Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Lucky 13

If you are wondering what today's kit from the Lego Star Wars advent calendar is, it's a First Order Snowspeeder as seen in The Force Awakens.  Well, not really.  The Snowspeeder was originally going to be in TFA, but that particular sequence featuring it was cut from the movie.  If you own the movie you can see a Snowspeeder chase with Finn and Rey and some Snowtroopers as a deleted scene.

I guess Disney and Lucasfilm forgot to tell Lego and Hasbro that the Snowspeeder scenes were cut from the film because they went ahead and made toys for them anyway.  Lego did a whole kit for the Snowspeeder and I remember seeing Hasbro vehicles for it as well.  Even the Snowtroopers received several action figures and stuff, yet were hardly seen in the movie.

Extra pieces: 3 (one was a gun!)

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