Thursday, May 23, 2013

Old school tech

I was checking out the thrift store today because I have to go every two or else.  Or else nothing, but I still like to go.  I saw an awesome looking very old school Pioneer cassette deck.  I thought Cam might like it.  Is he still a Pioneer fanboy?

Model CT-F8282

I like the design of this thing with the clear cassette window, all the knobs and buttons and the dB needles.  There isn't a pause button, but a pause switch.  You have to flip a switch to pause the tape, how cool is that.  It even has the on/off buttons for Dolby and CrO2.

I did a quick Google search and found that this model was from 1976-77 and retailed for $400.  Also, sounds like a lot people who have bought them find they don't work, but the thing is 36 years old.  Although, it just sounds like replacing the belts is all they need.  Still sounds like too work much for me.

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