Saturday, December 9, 2017


When I got up this morning I thought about how I should do December the 9th's kit when I got home from work and then I remembered I never posted the kit from the 8th!  I actually put it together and took pictures, but then totally forgot to post it up.  So here we go with another two for one.

December the 8th...

We got another miscellaneous weapons/item rack.  I remember the other Lego Star Wars advent calendars I also had one of these filler kits, but at least you get some bonus blaster and tools out of it.  My biggest complaint with this one is that they should've thrown in a few more items.  You only get one blaster rifle and one wrench.  At least give us one extra item to help fill up that box.

Left over pieces: 0

December 9th...

I didn't have to look this ship and it's instantly recognizable as Rey's speeder.  Pretty good likeness on this one.

Left over pieces: 4

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