Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Going to Dollarama is always fun just for the fact that they have lots of weird food with funny names.  I've bought many things from there just because the package looked funny or the name was weird.  Case in point would be OK DiscoBits as everyone know anything with the word "disco" in the name is pretty groovy.

I thought there were like a granola bar, but as the package states it is a "biscuit".  Since it's a biscuit that means it's more flaky and prone to crumbs.  I just ate mine over the sink, so all the crumbs fell in the sink and not all over the counter, floor or me.  I just didn't want to have to clean up the mess.  Though looking at it, it the Disco Biscuit doesn't look very good, but it does taste okay.  It has the biscuit base with chocolate(I mean Belgian chocolate) and then little Smartie looking things on top of  that.

These things are made in Holland.  I'm also not even sure what the "OK" on the box is all about.  Dollarma seems to have a few food items from Europe.  I bought some other cake snacks and licorice that are made in Spain.  Why can't we make our own food here in Canada?  Why are our dollar stores so dependent on European nations for snack food?  Get it together Canada!


mike said...

They put OK on the box for when Health Canada looks at it; "Well it says they're OK, so I guess that's good."

You're pretty brave eating them though, I mean why don't the Dutchies keep them?

Plus I figure they probably sat around in a shop over there for a few months, then went on a boat, then got shipped to your $-rama store; so whats that a year or so? Getting pretty close to the Chewie Popsicle shelf-life if you ask me..

Keef said...

They actually have an expiry date right on the package of May 1, 2011. Luckily it's not I have a week to eat it before it expires.

BTW it is the CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency) that inspects food and Health Canada is who you go to after you get sick from eating that food.