Saturday, November 29, 2014


So I'm sure you'll all aware that the new Star Wars teaser trailer has been officially released.  I watched it, some of it was cool, some of it not so much.  Have you guys seen it yet?  Thought?  I won't mention anything until I know you guys have seen it first.  When I say "cool part" of the trailer, you probably know it soon as you see it.  In the meantime I'll just leave this picture here.


Cam said...

I've seen it, and here are my thoughts: as a physics nerd, that roller-droid makes me angry and also a Corellian Tranport shouldn't be that maneuverable in atmospheric flight but it looked pretty cool so I'll let it slide. That lightsaber seems like it would be more dangerous to the person swinging it that to anybody else, you'd chop your own legs off with that crazy thing! Here's an imgur link:

Keef said...

Cam, for once you and I agree on something. When I first saw that roller ball droid I was like "How does that even work?" Doesn't make sense.

Swords should have a hilt, but the lightsaber hilt in trailer does seem like it would do more damage do the user. But it looks cool!

The X-Wings skimming along the surface of the water were badass!

PS ~ If you were a true hardcore physics nerd then everything Star Wars would make you angry.