Monday, May 20, 2013


Today Cam sent me an e-mail!  You know that if ever Cam takes the time to send you an e-mail, it's going to be something big.  The last e-mail he sent me was when he told me him and Cara were getting married.  This one is waaaay better.

I guess Cam and Cara went down to good old US of A and went to someplace called Omak, WA.  Cam likens it to Yahk, BC except it has a Wal-Mart, Home Depot and some fast food places.  Since Omak has places people would actually want to stop at, it is absolutely NOTHING like Yahk!  Yahk hasn't been the same since they phased out the old "I've been to Yahk and back." slogan.  I don't know what crap they bought while they were down there (Yoohoo? Jeff Foxworthy beef jerky?) and it doesn't matter because they got Oreos and that is all the matters.

Cam got the Peanut Butter Oreos and Cara got the Mint Fudge Oreos.  I can vouch that the Mint Fudge Oreos are pretty good as I've eaten them before.  I've bought them a couple times from Liquidation World aka LW aka "tha LDub".  The ones from LW were leftovers from a Christmas promotion and I bought a couple boxes last time I was back in Cranbrook because they were like $1 a box because they expired in two weeks.  They are pretty much the same as the fudge mint cookies the Girl Guides sell in the fall time.

Cam told me about some other type of Oreo he saw called the triple chocolate Oreo which he called the Big Mac of Oreos.  And he didn't buy it!  Dude, why would you even tell me about something like that and not buy it!  I would like to try the Big Mac of Oreos, but I can't see myself eating an entire bag.  I think I'm only half way through my bag of Birthday Cake Oreos.  As I said the Mint Fudge Oreos are good, I can easily finish a bag of those, but how are the Peanut Butter Oreos Cam?

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