Thursday, May 2, 2013


This Saturday marks the first Saturday in May, so that must mean it is Free Comic Book Day!  I know I wrote about the Calgary Comic Expo that I didn't even go to after it was already over, so this time I'll quickly write about FCBD that I won't even go to before it happens.   It's like all backwards and stuff or whatever.

It's pretty simple, you just head on over to your local participating comic book shop and get a free comic.  There are several places here in town that are in on it because I looked them all up on the FCBD website.  In my past experience Another Dimension usually has the best FCBD festivities.   Yeah, it is crazy busy, and costumed nut jobs are everywhere, but you just have to deal with. 

I have to work in afternoon and while I could go out early and get some free comics, I'm just too damn lazy.  In my old age I have absolutely no patience for anything anymore.  I'm not sure why I'm even putting this up here because I know no one that reads this is going to go either.  Maybe one day when Eli gets older Mike will be cool for once and take him.

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