Thursday, March 16, 2017

Next time look in the last place first

Here is one of my classic posts where I start out writing about something and then veer off to ramble about something else and then wrap it all up in the end.

Last week I was playing Deadpool on my XBone and was browsing the weekly sales and saw the season pass for Rise of the Tomb Raider was on sale and it was decently priced so I bought it.  It was just add ons of extra areas to explore, extra skins and zombies.  Zombies!!  I still needed my main game disc to play it though and unfortunately I didn't know where it was.

I haven't played the game since I moved, so obviously it's still packed in a box in the basement.  I had dug out a few other games from a box a while ago, so Tomb Raider had to be down there in another box.  I tore through all my boxes and made sure to go through every box containing DVDs or Blu-rays in case it got mixed in there.

I was down in the basement for an hour and didn't find the damn game.  I did however dig out a few blu-rays for repeat viewing.  I also decided to part ways with my PSP and my Nintendo 64 and their associated games.  Anybody interested??

While I was searching I found an old back pack I never used, but it was heavy and had something inside it, so I checked just in case.  Turns out the back pack had to two other bags inside it, either of which I also never use.

For the record I used to use brown messenger bag quite a bit, but don't anymore.  It's still in pretty decent shape if anybody wants it.  It's perfect for holding a PSP or N64.

I'm not sure what this style of bag is called, a sling bag?  I just made that up.  I got it free from at the pharmacy at work.  They were giving them away as a diabetes promo bag filled with information and goodies.

A bunch of pamphlets and stuff I already know.

One of the freebies were these pills that are supposed to help with blood sugar and weight "management".  I need these cuz I'm fat, but better check the expiry date.

So the pills expire November 2011.  I've had that pack for at least six years and I just looked inside it now!  I suppose since they are extremely past the due date they are less diet pills and more suicide pills now.  Also, included in the pack were some BD syringe needle tips for my insulin pen.  I'm gonna pass on using them though based on the PGX expiry date.

Last of all there was a package of cookies in there!  I don't care about the expired pills and needles, but it's a bummer when chocolate chip cookies go to waste.  I know they are no sugar added,  so I'm just telling myself they probably tasted expired even where they were fresh.

Well, as I was writing this post I suddenly got an idea of where to look for the Tomb Raider game.  It's a place so obvious it is where most people would look first, but I didn't because I'm me...inside the X Box One console box.  Yep, it was right in there with Saints Row and Just Cause 3.  D'uh.

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