Sunday, December 24, 2017

X-Mas Eve

It's Christmas Eve and I'm bored.  I drove back to Cranbrook yesterday and the drive was fine.  Road condintions varied from good to so-so, but on the plus side it was nothing but sun and blue sky from Nanton all the way back to Cranbrook.  Being the Saturday the roads were pretty busy though.  I left the house at 9:30am and got to Gold Creek at 2pm, so while it did take a little longer it wasn't too bad considering the traffic and roads.

I probably should've checked the weather conditions before I left as I just brought back my lighter winter jacket.  Now I'm back it's too damn cold and I should've brought my actual winter jacket, not that I plan on just standing outside or anything.

I haven't done anything now that I'm back and I don't really have any plans to do anything either.  I hooked up my PSOne and played it a bit.  Unfortunately, not all the games play smoothly, some have stuttering audio issues.  I'm not sure if it's the console or the discs are faulty.  Either way, it stinks.

Avery saw the PS1 was hooked up and wanted to try it, so we played Soul Blade and Quake 2, two games which played fine.  Avery doesn't play many video games, so he kind of sucks at it.  Although he did beat me a few times playing Soul Blade, but only he kept spamming the same move.  And holy crap the controls on Quake 2 were so awkward.  It must have been before the Dual Shock controller because the sticks did nothing.  You move with the d-pad and adjust the up and down aiming with the shoulder buttons.  As long as you were on a flat surface though you didn't really need this.  I'll try a few more games while I'm back.  I still have Tony Hawk's Pro Skater and Marvel Vs Capcom to go for a spin.

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