Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Masterpiece Theatre

I got around using a Amazon gift card Cody gave for Christmas and that means more movies to add to my collection.   It shipped last Tuesday and I was hoping it would arrive by Friday, but UPS didn't get around to delivering it until Monday.

The movie that made the world forget about Star Wars!

Female kung fu exploitaion action films?  Yes, please.  Unfortunately, I hear one of the movies is a cut version.  In the original a baddie get tossed head first into a running table saw, but they cut the gore out.  BOO!  Way to ruin the artistic integrity of the film.

I saved the best for last!  While I was always aware of the Barbarian Brothers I've never actually seen one of their movies.  I think those guys should've gotten together with the Barbi Twins.  And the Norseman has Lee Majors in it, so there's that.

As you can see I'll be busy watching awesome movies for a while!

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