Sunday, November 2, 2014

Where there's smoke, there's fire

On Thursday night I was watching the news and they had a story about a town house fire in the SW.  I kept watching and they started talking to the guy whose place caught fire.  I noticed the house in the background looked exactly like ours!  Turns out one of the units in our complex had a fire which spread to the one next door.

The place didn't even have a smoke detector and neither did the place next door.  On the news they said the fire department would be going door to door checking to make sure everyone had a fire alarm.  We have a smoke detector on every floor, the one on the main floor goes off every time you use the oven.  Ours are wired, so they don't require batteries.  Turns out a quarter of the units didn't even have smoke detectors in them.  What are we paying rent for again??

Fun fact, two of our smoke detectors weren't even hooked up.  They were removed because they were annoying and kept going off when we would use the oven.  Don't worry, Cody saw the same news cast in the morning and put them back up.  Now we can sleep easy unless we're over come by carbon monoxide fumes in the middle of the night.


Cara said...

The crazy rabbit started the fire! Or did the crazy rabbit disconnect the smoke detectors?!?

Keef said...

The rabbit has been suspiciously absent for quite a while. Seeing him around makes me nervous, not seeing him at all makes me scared. I'd rather see him around, so I at least know where he is.