Sunday, March 22, 2015


As you all remember I posted some picture of those old music magazines I picked up at Pages a little while back.  Looks like I missed one as I found a copy laying in the piles of refuse on my bedroom floor.

Another issue of Music Express, but this one is newer than the other ones at Aug 1989.  Seems just like yesterday...

Not as many cool ads in this issue, there were only a couple for cassette tapes, and maybe one for audio equipment.  I do like this Denon one.

A quote from a Beastie Boys article/interview.

A dude playing his guitar with a drumstick?!  WHAT?!!!  Willie can totally do that, he told me so.

Haha, it's too easy, so just write your own captions.

Even in 1989 CDs were only $16.99 while five years later we were stuck paying $22 at Top Forty in the mall.  Progress sucks.

Sandra Bernhard, remember her?

That's it!

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