Sunday, March 26, 2017

Vote early, vote often.

I was watching the CTV news station here in Calgary and they had a story about how the Calgary Zoo is running a Canada 150 years contest to see who is Canada's Greatest Animal.  They decided the beaver wasn't Canadian enough, so they offered up some more patriotic choices.

On the voting page there are eight choices including the beaver.  But there is also an "Other" category that lets you vote for other animals.  I was hoping for a write in section or something, but sadly there was none.

It was hoping to vote for the chipmunk, squirrel or possible the blue jay.  There are more choices as "other", but again it's a set list of choices.  As it stands the grey wolf is in the lead, the beaver is second and "other" is in third place.  With no chipmunk choice I'm definitely voting for the beaver.  I bet Mike votes for the rainbow trout.


1 comment:

mike said...

Done, Rainbow Trout it is~!