Thursday, March 26, 2015

Collect them all if you dare!

While I've had a few topics to write about on here, I just haven't gotten around to writing them.  Then I came across this and had to do it because...zombies AND ninjas.

I stole this logo from the website, that's why it looks all weird.

I found this toy line at London Drugs where it was on sale.  The figures are surprisingly cool looking and detailed for such small figures.  The best part is that each figure has a secret "feature".  As soon as I saw on the package that you could get one with a removable brain I had to buy one.  I bought the zombie ninja, or Ucki Gutsuki, as he is named on the back of the package.

Cool ninja pose!

The special features are pretty cool, I like the ink stamp and power ball aka bouncy ball.  I spent like ten mintues trying to pull the head off Ucki Gutsuki before I realized it wasn't going to come off and maybe his special feature is something different.

I noticed the bottom of his feet looked different and he had something embedded in them.  Magnets maybe?

Yep!  Even though Ucki Gutsuki is a zombie he still retains his bad ass ninjas skills and can easily scale any long as it's metal.

I think these Zombiezz dudes are pretty cool.  The back of the package states it is just Series 1, but there are quite a few to pick from.  It wouldn't be hard to not find at least a couple you like.  I like the punker Zombie Rotten, Zombieman and Dead Weight.

It's Avery's birthday coming up, so I think I grab him a couple.  I'll probably end up getting another one for myself because I was originally going to put Ucki Gutsuki on my desk, but since he's stuck to the fridge I'll have to get someone else.    Go check out the Zombiezz website, watch the TV commercial, download some wallpapers and read your the bios of your favorite Zombiezz.  Which one will you get?

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