Thursday, May 5, 2011

Taste the rainbow

I bought this loaf of rainbow bread from the bakery at Co-op.  I like the bakery at Co-op because they usually have different things you don't see at other grocery store bakeries.  They have fun stuff like cheese sticks with pepperoni inside, oatmeal cookies with apple filling, cheese sticks made with Frank's Red Hot and, of course rainbow bread.  Sometimes the product isn't as good as it sounds, like when I bought the pumpkin donuts last Thanksgiving.

I picked up the bread just because it had to be the happiest loaf of bread I've ever seen with all the bright colors.  When I tried it I was like "This is going to taste like candy!", but then I was like "This tastes just like bread." :-(  It doesn't taste different that regular white bread, but it's all about the looks and it looks awesome.  People stare at you on lunch break at work when you are eating a sandwich made from rainbow bread.  It's like they haven't seen bread that is green, yellow, purple and pink before.  "It's just a peanut butter sandwich people!"


mike said...

I usually just throw out the bread once it turns green.

Keef said...

That is your problem right there. It turns green first, then you have to keep around a bit longer before it turns purple, yellow and pink. Don't be so wasteful!