Thursday, March 9, 2017

30% off

I went to the HMV going of out business sale at the Market Mall location a few weeks ago and I've been putting off checking out another one ever since.  I'm a total procrastinator so every time I get a chance to go, it will snow or I'll find something else to do and I'll say, "I'll go another day."  I finally made myself to go today to check out the South Centre Mall HMV.

When I went to the Market Mall location I found the CD selection to be extremely picked over which was a bit of shock as the sale hadn't really kicked in yet.  The movie selection was still not bad though.  A few weeks since then I figured any HMV I visited now would be bare bones and looking pretty sad.  I was shocked to see that the South Centre location still had a decent amount of stock, both movies and music.  They are a larger store, so they have more space and more stock.

I browsed all the movies and some of the CDs, but I find it hard to browse CDs at that location because they just have them on a shelf with the spines out as opposed to with the cover facing out with dividers for each band.  When there are shelves of CDs with the spines out and you have to lean in and look and read each spine, it gets pretty tedious.  You pretty much have to know what you are looking for.  Luckily, I did have a few titles in mind to look for and actually found them!

The Shadowy Men remastered trilogy!  I had actually tried looking for these when they were first released last fall, but couldn't find them and HMV online said no stores had them in stock.  I'm just lucky I found them and got them on sale too.  Also, the metal music section seemed to be the most well stocked of all the music sections.  I guess hardcore metal fans don't shop at HMV or even go the mall for that matter.

I also got this old school anime based solely on the awesome tag lines on the cover.  I've seen the New Fist of the North Star OVA from 2003, I've played the video game and I've seen the live action movie starring Gary Daniels, but I haven't seen the original movie.  When I say old school, I mean 1984 old school.  Going by the whatis boasted about on the cover my hopes are pretty high for this movie.  Will they be met or dashed?

I did other movies I liked, but I still did really want to buy them even at 30% off.  I know if I have some patience I'll find them used one day and they'll only be like $1 or $2.

Even though it's March 9th and HMV is still around until the end of April the savings are only still at 30% off for media.  I was hoping for more of a discount, but I'll take what I can get.  On the bright side you can t-shirts, toys and onesie pajamas for 60% off.

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