Monday, May 8, 2017

Poppin off

It's been far too long, but finally Nabisco has graced us with a new Oreo flavour, Fireworks.

I found these at work, but haven't seen them at Safeway or Co-op.  At first when I looked at the picture of the dissected Oreo, I almost dismissed it because it looks just like the Birthday Cake Oreo that came out quite a while ago and still might be available.  I didn't like the Birthday Cake Oreo and just about passed on these until I saw the accompanying text that said, "with Popping Candy!"  Now I'm buying them!

At first taste there isn't much taste outside of an slightly off Oreo taste.  Once I chewed and swallowed the cookie I could feel the small pops of left over candy bits going off in my mouth.  Just like Pop Rocks, but much much less intense.  Overall, they don't tastes as good as regular Oreos, and the "popping candy" thing is just a gimmick.  Bring back the good flavours like pumpkin spice, gingerbread and cinnamon bun.  Or better yet Nabisco give us all the other flavours that they get down in the US!

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