I was driving back to Cranbrook I noticed a sign for this place down in Deerfoot Meadows called Five Guys Burgers and Fries.  After doing some research (aka google) I found out it's a burger chain from the US that has quite a reputation.  Me and Cody went to give it a try last Thursday.

We had tried to go there once on a Saturday, but the place was totally packed.  Thursday afternoon wasn't that busy, but we still had to wait in line.  From the outside it doesn't look that big, but once you get inside it's a lot bigger than it looks with most of the room for tables.  We ordered and making a decision wasn't that hard because the menu is pretty slim with a couple types of burgers, two types of fries and soft drinks.  No milkshakes?  I got a bacon cheeseburger with large cajun fries and a regular drink which came out to $15.82.  Holy what?!  That is expensive, so this better be damn good.

After you order they give you a number which they call out when it ready to be picked up.  We didn't wait long, so that was a plus.  Since I usually eat my fries first I'll talk about that...they sucked!  I ordered the cajun fries which are like regular fries with some spicy seasoning on them.  The seasoning isn't that good and for some reason just made the fries limp and soggy.  Cody got the regular fries and his were pretty good and were crisp.  They give you a lot, but cajun fries are a fail, while regular fries are a win.

The burger was pretty big, but less in circumference and more in height.  Once you started eating it, you couldn't stop because it was messy and stuff was falling out all over the place as you were going.  All the toppings are free, so if you have a lot of stuff on there, you'd better have a bib on.  My wrapper was full off all kinds of crumbs and drippings and hand was so juicy I had to go wash it.  The burger was pretty good and I liked that you got lots of free toppings.

So far we have good fries, but regular and not the cajun and the burger was also good if messy.  The soft drinks can be refilled as much as you want, so that was nice.  The price was too high, but what else could I complain about?  How about...THIS!

Once you walk into the restaurant you'll see big posters that line the walls of the place with quotes on them saying how great and fantastic Five Guys is from various newspapers and magazines.  Then underneath those signs are smaller copies of magazine articles saying how great Five Guys is.  Then as you're drinking your Coke Zero you see quotes on the back of your cup saying how great Five Guys is.  I FREAKIN' GET IT, YOU DON'T HAVE TO KEEP SHOVING THIS PROPAGANDA CRAP IN MY FACE!

Get over yourselves already!

Seriously, knock it off with that already.  I'm in the restaurant and I don't need to see some quote from Washingtonian Magazine every time I turn around.  I bet the toilet paper has quotes printed on it.  I was liking it, but that just made me dislike it a bunch. 

The food was good, but not as great as all the damn posters, pictures, signs, drink cups and toilet paper make it out to be.  It tastes good, but not $15.82 good.  Also, it was too noisy in there.  Be quiet you young people I'm trying to eat!  I will probably give it another try, but not anytime soon.  How can they get voted "Best Bargain, Cheap Eats" when I had to pay almost $16 for my meal?

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mike said...

Voted #1 burger in Tampa -07

What have they been doing for the last four years, making posters!?