Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Limited Edition

Did anyone get a copy of the super fancy limited edition Sloan XX album today?  I didn't!  I was at work this morning and when got home at 11am I checked the website and they were already sold out.  The sets were priced at $99.99 plus shipping.  Not cheap, but still pretty cool considering the cover art was hand made by the band members themselves.  I guess I will settle for a plain old CD version.  That's right no digital download crap for me because I'm old school!

I really don't like to download music at all unless it's only available online.  As we all know everybody downloads music online and some people pay for it and some people don't.  You always read about the music industry complaining about shrinking sales because of online piracy.  I'm not sure what they are complaining about because maybe if the CDs were available people could buy them.  Just go into any entertainment retailer like Best Buy or HMV and you'll see the music sections are only half the size they used to be only a few years ago. 

When I can't find a CD/album I want I go look online and sometimes the place to look are the artists' websites.  I just bought the new Cute Lepers album "Adventure Time" online from their website.  I bought the LP, CD and a cassette of demos.  It was cheap too, $10 each for the CD and LP and $5 for the cassette.  Not only that they also autographed the LP and CD for me too! 

This the LP and it's so big the small autographs are hard to see.  Steve and Kicks need a new felt pen.

The CD copy and all the signatures look better.  Steve and Kicks must've got a new felt pen.

That's right a cassette!

Limited edition of only 100 hand numbered copies, mine is 6/100.

The album is good and I'm glad I bought from straight from the band.  Let's see you download a signed CD from BitTorrent.  If you like a band you be buying their stuff and supporting them, not downloading it for free somewhere.  Also, the new Beastie Boys came out last week.  I got it.  I like it.  But did anyone else find sliding the disc and whatnot out of the sleeve hard?   It was jammed in there!

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